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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Rhetoric

  1. Executive Leadership for Women: Examining the Rhetoric and the Reality
    It is true that Men and women are not randomly distributed through out organizations but there are evidences of discrimination on the ground of gender are evident.
  2. Rhetoric and Stereotypes: Feminists, Tattooed Persons, Politicians, and Senior Citizens
    Stereotyping takes place in people’s lives at one point of their lives concerning people who they view as outsiders.
  3. Rhetorical Aspects of a Visual Document
    In this paper we will analyze trade mark Michelin, its new product and will talk about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
  4. Fears of Public Speaking – Rhetoric
    It is important to note that fear of public speaking is an interesting topic for discussion. The numerous factors affect an ability of an individual to communicate with others.
  5. Rhetorical Analysis Essay: an Example of a Web Page Case Study
    The use of rhetoric elements ⚛️ in marketing helps stimulate ? customer demand. Learn more about how to do this from this rhetorical analysis essay sample!
  6. Lincoln’s and Dickinson’s Rhetorical Discourses
    Abraham Lincoln’s “Second inaugural address” and Emily Dickinson’s “Success is counted sweetest” can be regarded as an illustration of close ties between poetics and rhetoric.
  7. The Power of Political Rhetoric: Article Review
    This paper analyzes Krebs and Jackson’s article, which examines the concept of rhetorical coercion and its influence on political outcomes worldwide.
  8. Rhetoric in African-American History Articles
    In the sphere of African-American history, authors seem to wield the information perfectly, which makes it a distinct community of discourse.
  9. Rhetoric of “The Myth of the Charioteer” by Plato
    The Myth of the Charioteer by Plato is the part of his dialogue Phaedrus. Being presented as the Chariot Allegory, Plato aims to describe the nature of human soul using rhetoric.
  10. Rhetoric in “Pop Can: Popular Culture in Canada”
    The way words are presented has a huge influence on the manner readers will get the intended message while interpreting aspects such as logic, emotions, etc.
  11. Visual Rhetoric in L’Oreal EverCrème Advertisement
    The objective of this study is to try to identify the use of propaganda and weasel words in the advertisement, “L’Oreal Ever Crème”, which is about hair products.
  12. “Representation as Colonial Rhetoric” by Poulter and “Molinari and the Science of Color and Line” by Welsh
    “Representation as a colonial rhetoric” by Poulter talks social impact of art on the natives. “Molinari and the Science of Colour and Line” by Welsh focuses on Molinari’s art.
  13. Obama Speech: Rhetorical Analysis and Evaluation
    In his speech, Obama starts by making reference to Martin Luther King Jr. He highlights the important role Luther played in the fight for the liberation of the Black Americans.
  14. Rhetoric in “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”
    Just like all other slave narratives, Frederick Douglass analyzes the tensions between slaves and slave owners resulting from the conflict between the two entities.
  15. Proficient Writing: Rhetorical Analysis
    Proficient writing is a skill developed through regular practice and response to issues raised by readers. It is a two-pronged approach reflecting on one’s writing style and responding to readers’ feedback.
  16. Anti-Smoking Persuasion: Rhetorical Situation Analysis
    This paper narrates a rhetorical moment in which I had an argument with my brother on his smoking behavior while he was in high school.
  17. John Frederick Kennedy’s Effective Rhetoric
    John Frederick Kennedy’s inaugural address is one of the most rhetorically effective speeches performed by a United States president.
  18. “The Rhetoric of Video Games” by Ian Bogost
    In his article “The rhetoric of video games,” Ian Bogost writes about how video games reflect the real life of people, their interactions, feelings, and worldviews.
  19. Rhetoric: “The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States” by Oboler & Deena
    According to Oboler and González, the US continues to celebrate itself as “a nation of immigrants,” the increasing inflow of migrants represents an important problem.
  20. “Get Out” Movie’s Rhetorical Analysis
    The movie Get Out is a horror satire. Its main purpose is to illustrate an exaggerated reality of interracial interactions from the African-American person’s perspective.

