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Phonemic Awareness and Children Literacy

Phonemic awareness is the predisposition to the sound configuration of language. Phonemic awareness requires the capacity to spin the concentration of an individual to sounds in verbal language whilst shortly moving away from its implication. For instance, if some children are asked which one is longer between a train and a caterpillar, any kid who replies that a caterpillar is…

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Baby Talk: How Children Produce Language?

How did the age and gender of the infant/child affect the way in which adults spoke to him/her? Make a note of any of the specific milestones in language development WITH definitions. For example, did the child exhibit an understanding of semantics, syntax, pragmatics, phonology, holophrases, telegraphic speech? The age of a child affects the way in which adults spoke…

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Indonesian Language: History and Development

Introduction The struggle for nationalism was one of the significant events during the colonial period in Indonesia. It was facilitated by the unity of the Indonesian tribes. The natives of Indonesia achieved unity through the adoption of a common language that facilitated communication. Therefore, the adoption of a common language was one of the significant factors that contributed to the…

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Language Reform in Modern China

Introduction The language used in modern China has undergone several reforms since the time of Qing Dynasty. Studies show that the Chinese language has close relationships with several social aspects, which is the case in any other society meaning this case is not exceptional. Within a span of three hundred years, the country has witnessed a rigorous reform system whereby…

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Mythology: the Greek Goddess Hera

Greek mythology is filled with gods and goddesses who possessed various powers and greatly influenced ancient Greek. The goods were worshiped and sacrifices were made to them by their followers. Hera is one of the powerful ancient deities in Greek mythology. Hera was worshipped throughout the Greek world and she had major cult centers at the city of Argos. This…

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Impact of Simple Words

Introduction There is no such a thing as a simple word. Severally, misunderstandings have occurred among people as a result of their word diction and argument context. While many people believe that bombastic words make an argument or passing information complex, simple words cause more confusion and impair messages more often than the big words. This is because people fail…

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Linguistics: Connotation and Denotation of the Word Line

Denotation can be referred to the dictionary-like definition of a word; to provide the denotation of a word is therefore to give its basic meaning. On the other hand, connotation stands for what a word implies or suggests. I consideration of connotation of a word, one goes beyond its basic meaning to examine what it is associated with in its…

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Word Encoding Models

Introduction Word recognition refers to the ability of an individual to recognize written words with ease. There are different models that seek to explain how human beings process words. These models are based on different principles. For example, there is the multistream model that is based on several processing channels and the hierarchical model that emphases the use of single…

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Infinite Regression in Franz Kafka’s Works

The concept of infinite regression plays an important role in philosophy and epistemology. In many cases, this notion can be used to highlight the limitations of human cognition and people’s inability to learn the truth about reality. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for describing contradictions that an individual is not able to resolve. This paper is aimed at discussing the…

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Gestures and Signed Language Used in Cartoons

Introduction What is language? We all have a notion that a language is a tool of communication or the main purpose of language is to convey information. Arguably, any answer to this question would certainly involve the word communication. We, therefore, consider language as a tool which the main purpose is communication. There is always a great advantage of pursuing…

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Bilingualism: Development and Types of Bilingualism

Currently, the strengthening of economic, political and cultural ties between the countries has changed and continues to change the terms of the functioning and teaching of foreign languages. The knowledge of another language in the modern world is an acute need for the realization of interpersonal communication in optimal conditions. It is a fact that there always prevailed the psychologically…

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Linguistics: Contrast of English and Chinese

Language variations between speakers of two different languages have existed for quite a long time. The variations between Chinese and English are seen in their expressions of politeness, formality, solidarity, and discourse, and genre type often cause misunderstanding between the communicating parties. For example, when a native English speaker says “Hello!”, “How are you?” practically it is a polite way…

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