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OAPIL Company’s Operations Analysis

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Nature of operations

Aluminum rods, overhead line conductors, and drawn wire manufacturing

Company name

Oman Aluminum Industries LLC (OAPIL)

Company introduction

Oman Aluminum Industries LLC, otherwise known as OAPIL is a major manufacturer of aluminum rods, overhead line conductors, and drawn wire. The company is a major contributor to Oman cable and power industries (“Subsidiaries & Associations” par. 3). The nature of the company’s operations is aimed at meeting the rapidly growing demands of those sectors, as well as provide its customers with high-quality materials.

OAPIL has certifications for its According to the company’s website, “OAPIL has positioned itself as a credible and high-quality player with the latest technology and is poised to delivers superior quality of product at great value” (“OAPIL: The Product” par.1). Its major strategic importance relies on its role as an integrated part of Oman cables industry. It is also important to point out the fact that Oman Aluminum Industries LLC offers affordable prices for the local companies, but it also is attempting to be more engaged at the level of the international market. Another strategic asset of the company is that it relies on innovative equipment and facilities, as well as quality supply materials, which allows it to meet the rapidly changing standards of the cables and power industries.

Rods, conductors, cables, and wire manufacturing process

Automated processes of producing aluminum rods, overhead line conductors, and drawn wire includes a number of steps. First of all, the necessary quality materials, such as aluminum and aluminum and steel alloys. The aluminum rods production requires heating the metal, forming it into a tube, casting, and coiling it. In the case of manufacturing various conductors, the process also involves producing alloys, shaping the products into a necessary form, and coiling them.

OAPIL produces three types of aluminum conductors with pure aluminum and different alloys. The process also involves quality evaluation, testing, and packaging. Cables production requires heating of metal and alloys, stretching, shaping, making metal flexible, and casting, while drawn wire is produced on a special request with the process similar to the manufacturing of cables.

Basic materials and ingredients for producing aluminum rods, cables overhead line conductors, and drawn wire

Pure aluminum, electrolytic ally of refined aluminum, solid steel, 99.7% aluminum alloy for outer stranding, ingredients for corrosion resistance, molding sand.

Equipment required for manufacturing aluminum rods, cables overhead line conductors, and drawn wire

  • Electric furnaces
  • Induction furnaces
  • Molds for shaping conductors
  • Foundry
  • Metal coolers

Facility use and requirements

The major facilities of the company are located in Sohar, namely in Sohar Industrial Estate Area (“Oman Aluminum Industries LLC” par. 1). In terms facility use and requirements, of Oman Aluminum Industries LLC have recently introduced a system of operational and organizational requirements for Integrated Management Systems (“OAPIL: Quality Control” par. 1). In such a way, the company brings the manufacturing process, along with the attention to environmental concerns.

Care for both the quality of work, job satisfaction quality of the products is the company’s strategy to affirm its position at the international level, being able to compete with the globally known companies, and enhancing operational capacity (“OAPIL: Quality, Health, Safety & Environment” par. 1). It is also important to point out that “ISO certificates are among the OAPIL’s key achievements as it is one of the most important goals that many organizations around the world aspire by meeting International Standardization requirements” (“OAPIL Vision and Mission” par. 2). The company also sustains innovative policies in quality assurance, environmental impact, and human resources management.

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