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  1. Rhetoric of Ali Siddiq’s ‘Prison Riot’ Standup
    Using various rhetorical tactics allows achieving a level of both belief and awe in listeners, as may be seen in Ali Siddiq’s “Prison Riot” standup.
  2. Racism in “Get Out” Movie: Rhetorical Discussion
    The “Get Out” film’s primary medium is the modern illustration of a slave plantation, where the owners are represented as Caucasian people.
  3. Douglass’ Rhetorical Strategy: Biblical Allusions
    In the present paper, two examples of biblical allegories used by Douglas in the Narrative will be analyzed to show why his audience could find those passages persuasive.
  4. Rhetoric of “Virtual Promise” by Claire Giordano
    In a persuasive essay, “Virtual Promise: Why Online Courses Will Not Adequately Prepare Us for the Future,” Claire Giordano discusses the pros and cons of taking online courses.
  5. Anti-Communist and Anti-Islam Rhetoric
    One of the bright examples of such manipulation is the cultivation of the irrational fear of communism during the Cold War by Senator Joseph McCarthy.
  6. Susan B. Anthony’s Speech: Rhetorical Analysis
    The speech by Susan B. Anthony, given after her arrest for casting a vote in the presidential election, is a notable example of American oratory.
  7. Rhetoric in Holland’s Endangered Pleasures: Travel
    The chapter “Travel: Getting There” of Barbara Holland’s Endangered Pleasures is a witty insight into the world of travel as most people know it today.
  8. Angelina Jolie’s Rhetorical Speech on Female Empowerment
    Angelina Jolie delivered a powerful message to her colleagues to inspire them to fight for female empowerment through art.
  9. Blogs on Euthanasia: Rhetorical Analysis
    Euthanasia is the act or practice of deliberately ending the life of an individual who could either be suffering from a terminal illness or be in an incurable condition.
  10. Rhetorical Scheme in “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck
    Just like any other novel this one utilizes three rhetorical schemes such as emotion, character, and logic. Yet upon closer examination the strongest is emotion or pathos.
  11. Rhetoric. Should the State Know Your HIV Status? by Alfieri
    In her article “Should the State Know Your HIV Status?”, Rosemarie Gionta Alfieri sets a case against the proposals to make the practice of HIV testing mandatory.
  12. What Is the Role of Rhetoric in Public Relations Practice?
    In public relations, rhetoric helps PR managers and administrators to appeal to the emotions of the target audience and their internal feelings.
  13. Margaret Fuller’s and Frederick Douglass’ Rhetorical Styles
    The rhetorical styles of M. Fuller and F. Douglass may have been unusual but they left an indelible mark in the literary field. The work they wrote is rich in folklore.
  14. The Analysis of the Rhetoric in Film “Henry V”
    The rhetoric is the scientific discipline studying the laws of origination, the transfer and the perception of good speech and the qualitative text.
  15. Rhetorical Analysis of John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address
    John Kennedy was a good orator and delivered compelling messages of which considered the best was his inaugural address.
  16. Rhetorical Writing Analysis of Jenna Berko’s Essay
    Rhetorical writing is a special kind of activity that involves the ability to analyze the plot of the object under consideration.
  17. Rhetoric and Stereotypes in Society
    Stereotyping has been used as a tool in persuading others to embrace a certain cause. Different individuals will be viewed differently in society.
  18. Assisted Suicide: Critical Thinking and Rhetoric
    For assisted suicide to have positive consequences for people who yearn for such an early death, the practice must be published and not performed in secret.
  19. Subject-Informal Logic: Rhetoric & Stereotypes
    The fundamental learning process indicates that stereotyped examples will always remain. Evaluating people based on stereotyping is unfair and a flawed method.
  20. A Rhetorical Defense of Leonard Peltier
    Leonard Peltier has been a prisoner for 28 years. This is due to crime that he did not commit. He was falsely accused to have murdered two FBI agents.
  21. Creating Stereotypes: Rhetoric and Stereotypes
    Stereotyped perceptions on many professions, but in a number, these perceptions are proved to be wrong in many cases.

