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Organizational Behavior on the Pacific Rim Focus

In chapter 13, the writers discuss the impact that an organization’s structure has on its performance, power distribution and the general operation of issues. Organizations need to have formalized structure that can show how they are working for ease in communication and giving of instructions. Well structured organizations have duties, powers, role and responsibilities structured in a way that facilitates smooth and effective business operations. Team doing different tasks should be aware that they owe a duty of care to their counterparts in other departments and be dedicated for the same task.

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In chapter 14, the writers’ discus the role played by organizational culture and organizational behavior; organizational culture influences the way business is conducted within the organization as well as whether they will have positive or negative perception and attitude to changes occurring within the firm.

Positive organizational culture breeds success and good attitude towards issues and changes that are occurring within the firm. Organizational culture in many organizations is a sold as the firm itself, however when negative, it can be changed for the good of the organization.

Both chapters 13 and 14 are of the opinion that communication within an organization is crucial for an effective business, the structuring is a way that communication and decisions are made within the firm. On the other hand, in the case of organizational culture, companies with effective communication system where managers and leaders freely interact with their junior employees give yield to an atmosphere that guarantees success and effective resources utilization. Leader have the role of setting the structure of their organization as well as ensuring that the culture adopted in the firm is positive and leads to effective business operations.

Contrast Hilton’s earlier corporate culture with its emerging set of cultural values

Earlier the corporate culture at Hilton established that employees were suppose to move up the ladder from the experience that they get from the company, rarely were there employees recruited from outside the organizations for senior levels of management. The communication was effective and policies were clear, acceptable by all the parties involved. The culture of the company respected the role played by employees and they almost gave them the guarantee that they had a job as long as the company exists; the culture can be defined as one of entitlement and comfort.

The comfort and the relaxed environment in the company yield to somewhat some relaxation in the employees and they started offering poor services and failed in their responsibilities; they were even reported to have become arrogant and rude to the same taxpayers that they were meant to serve. As a way to respond to the changing environment and in the efforts of improving their services, the council decided to have new faces in the company were they involve professionals from outside the company to operate and conduct some issues within the council. Other than the change in position replacement, there was a shift to reward performance and ensure that people were not fully guaranteed that the positions they are holding will remain as their own as far as the council lived.

Why does Hilton’s management seem to be successful at this transformation?

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The change that the management made was gradual and strategic; the managers ensured that they changed people in the right sense and to the good of the council. Again looking at the situation, the rate of performance of the council was deteriorating so the employees had been psychologically being prepared for the coming change.

The managers were strategic in the initial changes that they made, they took care not to interfere with the structure but they adopted a different structure of the same culture but improved on the deliveries. Instead of guaranteeing that there will be employment, they took the option that one has to “fight” for their position in the organization.

The adoption of professionals in the system could also have worked for the good of the company as the general believe is that they will know how to adjust to different environments presented in the company.

Identify two other strategies that the city might consider to reinforce the new set of corporate values

With the changes that are happening in the organization, the council should consider having training and development programs within the organization. Instead of stressing on getting people from outside, professionals, the company should consider making their own professionals. This can be done through paying professional courses to the employees and encouraging them to engage in the courses.

Another way of retaining and improving the organizational culture is through practical approaches were they should bee seen to reward performers and those people who have satisfied the needs of the system. Human resources management team should come up with talent management policies and strategies; such strategies will improve the general performance of the council and those people who are highly talented in the main line of business for the council is encouraged to use them again and again.


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