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Organizational Culture in Starbucks


The organization of immense concern is Starbucks. This organization is an American multinational chain of roaster reserves and coffee houses. Its headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington. The time of observation was in 2019 when I was working there on a part-time basis. I worked with Starbucks between May 20, 2019, and September 30, 2019. During this time, I learned numerous things concerning the company, particularly its operations, organizational culture, and the conduct of its employees.

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Professional Appearance of Employees and Company

Starbucks is among the companies with a unique structure and organizational culture. In this case, the employees have a specific dress code based on their various positions (Gavin, 2013). Furthermore, employees are allowed to wear dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants of different colors such as black, khaki, brown, navy, and gray. However, the green apron remains the core clothing that employees should always consider while at work.

Another critical aspect concerning Starbucks is its working environment, which is very warm. The physical environment is designed to meet the client’s needs. The in-store atmosphere creates an ambiance that allows the workers to enjoy working, and the customers want to stay even longer (Pathiranage, 2019). This ambiance is observed through welcoming and warm conversation of employees with clients, relaxing music, fresh-smelling coffee, appropriate comfortable furniture, lighting, and captivating visual designs.

Starbucks presents one of the best corporate cultures that allow collaborative efforts among the employees. For instance, baristas communicate as a team to enhance efficiency and delivery of orders (Gavin, 2013). The employees are welcoming and speak politely with the outside world. The interactions among the employees fit the nature of the business because there is a need to collaborate to enhance the efficient delivery of services.

Analysis of Company

Starbucks has a robust organizational culture, which has been key to its success. In this case, Starbucks’ type of organizational culture is clan type of corporate culture, which focuses on collaboration among people, friendliness, and being people-oriented. Starbucks’ culture is based on the creation of a culture of belongingness, inclusion, and diversity (Azriuddin et al. 2020).

Evaluation of My Fit

Based on my observation of the company’s actions, beliefs, values, and corporate culture, I see myself as a good fit for this organization. One of the key aspects of the company is embracing servant leadership, which resonates with my beliefs that efficiency at the company can be realized easily through this aspect (Azriuddin et al. 2020). Also, the company embraces collaboration and communication among the employees, which is an essential feature of teamwork, which I always embrace.


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