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Obesity Overview and Ways to Improve Health


The main focus of this paper is to analyze the problems of vice marketing and some unhealthy products to teens and children. Vice marketing has been chosen as one of the issues that enhances a health promotional massage. Some of the unhealthy products are those that cause obesity among children.

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Obesity overview

The children and teens are targeted because they are easily lured into eating fast foods, which causes obesity. They are attracted to eat such foods, which are falsely portrayed in the adverts to be more appetizing and energizing than the other foodstuffs. Dietary findings on fast foods adverts on the teens, many families with obese children reported some improvements on their children as a result of the change in eating habits and undertaking regular exercise. Such dietary revelations rendered many obesity families drug-free since they got some relief by avoiding certain spicy foods. Among the advertised fast foods that cause obesity are deep chicken fries and fatty meat products.

Ways to improve health

Though research findings support the use of healthy eating habits in obesity treatment, obesity disorder can be best prevented by avoiding advertising on fast, fatty foods, and food additives that cause obesity among children. Children are often affected by the advertisements on food fatty ingredients that lead to obesity. Therefore, it is the duty of parents to identify specific fatty foods and food additives that lead to obesity in their children.

However, foods and foods additive generalizations should not be made because the adoption of media advertising of children is variable, and this requires parents to come up with only specific diets that affect their children. This is the most challenging task for parents since it is not easy to control the adoption of media advertising among their children once they reach school-going age.

This is because foods that contain fats and ingredients resulting in obesity disorders are often available in schools, restaurants, and supermarkets. Besides, it is a major challenge because children are often attracted to such foods, though there are alternatives, they do not want to eat what their friends do not like, and at times they might feel stigmatized or even left out of what the media advertising promotes.

Arguably, some parents do not always discourage their children and teens from the advertised fast foodstuffs since they respect their children’s demands to feed on fatty, flavored, and colored foods.

On the other hand, parents who have made attempts to engage their children and teens in educational programs have discovered dietary changes that make them less obese, thus making them healthier. Some of these parents have engaged their older siblings in educational and advertising campaigns against certain food ingredients, and this can involve actions such as reading labels to certain foods and food additives.

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It has been found that pre-school children show more positive responses against adverts on fast foods than old children and this is also seen among those who are suffering from obesity disorders. And, since adverts on junk foods are not the best in obesity treatment, both the education and sensitization programs can be used on them for treating the disorder.

Critically, this research has failed to reveal whether the effectiveness of an advert program is associated with a child’s age or the type of his/her obesity disorder. Therefore, more research should be conducted in this area to determine whether there are some linkages. Though artificially colored and fatty foods are more nutritious than natural foods, they promote the treatment of obesity problems. In addition, it is important to carry out some analysis to find out if a modified diet can help in obesity treatment.

It is absolutely not possible to think that trying modified diets, which are advertised on the internet, television, magazines, and billboards can make an obese child any better. Indeed, the advertised fast foods that contain artificial dyes, fats, and colorings are not definitely good for an obese child.

Moreover, the government should design and implement policies that regulated the content of media adverts on fast foods because many children and adolescents have suffered the effects of vice marketing. These effects have resulted into increased obesity cases among the children and teens. In fact, the laws can be enacted through the laws that provide policies on censorship of the information advertised on fast foods that target the youth and children.

The government should also enact sound policies and penalties on people who violate the established rules on anti-fast food adverts that target kids and teens so that the effects of vice marketing can be reduced. In addition, the government should promote educational programs and campaigns against fast food adverts, which targets children and teens since this would help in minimizing the spread of obesity. In fact, these are some of the solutions, which can be adopted to stop the problems of fast food adverts, especially on children since the practices will help in minimising obesity prevalence.

The parents should adopt good dietary practices so as to discourage vice marketing that promotes the use of fast foods, which encourage obesity among children. Parents should always try to eliminate those foods, which affect their children’s adoption of media advertising on fast foods because they lead to severe health effects. However, there are certain cases when a child’s adoption of media advertising fails to improve at the introduction of the initial diet, and in this case apparent should know that the child is definitely insensitive to the food ingredient.

Moreover, the children and teens need to practice some level of restraint regarding the contents of the media adverts that they view. This is important because they will learn the impacts of vice-marketing, which affects their health, especially taking junk foods that lead to obesity.

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Importantly, good nutrition is not only recommended to those children with obesity disorders, but parents must make sure that their children are monitored on the kind of adverts that they often watch. Many parents are not good role models to their children because they are not keen on the kind of media contents that they, a situation that has made many children to be careless in their in embracing unhealthy food adverts from the media. It is important to emphasize to the parents that their children’s present and future health is pegged on healthy diet, and the kind of advert information, which they view.


In sum, the government should come up with strict policies to combat “vice” marketing that promote the use of unhealthy foods among children, which cause obesity disorders because this practice will help in reducing the expenditure budgets on healthcare programs and medical treatment. Therefore, the effects of junk food adverts have negative effects on the health of both children and teens since they cause obesity disorders and their associated illnesses.

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