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Online Shopping: Buying Sport Footwear

Being a consumer, I want to get products I need at fair prices. People often become loyal to certain brands as they like the quality provided (Parker, 2012). If I am looking for a particular brand, I will be quite determined to find it, especially when it comes to athletic shoes. I can be regarded as a perfect target for the brand of my choice as I find this brand appropriate in terms of quality, price, and comfort. I know that I will be satisfied with the athletic shoes I will buy as I am totally satisfied with what the brand has to offer. Clearly, I will try to find what I want in a variety of shops.

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Online shopping can be a very good alternative. It is necessary to note that online shopping is growing more and more popular each day. People in many countries find this way of shopping more effective and enjoyable. For instance, 94% of US users shop online (Black, 2011). Interestingly, the USA is only the eighth in the world. In South Korea, 99% of users shop online (Black, 2011). People report that it is more convenient to shop, and it is easier to research online (Horrigan, 2008).

I also find this way of shopping effective and convenient. I have bought a number of things online. I would be glad to find out that the athlete shoes I am looking for can be found online at a lower price. However, I do not think I will buy the model I like without trying it on. I never buy footwear without making sure it is comfortable, and it fits me.

I believe online shopping is a great alternative option for the company. Companies should offer such an alternative for consumers as it is convenient for consumers (they buy things without spending much time/money) as well as for the company as it can have handsome profit (there is no need to have many brick-and-mortar stores and lots of employees). The company should not completely rely on this alternative as people still need to be able to touch the product and try it on. People should have an opportunity to try a model on and buy it online if necessary. There should be a combination of the two options as even though many people shop online, millions of US citizens still need trying before buying.

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