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Apple Inc.’s Organizational Behavior Management

Describe the company and what it does

A company may run a great risk mostly when involved in outsourcing its business activities to the outside business world unless the person(s) involved have some knowledge in the game. Employees, whether the subordinates or management team are prone to making mistakes, and be dismissed while the company suffers the damages. It is the role of the personnel left to reimburse the subjects inflicted, and control the negative effects of the employees’ aftermath.

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As an employee or rather a marketer at the helm of a large company, it is advisable to emphasize the quality of the products and services produced rather than the quantity. The character of workmates and the media used in promotion is also essential as this determines the number of sales and regional coverage. Moreover, the type of training and recourse provided to the employees is also significant as it helps the concerned individuals in the occurrence of an unforeseen event. In essence, as a marketing manager in Apple Inc.

The company I had numerous activities to handle and all of them running at similar times. Apple Inc. The company is one of the largest corporations in America involved in the production and designing of consumer electronics, computer software, and other related electronics. To date, it is known to be the best company in the production of hardware products, inclusive of Apple Mac Computers, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Together with that, it has been able to diversify it is operations with its presently more than 10,000 employees worldwide. From the company’s financial report, in the last quarter, it generated total revenue of $ 63 million.

Moreover, it has high-value reserves and more than average ROIC. Apple Inc. Company operations are disseminated throughout the personal computer industry, the computer centers, and the software and service industry. The market share and market segment it holds in the global market are very significant. The company’s main objective is to generate more inventions in the PC industry and upgrade them to the current strategy.

Describe the characteristics you would want to see in the key players in your company and how these characteristics would impact organizational behavior

A company’s core significant principle is to make use of good judgment and be mindful of its relationship with its shareholders, the external environment, and customers. In essence, the company should comply with the legal/ethical principles and adhere to the applicable laws. This is the main aspect that I would want to see in a company. Additionally, the employees should be responsible in their job positions and ethical responsibility should be the core thing. The key players in any company reflect the company’s image and reputation to the outside world, thus, they should work in the highest standards of business conduct. Honesty, ethical consciousness, evasion of conflict of interest, maintain confidentiality about internal information, adherence to rules and laws should be integral and expected from both employers and employees.

The Company expects any other person associated with the company to adhere to the said standards and policies. Any other person(s) is inclusive of the employees, business associates among others. Complying with the standards and policies as stipulated by the company should go hand in hand with responsibilities. First, the company should recognize it is a responsibility to itself before shifting the same to other parties.

It does this by advocating for an inventive, culturally diverse, and teamwork atmosphere. In other words, it leaves no room for any form of discrimination, pestering, or other intimidation. The key players have also a responsibility of ensuring maximum satisfaction to the customers by putting/her first before anything else. They are also endowed with an obligation of striving to produce goods and services of the highest quality.

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Mostly, in top-performing companies, for instance, Apple Inc. The company, always portrays a high degree of devotion to safety by generating a process through which employees are invited to participate. The process is monitored and the feedback received is used to determine the organizational behavior. In other words, the behaviors exhibited by the workforce may determine the organizational behavior of a company. Moreover, organizational behavior may also be dictated by the organizational culture. The characters portrayed by a company are very crucial as it determines the destiny of the company.

A bad code of conduct from the workforce results in a bad reputation for the company. As mentioned in the introductory, a person holding a significant helm in the company should have some knowledge of the game. A company is founded on the organizational behavior it upholds, which is dictated by the characters of the workforce. This in turn determines the organizational culture which entails formal organization, informal organization, and the external environment.

The culture embraced dictates the type of leaders, communication, and any other active operation within the company. The workforce perceives this as a driving force towards their motivation in the work. The end results are high-quality performance, customer and personal satisfaction, individual experience, and development. All these characteristics incorporate to determine the organization’s behavior which in turn dictates the reputation of a company.

This is the starting point of the current leading companies, inclusive of Apple Inc. Company. Together with workforce behavior and their influence on the performance of a company, motivation on the other hand plays a significant role in determining the employees’ behavior. Each and every employee is supposed to exhibit an increased and qualitative output.

In order to attain this, the behavior of the workforce is of great significance. Mostly, the behavior of the workforce is dictated by the environment in which they live or work. The behavior of an employee is the one that provides a driving force towards achieving a goal. If employees are never offered an opportunity to fully exploit their skills, then the company may never benefit from employees’ total performance.

Work performance is integral on the abilities of the employee. It the work force lack the skills and an innate drive to perform a certain task then poor performance is not optional. There are various factors that may motivate an individual into quality performance, similarly various motivational theories are also considered influential to employees’ performance. Motivational theories are very many depending on the culture and design that a company takes to motivate its employees. In my case, I will consider two types of motivational theories that have led to the quality performance in Apple Inc. Company.

Motivational theories

Maslow’s-Hierarchy of Needs Theory

As the name suggests, it was proposed by Abraham Maslow and is founded on the hypothesis that employees are motivated by the various needs that are considered universal. The needs are classified in the order in which they affect a person. The needs include; psychological needs, safety needs among others.

