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On Attending a Conference About COVID-19


The scholarly activity that I participated in presented a conference about COVID-19. Namely, it was the Precision Medicine World Conference in June 2020 that covered various topics concerning the pandemic situation. The event was performed in virtual form so that multiple people could participate while being in safely. Professionals in the hospital and healthcare sphere maintained the conference and invited numerous researchers and medical specialists.

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The seminar’s main objective was to highlight the current state of knowledge about the topics related to the virus and what could be learned from the pandemic problem (PMWC, 2021). The target market for the conference was scholars of chemistry, biology, and medicine, clinicians, and nurses since they are directly related to COVID-19 spread prevention. For me, the forum was reasonably informative about various aspects of the pandemic. It is helpful for future understanding of the vaccination processes and disease deterrence.


Currently, the state of academic knowledge of COVID-19 is far from sufficient. At least, the relevant information about the pathogen, decrease, and medications for it is rarely described systematically. For example, the most valuable topic seems to be vaccination, which is urgent not only for practitioners and researchers but also for humankind. It is essential to know the nature of coronaviruses and the different types of vaccines that aim to confront them. Next, the effectiveness of these vaccines is a necessary topic for further solving the COVID-19 problem. These matters might be fully understood only by educated people in medicine who can apply this knowledge to improve and implement different methods in clinics and laboratories.


The answers to the questions raised in the previous paragraphs were summarized in several studies that reflect the information presented by the lectors of the seminar. COVID-19 was defined as a respiratory disease provoked by SARS-CoV-2 that damages pneumatic organs (Cao, 2020). In turn, to prevent the spread of the disease, several vaccines were developed based on different technologies. According to Ndwandwe and Wiysonge (2021), “these vaccines include whole virus live-attenuated or inactivated, protein-based, viral vector, and nucleic acid vaccines” (p. 111). Thus, the outcomes of the conference yielded ample results in providing answers to the questions raised.


Primarily, the attendance of the conference was to receive detailed insight into the current pandemic situation from the medical perspective. Moreover, studying the nature of viruses as well as vaccination procedures is significant for the future career of a nurse. Viral infections are frequent causes of massive diseases, so that each medical worker should be aware of them. The understanding of the internal mechanisms of vaccines improves the quality of the healthcare system. Moreover, later I could incorporate the knowledge derived from the conference into the possibility of influencing decisions about a healthcare institution’s policy.

I would be able to arrange preventive methods in a hospital, which would sufficiently change the system according to which a clinical company works. Accordingly, the conference is informative for a nurse who plans to pursue a carrier that involves leadership and decision-making.

Program Competencies Addressed

  • Exemplified professionalism in diverse healthcare settings;
  • Exercised professional nursing leadership and management roles in the promotion of patient safety and quality care,
  • Participated in healthcare policy development to influence nursing practice and healthcare;
  • Incorporated liberal arts and science studies into nursing knowledge;
  • Comprehended nursing concepts and health theories.


Cao, X. (2020). COVID-19: Immunopathology and its implications for therapy. Nature Reviews Immunology, 20(5), 269–270. Web.

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Ndwandwe, D., & Wiysonge, C. S. (2021). COVID-19 vaccines. Current Opinion in Immunology, 71, 111–116. Web.

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