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  1. The Art of Rhetoric
    This paper seeks to determine the arguments of Plato and Aristotle on rhetoric, make a comparison of them and then make an application of rhetoric in speech.
  2. Steve Jobs’ Commencement: Rhetorical Analysis
    The speech by Steve Jobs was a part of Stanford University’s graduation ceremony. The author refers to his personal experience and his credibility as a technology company CEO.
  3. Rhetorical Analysis of “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff
    The author claims that a person can be intelligent in many ways and differentiates between so-called “book smart” and “street smart” people.
  4. Video Advertisement: The Efficiency of the Aristotle’s Rhetoric
    This essay examines the effectiveness of using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos as the persuasive tools in the “Jason Momoa Super Bowl Commercial 2020. Rocket Mortgage” advertisement.
  5. “Snack Attack”: Rhetorical Analysis
    The movie by Andrew Cadelago touch on a line of quite compelling themes: understanding older people, judging someone based on their appearance, looking at and stereotyping them.
  6. Rhetorical Appeals: The Benefits of Using Rhetoric Instruments
    Rhetorical appeals make an individual’s speech more appealing and effective as the speaker can achieve the established goals.
  7. Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Ethos, Logos and Pathos
    A rhetoric situation is an act of speaking or writing effectively. Rhetoric is also a situation that lacks a meaningful understanding.
  8. Rhetorical Analysis: Capitalism and Socialism
    Both systems have their flaws, but capitalism is more practical and efficient in bringing prosperity and reducing scarcity, which means that it is better.
  9. Rhetorical Devices in Debates: Biden, Harris, and the Issue of Women and Race
    In the 2019 conversation between Biden, Harris, and Booker, the active use of idiom as a rhetorical device reinforced the arguments made by Booker.
  10. Rhetorical Analysis of the Gillette Commercial
    This paper aims to convey the rhetorical analysis of the Gilette Commercial “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” to identify how its text uses the rhetorical triangle to influence.
  11. Rhetorical Appeals as a Means of Convincing the Audience
    The purpose of this article is to explore rhetorical appeals as a means of persuading audiences, using the example of Judge Pauley’s decision and Abdo and Toomey’s article.
  12. Rhetoric. James Q. Wilson on Gun Ownership Laws
    The author examines the views and arguments of Time correspondent James K. Wilson regarding the tightening of gun control legislation.
  13. Michelle Obama’s TED Speech: Rhetoric Devices
    Michelle Obama’s TED speech is an example of a well-designed public speech that will be analyzed according to the Aristotelian rhetoric framework.
  14. Antigone and Creon’s Use of Rhetoric
    This analysis reveals that the rhetoric of Antigone and Creon is similar because they represent categorical ideas.
  15. Roiphe’s Confessions of a Female Chauvinist Sow: Rhetorical Analysis
    In this work, I am going to analyze Confessions of a Female Chauvinist Sow, written by Anne Roiphe. The main readers of Roiphe’s work are mainly women.
  16. Rhetorical Analysis Through Lyrics: “The Times They Are A-Changing” and “The Wind of Change”
    This paper examined “The Times They Are A-Changing” and “The Wind of Change” as examples of songs that highlight important social issues.
  17. The Speech “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence” by Martin Luther King, Jr: Rhetorical Analysis
    In order to convince his audience that the civil rights movement in the U.S. should oppose the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, Jr. appealed to their ethos, pathos, and logos.
  18. Visual Rhetoric in New-Age Beauty Advertisements
    The purpose of this paper is to examine how the advertisement “Feeling like Glossier” combines simple design and a memorable catchphrase.
  19. “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass: Rhetorical Methods and Techniques
    In “Learning to Read and Write,” the conducted philological analysis showed that there are seven artistic techniques at once, along with Aristotelian methods of persuasion.
  20. Brooks’ “Reading Too Much Political News…” Rhetorical Analysis
    The current paper contains a rhetorical analysis of the article “Reading too much political news is bad for your well-being” by A. C. Brooks.
  21. Rhetorical Analysis: Google Analytics App
    The intended audience of the analysis is represented by the users of the Google Analytics app, which means the people who want to search, organize, and save data on some subjects.

