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Patient-Centered Care and Nursing Philosophy

My nursing philosophy is associated with the assistance to people aimed at improving their health outcomes by providing treatment and preventative measures. I believe that nursing is the sphere that requires constant enhancement and evidence-based practices. The rapidly changing environment, innovations in treatment, development of new approaches, and patients’ varying needs cause the need to elaborate on the nursing activities. However, I consider that the traditional metaparadigm suggested by Florence Nightingale reflects the very essence of nursing.

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From my perspective, each of the following concepts of this meta paradigm is rather significant as it focuses on the fundamental values: person, health, environment, and nursing. The first concept of a person focuses on holistic care and embraces people in general rather than only one individual. The patient’s friends and family also require some nurses’ attention (Smith & Parker, 2015). The second concept is health, which refers to the patient’s well-being, which may involve a range of factors, such as genetics, physical, psychological, and other aspects.

However, I understand the concept of health as something relative as there are no standards for all people that differ from each other by age, sex, body type, etc. The environment is the third concept associated with internal and external factors, including social, economic, personal, geographic, and plenty of others. It seems to me environment plays a huge role in identifying one’s health and nursing care strategies. The last concept is nursing that covers the knowledge, skills, and experience of a person to become a compassionate nurse, having empathy to patients. My philosophy corresponds to all the mentioned concepts. I consider that patient-centered care focusing on the environment is the best way to ensure the appropriate nursing assistance.


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