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Patterns of “Writing That Works” by Oliu et al.

A pattern of organization is crucial to guide readers and help them understand writing. I am most familiar with the general to the specific pattern because I used to have a travel agency in Cuba. The general to specific leads writing from a piece of general information to a more detailed explanation (Oliu et al., 2020). This pattern navigates readers through several steps to present all process occurrences in order (Oliu et al., 2020).

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I generally utilized specific in my correspondence when I needed to provide information to my clients and business partners. For instance, I have noticed that many of my customers preferred to receive reports describing their upcoming trips that began with a broad statement and then presented details on particular destinations. My business partners also seemed to favor emails with a general announcement and a thorough account of each client and their preferences. I have become acquainted with general to specific due to my work, and although I no longer own the travel agency, I sometimes find myself using the pattern in my formal writing, such as essays and emails.

Furthermore, the division is a pattern of organization that is relatively new to me. This pattern diverges a complex subject into appropriate components, discussing each piece and explaining its connection to the main idea (Oliu et al., 2020). The division is typically employed to make a matter easier to understand by providing detailed information about every smaller aspect (Oliu et al., 2020). Although it may appear similar to the general to specific, the division can also emphasize relations between all parts of the overall topic (Oliu et al., 2020).

For example, Oliu et al. (2020) state that they used the division to design the table containing descriptions of each pattern of the organization as elements of the general subject. Therefore, I can use this pattern in several situations, especially during academics. In particular, I can utilize the division during my classes to organize notes by creating tables to comprehend new information. Moreover, I can use the pattern to present a report to my co-workers. I would have to practice employing the division to familiarize myself with it better, but I am certain it can improve my writing.

Upon reading Chapter 2, I gained two insights on arranging facts and ideas in writing to communicate my thoughts more effectively. Firstly, I have realized that I should re-examine the information I intend to present, such as explanatory text and images (Oliu et al., 2020).

While I am used to organizing my statements and discussions, I sometimes forget to reconsider the order or the necessity for certain elements. Secondly, I have recognized that it is critical to modify my writing depending on the audience, as the same text can be presented and perceived differently (Oliu et al., 2020). For instance, I used to document different reports on the same topic for my clients and business partners at the travel agency. Although I considered several parties’ perspectives at the agency, I have noticed that I do not do so these days. My insights are not new to me, but they have reminded me about significant aspects of writing. I understand that re-examining my ideas and their layout in a written form is important to reach my goals and meet the needs of a specific audience.


Oliu, W. E., Brusaw, C. T., & Alred, G. J. (2020). Writing that works: Communicating effectively on the job (13th ed.). Bedford/St. Martin’s.

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