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Parents’ Incomes and Children’s Camp Expenses


Nowadays, education remains one of the most important things for children and adults. Therefore, parents from Canada cover the expenses of summer camps with various developing programs for their sons and daughters. The following paper will present a literature review of works that describe the conditions and financial means required by educational children camps to teach and entertain their attendants.

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The first factor that is important to consider in the discussion of educational children camps in Canada implies money that needs to be spent on the household needs of such institutions. Food and drinks are the most expensive categories of products necessary for every organization that works with children permanently. It is estimated that the price Canadians pay for their food supplies annually amounts to $27 billion (Parizeau, Massow, & Martin, 2015).

Taking into account the fact that the current population of the country consists of 36 million people, every person needs approximately $7,500 for food every year. Hence children’s camps will be more expensive because of the tremendous amount of money spent on nutritious and healthy food. Although the article by Parizeau et al. (2015) observes the situation in the city of Ontario (Guelph region in particular), it can be applied to other states of the country as the prices of products do not differ significantly in its territory. Uhls et al. (2014) explain that educational camps are important for children who lack fellowship and social development.

It appears that children in camps without any gadgets and electronic devices spend more time with one another. It is necessary to mention that the problem of children’s involvement in social networks or video games reduces the amount of time they spend with their peers on a regular basis, which is important for their psychological and social development.

Review in Details

According to Lemieux and Riddell (2015), the average monthly income of a regular Canadian family amounts to $170.000, which makes it possible for parents to cover the children’s camp expenses. To evaluate the sources, it is important to discuss the ways Lemieux and Riddell (2015) tried to answer open questions regarding Canadians’ annual incomes. To be specific and accurate, the scholars decided to use results from the last census, where all people were obliged to provide precise data as to their living conditions. In turn, Parizeau et al. (2015) combined their survey results with the rate of household wastes in Guelph.

Also, the authors of the latter article used qualitative methodology during their research as they had to evaluate a wide range of factors that had an impact on the household expenses of Canadian citizens. They have also used demographic statistics in their study. However, Lemieux and Riddell (2015) preferred to use the quantitative methodology as they assessed people’s incomes by their age, education, regions, and many other factors that had a significant influence on monthly payments to Canadians from their employers (Lemieux & Riddell, 2015).

Uhls et al. (2014) used a quantitative methodology to describe the positive impact of summer educational camps on the development of children. Participants of the study did not have access to electronic devices for five days. The results showed that children socialized in camps much faster than in regular conditions. The data used to prove it implies evidence-based research with results of the appropriate experiment with groups of children. Organizers of the experiment compared initial results with that of children who successfully passed the program after the study was over.

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Additional education and socialization are beneficial for contemporary children who can receive it at summer camps. These institutions charge the price of approximately $2000 a month to parents as they will need to feed the children, pay rent (optional), cover utility services, and pay salaries to local workers and teachers. The average income of Canadian families amounts to $170.000 per year, which makes it possible for them to provide their children with entertaining educational courses at camps. In educational summer camps without electronic devices, children prefer to have fellowship with one another and develop in their favorite hobbies.


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