Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

Contemporary Modern Definitions of Management

Management is the activity of administering an organization. It includes the formulation of the strategy for an organization, as well as the effective coordination of the efforts of the people who are employed in that organization with the purpose of achieving its goals via the utilization of the resources available to the organization (Wilkinson, Armstrong & Lounsbury 2017).

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Current Practice, Major Roles

There are several types of management roles in the current management practice. Top managers formulate strategic goals and make key decisions, setting the direction for the whole organization. Middle managers direct front-line managers and communicate the key decisions of top managers. Lower managers coordinate the work of employees, directing their efforts.

Relating the Practice and Roles to an Organization

For instance, Tesla, Inc. is governed by its stockholders and the Board of Directors; the Chairman of the Board, Elon Musk, is also the CEO. There are two top managers directly subordinate to the Board, namely, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Financial Officer (Tesla n.d.a). These top managers provide strategy and direction for middle managers, who, in turn, oversee lower managers.

HRM – Management Relationship in the Organization

The human resource managers in Tesla, Inc. are subordinate to the middle managers of the organization, who communicate the strategy and direction of the company to them. HRM is responsible for recruiting and training employees, as well as for maximizing their performance (Tesla n.d.b).

Does HRM Absolve the Management of Their Responsibilities?

The HR managers do not absolve the management of their responsibilities, for the management still have to provide adequate strategic goals, direction, and take the responsibility for providing the resources needed for adequate employee management and for the maximization of their performance.

Flip-Charting Response

The management structure in Tesla, Inc. could roughly be charted as follows (Tesla n.d.b):

Flip-Charting Response

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Does HR Serve as Support or Barrier to Line Managers?

On the whole, HR serves as the support for line managers, because they provide the opportunity for line managers to use the potential of the employees more fully while not having to engage in employee coordination directly. On the other hand, HR may be a barrier to line managers if there is incongruence between the HR and line managers.

Do Some Line Managers Hide Behind HR When Making Difficult Decisions?

It is possible for line managers to hide behind HR when there is a need to make a difficult decision that is related to the personnel. In this case, line managers may abstain from making decisions, stating that it is not their sphere of competence, for decisions pertaining to employees are to be made by HR managers (Panagiotakopoulos 2016).

Manager’s Responsibilities When Managing a Team

When managing a team, the manager ought to supply their team members with direction (i.e., set the goal for the team), as well as with instruction and guidance (that is, explain what needs to be done, and guide team members through the process if necessary). Team leaders also need to provide leadership, giving the employees motivation and helping them work together as a unit.

Considering Staffing, Rewards, and Development

When a team is created, the manager of the team ought to select the suitable employees to staff the team appropriately. They should also provide rewards for those members of the team who work well, as well as for high-quality collective performance. Finally, the manager should help the team members to develop their professional relationships with one another so that they could work together, as well as to enhance their skills that are needed for good performance.

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Wilkinson, A, Armstrong, SJ & Lounsbury, M 2017, The Oxford handbook of management, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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