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Two-factor Theory: Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory

This theory is also referred to as Motivational Hygiene Theory. Its derivation was as a result of a study that was designed to experiment on the ideology that people have two sets of needs. Motivational theories embraced by a company should be used to provide diverse incentives to the employees in order to help them attain their needs and move up the pecking order. The key players in the company should be aware that employees are not motivated the same way and therefore do not progress at a similar pace.

Team dynamics reward system

Thus, there is a need to offer various incentives and as many motivation theories as possible in order to incorporate everyone. Incentives thus play a significant role in increasing productivity and building morale among the employees. Some employees prefer working as individuals while others feel motivated to work as a group. Whichever case employees require the social aspect provided by the workplace as this helps them in attaining Company’s goals. A company may be challenged in identifying or rather setting a reward system. As an operational marketer, I believe our company being a dynamic Company requires Team Dynamics Reward System. This will help the employees work as a team and implement a strategy or rather a technology that will compete with the rival companies.

Analyze the likely stressors employees in your company would face and make recommendations for reducing the stressors

As much as the employees are willing to improve their performance for the overall benefit of the company and for their own good, there are some drawbacks that might discourage them. The drawbacks or rather the challenges that may hinder them from achieving their goals are referred to as the stressors. Employees that are not supervised, for instance, the Managers find themselves in difficult moments and having greater stress than their subordinates. They may have conflicted with the company policies which may directly affect them or the company’s financial accounts which is the core aspect of the company.

Communication breakdown is also another factor that may affect the company. There should be an effective flow of communication either vertically or horizontally. Employees should try and communicate as early as possible before the occurrence of any challenge that may affect the company. Another job stressor within the company is the lack of appreciation towards the employees. It is necessary for the employers to recognize any positive effect realized within the company out of employees’ efforts. Its absence may lead to the employee being de-motivated and unwanted.

Employers should appreciate employees’ positive performance and accompany it with a “thank you”. Lack of feedback, whether positive or negative is an element of stress experienced by employees. As key personnel in a company, it is good to let employees know about their performance from time to time. Moreover, employees also need to know about the progress of the company, so that they can be certain about their job security. However, lack of it may even lead to loss of control in the performance, which in turn may result in either over-production or under-production.

Discuss the best possible work teams for your company, addressing issues of group behavior, development, and decision-making

In the outside environment, employees are involved in numerous activities that are termed significant in society. They are assigned different responsibilities from which they are expected to make crucial decisions. This is very different in their working environments, they are never given any responsibility or rather they never have an opportunity of making even the slightest decision. The Apple Inc. company requires a self–directed work team in order to continue holding the top position as the worlds’ largest producer of electronics.

As a company that is mostly involved in the production of electronic products which require a lot of technicalities, there is a need to incorporate employees in the everyday management of the company by using the work teams. The teams are designed and empowered to assume corrective actions and solve daily problems. They also have immediate access to information that permits them to plan, control and enhance their operations. In other words, self-directed work teams are offered an opportunity to manage their operations. The team also embodies an approach to organizational culture and behavior. In working together as a group, they are capable of influencing each other behavior.

In this case, the less motivated employees get motivated and also gain some skills in their own careers. They are not only allowed to work, but they are also offered the responsibility of managing the work they do. This gives managers an opportunity to teach, train, develop and assist rather than issuing commands and controlling. Depending on the degree of performance, the team after being reviewed is given an opportunity to take part in management decisions.

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Determine your company’s approach to leadership and make recommendations for best practices based on an analysis of traditional, contemporary, and emerging leadership theories

Other than leadership, management is another aspect that is very essential in the overall welfare of the company. From the moment, individuals merged together to form social organizations in order to achieve some of the objectives that they could not achieve as individuals, management has been pivotal to ascertain harmonization of personal efforts. As society and in particular, companies depends on team work/ group work, managers, on the other hand, have a hard a task to ensure harmonization of each and every activity.

From this time forth, leadership theory has become imperative in the way managers are supposed to manage complex companies. It has to be accepted that, even though most of the managers from diverse parts of the world may have attained managerial responsibility without having acquired any theoretical knowledge, only those managing mixed organizations are said to succeed.

As a result, managers in the contemporary environment should consider the positions they hold being essential if they anticipate attaining the set objectives. Merit in the midst of all personnel(s) should be promoted if objectives are to be attained. This should mostly be among the managers. Additionally, most of the leadership approaches used in the past still hold key positions in companies. For instance, the three traditional approaches used together with leadership theory and application include; systems, contingency, and process.

Even though these approaches may be preferred in management, they are never posited as wrong or effective concepts but are complementary. They are applicable to a sequential analysis based on the internal and internal atmosphere of a company. In order to evade such a misfit, managers should embrace leadership approaches that are not conflicting with the Company’s interests and are compatible with the culture and organization behavior.

Discuss the most likely causes of interpersonal conflict you would expect to see in your company and how you would mitigate the conflicts you identified.

As the company goes on with the process of encouraging work teams and restricting them, there is a need for tutoring the employees on conflict resolution. Conflicts in a dynamic company may rise from different environments, and this is most evident when employees work as a team. Their differences in terms of authority, social values, and attitudes may lead to a conflict. In evading circumstances that may lead to heated disagreements, most of the methods used by companies in resolving some of the conflicts accentuate dealing with the problem openly and promptly. It is not always when a conflict may be termed as destructive, sometimes when handled in a proper manner may result in a benefit to a group.

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