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Paul McCartney: Rhetorical Analysis

“I am still very competitive” or “Do you know anyone who does not have insecurities?” are the phrases that you could hear if you met him now. He is a member of the order of the British Empire and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his services. NYPD gave him a title of an honorary detective, even though it is not why he is famous. You can see him in one of the seventh-season episodes of The Simpsons, where he encourages Lisa to become a vegetarian. He is a lion in the jungle of music. It all started in 1957 when a boy of the age of fifteen visited a social in a local church. It was the social where he met another teenage boy, with whom later they will write the whole history of music.

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He is a man of humanity, showing how people should treat animals. In 1975, he became a vegetarian after seeing a lamb while eating its meat. He is a Mother Teresa for the animal world. He supports the organization called “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,” which focused on protecting animal rights. The topic of seal hunting was raised and discussed at an international level with his initiation. Such love towards the animals and bravery to speak up protecting their rights is the sign of the great personality that everyone should look up to. Looking at him, one can see and inherit his loyalty towards his own beliefs and values as well. It can clearly be seen through his last activism despite the age, which was about banning the Chinese wet market due to concerns about the health impacts and the cruelty towards animals. His love for animals comes along with his care for the environment, which is why he is a member of the Save the Arctic campaign.

He is a man of kindness, showing how people should feel towards the world. Worldwide peace is another topic that is propagandized by him being a member of a campaign against land mines. He is like Gandhi but from Britain. During his meeting with Vladimir Putin, he encouraged Russia to support the anti-landmine campaign. The world would see no wars if everyone contributed towards worldwide peace as he did.

Every person on the Earth faces some life challenges that should be fought and overcome. Despite his fame and influence, he was using drugs and wrote multiple songs about it. However, he did not like cocaine and, being offered, never tried heroin. Still, as bold as brass, he was one of the people who called for the legislation of marijuana and the researching its medical uses in 1967. Finally, he quit smoking marihuana in 2015, trying to be a better example for his grandchildren and showing that it is never too late to become a better person.

He is the only person who does not have a beard on a cover of a famous album called “Abbey Roads” by the Beatles, and his name is James Paul McCartney. If the Beatles was the cake, he was the icing. Because of this person, I can listen to countless number beautiful songs. The band that he created with his friends influenced the whole musical world and even societies. They inspired various cultural movements in the 60s. They were the role model for thousands of teenagers who pursued music as a profession.

For me, he is an example of a person of love towards the world. Being as kind as a hovering dove, he shows the world that it is vital to stand out for the weak, including animals, and treat our planet with love and care. He encourages me and everyone in the world for peacefulness. He uses his fame and influence to change the world and make it a better place for the future generation. His personality inspires me to be a better person towards our planet and everyone around me. Because of him, I started doing various voluntary works. He makes me think about global issues, including wars, how people treat animals, and environmental problems. Paul McCartney’s example is constantly pushing me towards self-development and motivating me to become a better member of our society.

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