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Paraphrasing Technique in Learning and Writing


As opposed to direct citation, summarizing or paraphrasing a writer’s thoughts requires that one must have the capacity to present their understanding of writer’s views and coordinate them all the more consummately into the structure of their composition.

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With the concrete end goal to react to others’ writings, we have to comprehend their considerations. However, this is not actually the case since we have the tendency of reading their texts erroneously. Paraphrasing enables you give careful consideration to the author’s conceptions, which in turn enhances your caliber of comprehension. In rewording, you should always recollect the significance of the original idea while expressing the same concept in an alternate manner.


This is when you opt to allude to author’s conceptions contained in a long content. Condensing empowers you to lessen the writer’s ideas by overlooking futile points and illustrations.


Whether you summarize or reword, it is critical to incorporate a reference, which refers to the source you have alluded to. This is the striking similarity that comes out when one is required to either paraphrase or summarize a written text.

Advantages of paraphrasing

Improved learning

Rewording accords you the opportunity to express critical thoughts in your own word. As such, you build your comprehension of the point. Therefore, paraphrasing is a more prosperous approach to learning than recollecting.

Avoidance of unnecessary cramming

An interpretation can be more adaptable to the future than a citation as you don’t have to recall the precise words. If you comprehend it, you can rethink it to rematch the context in an exam.

Avoiding plagiarism

Copyright infringement is the point at which you duplicate directly from another person’s work without crediting (referring to) the first author. As such, you assume praise for another person’s work. In the college culture, this is viewed as the same as cheating in an exam. By paraphrasing, one is able to avoid plagiarism.

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Paraphrasing process

In most cases, paraphrasing a text involves changing the whole paragraph or words.

Read the text

You can’t summarize until you comprehend the importance of the content. Once you understand, record the meaning in your own particular words. Understanding the content before committing oneself in the process of writing is paramount. Otherwise one may end up duplicating the whole text which will amount to plagiarism

Jot the concepts

Avoid writing the whole sentence but rather note the key points.

Consider the author’s attitude

Consider suitable reporting verbs you could utilize to portray author’s state of mind.


Alongside citation, paraphrasing and outline helps coordinate the sources into your papers. At the point when picking either of the concepts to utilize, it is paramount to take into account your control and the writing you are locked in. However, paraphrasing has significantly reduced copyright-related infringement.


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