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  1. Algebra Development: Rhetoric, Syncopated and Symbolic Stages
    The study discusses the three stages of algebra development which includes rhetoric stage, syncopated stage and symbolic stage.
  2. Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech Rhetorical Analysis
    Steve Jobs, one of the founders and shareholders of Apple, is famous for introducing unique strategies that tend to evoke general interest to his model of business.
  3. Rhetorical Qualities of the 1969 Marijuana PSA
    This mini-essay will assess the anti-marijuana PSA from 1969. Due to the presence of several logical fallacies in it, presently produces the exact opposite effect of the intended one.
  4. Women in Classical Rhetorical Theory during Ancient Times
    Despite there were many restrictions on women’s rights in ancient times, they also have used the classical rhetorical theory to share their wisdom and were teachers of rhetoric.
  5. Siren et al.’s Study on Red Wines: Rhetorical Analysis
    The article “Evaluation of organic and inorganic compounds levels of red wines processed from Pinot Noir grapes” by Siren et al. studies the compounds in red wines.
  6. Rhetorical Analysis: “In Defense of the ‘Impractical’ English Major” by C. Gregoire and “Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Wasting Your Time as an English Major” by S. Reeves
    In their articles, Carolyn Gregoire and Sophie Reeves aspire to prove that English majors are capable of gaining success in this life, as well as of developing important skills.
  7. Greta Thunberg’s Speech: Rhetorical Analysis
    Greta Thunberg’s speech is a good example of adding power to words by utilizing literary strategies, including the rhetorical triangle.
  8. Rhetoric in Moore’s “Idiot Nation” and Gatto’s “Against School”
    Two of the essays that discuss the problems of the modern education establishments are “Idiot Nation” written by Moore and “Against School” written by Gatto.
  9. Rhetorical Analysis of the Two Ads
    This essay is aimed at a rhetorical analysis of the two proposed ads in order to identify the means of Pathos, Ethos, and Logos.
  10. Rhetorical Appeals Analysis
    The analyzed article is to persuade; the specific purpose is to state that a strict ban on guns is impossible, and some propositions on gun control are irrelevant and useless.
  11. Usage of Rhetorical Appeals in “Letter From Birmingham Jail”
    In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” as a response to a statement by clergymen, accusing King’s peaceful resistance to the racism of violence.
  12. The Rhetoric of Condemnation in the Book of Job
    The Book of Job belongs to the Ketuvim (“Writings”) section of the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament part of the Christian Bible.
  13. Hamlet’s Monologue: A Rhetorical Analysis
    The rhetorical devices used by Shakespeare in the monologue of Hamlet help readers better understand the main character’s uncertainty about his life, death, and revenge.
  14. Rhetorical Strategies Comparison
    Using rhetorical devices helps the writer find arguments suitable for the given audience. Both Rodov’s and Rice’s speeches established credibility and aimed to evoke emotions.
  15. Rhetorical Analysis of a Film “Us”
    By pointing out metaphors, symbols, dialogues, and details in various scenes, The Film Theorists make a convincing argument about the film’s “Us” deeper meaning.
  16. Chomsky’s “Media Control” Rhetorical Analysis
    In the “Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda” article, the author Noam Chomsky begins by analyzing two models of democracy.
  17. Rhetorical Analysis of Steve Jobs’ Speech
    Steve Jobs, the legendary innovator and founder of the Apple Corporation, spoke at Stanford University in 2005, and this was one of the businessman’s landmark speeches.
  18. Rhetorical Effects of Grammatical Choices in “Only Disconnect”
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss some of the rhetorical effects of grammatical choices in Gary Shteyngart’s “Only Disconnect.”
  19. Brittany Maynard’s Testimony through Lenses of Aristotelian Rhetorical Theory
    This essay seeks to analyze which aspects of Brittany Maynard’s speech in support of PAS determined the successful communication of her ideas to the audience.
  20. The Rhetoric of the Gettysburg Address
    Lincoln’s speech during the Civil War had a meaningful impact on listeners and helped people continue to fight for independence.
  21. Rhetorical Analysis of “Media Control” by Chomsky
    In the article “Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda” Chomsky exposes how political influence threatens democracy and the participation of the bewildered herd.

💡 Simple Rhetoric Essay Ideas

  1. Rhetoric, Propaganda and Animal Farm
  2. Crisis Management Through Rhetoric
  3. Popular Editorials and the Rhetoric That Drives Them
  4. Rhetoric Theory Development and Richard Nixon
  5. Contemporary World and the Role of Classical Rhetoric
  6. Advertising and Women: Visual Rhetoric of the Post War Era
  7. Eminent Rhetoric: Language, Gender, and Cultural Tropes
  8. Rhetoric and Group Stereotyping Issues
  9. Persuasive Rhetoric: The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished
  10. Agricultural Trade and Policy Reform: Rhetoric and Reality
  11. Bias, Fallacies, and Rhetoric in Citizen Kane Speech
  12. Political Rhetoric During the American Revolution
  13. The Poisonous Rhetoric and Toxic Conversational Tone Surrounding the European Union
  14. Rhetoric and Its Effect on Society
  15. Visual Rhetoric and the Case of Intellectual Capital
  16. The Connection Between Psychology, Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Religion
  17. Rhetoric and Its Impact on Politics
  18. General Information About Greek Oratory and Rhetoric
  19. The Difference Between Classical and Modern Rhetoric
  20. Contrastive Rhetoric Between Arabic and English Languages
  21. The Rhetoric Techniquesnd Literary Devices Used in King’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail
  22. Rhetoric: Creating Community Through Public Speaking
  23. The Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality
  24. Classical and New Rhetoric: Importance and Relevance
  25. Australi Rhetoric, Reality and the Road Ahead

📌 Easy Rhetoric Essay Topics

  1. Rhetoric and Spirit Detecting Devices
  2. The Loss Function Has Been Mislaid: The Rhetoric of Significance Tests
  3. Anti Communist Rhetoric and American Patriotism
  4. The Importance of Rhetoric and Persuasive Speech
  5. Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People, and Other Nonsensical Rhetoric
  6. The Importance of Rhetoric in the Event Campaign
  7. Rhetoric With the Political and Public Affairs Arena
  8. Rhetoric and the Safety of the Participant and Confidentiality
  9. Differentiate Between Epideictic and Deliberative Rhetoric
  10. Rhetoric and the Political Theory of Ideologies
  11. Visual Rhetoric and Its Effects on Today’s Society
  12. Solving Social Conflicts Through Rhetoric
  13. Rhetoric and Conceptual Problems in Economics: The Case of General Equilibrium Theory
  14. Rhetoric Challenges the Virtue of Society and Individuals
  15. Aristotle’s Rhetoric and the Ethics of Modern Advertising
  16. How Does External Perception Affect Occupational Rhetoric
  17. WWII Rhetoric Among East and West Leaders
  18. The Direct and Indirect Impact of Rhetoric in the Movie the Color Purple
  19. Argumentation Pragmatics, Text Analysis, and Contrastive Rhetoric
  20. The Relationship Between Rhetoric and Social Conflict
  21. Rhetoric and Organizational Method Works
  22. The Rhetoric and the Discourse of Poverty Condition
  23. Rhetoric and Morality According to Classical Authorities

❓ Questions About Rhetoric

  1. Is Using Rhetoric Instead of Physical Play Effective?
  2. What Are Rhetorical Patterns for Argumentative Writing?
  3. How Does Machiavelli Use Persuasive Rhetoric?
  4. What Is the Relationship between the Rhetoric of Aristotle and the Ethics of Modern Advertising?
  5. How Does Rhetoric Affect Our Life?
  6. What Is Missile Anti-American Rhetoric?
  7. What Are the Differences between Epideictic and Deliberative Rhetoric?
  8. How Does External Perception Affect Occupational Rhetoric?
  9. What Are the Rhetorical Devices?
  10. What Is the Relationship between Rhetoric and Social Conflict?
  11. Will Rhetoric Ever Become Reality?
  12. What Is the Rhetoric of World War II Among Eastern and Western Leaders?
  13. How Did the Context of Rome Influence the Role of Rhetoric during Roman?
  14. What’s the Gap between Rhetoric and Reality?
  15. How Is Character Revealed through the Use of Rhetoric in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar?
  16. What Is the Contemporary World and the Role of Classical Rhetoric?
  17. Should the Engineers Apply Rhetoric Strategy to Popularized Technology?
  18. What Does the Term Rhetoric Mean?
  19. How Does Barack Obama Use the Language of Rhetoric?
  20. What Is the Philosophy and Rhetoric of the Auditor Independence Concepts?
  21. How Does Visual Rhetoric Influence Contemporary Society?
  22. What Are Rhetoric, Discourse, and Phronesis?
  23. How Has Rhetoric Influenced the Modern Electronic Age?
  24. What Is the Relationship between Psychology, Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Religion?
  25. What Is Warren Buffett’s Two-Faced Rhetoric?
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