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Peer Review of the Business Research Proposal


The paper being reviewed is the Business Research Proposal on the medical staff shortages in healthcare with regard to rural areas. The advantages are a presentation of the substance of the research, innovation in solving the problem, and the ability to convey the scientific results in an understandable form. It can be noted the point of view was expressed correctly. Meanwhile, it is needed to think over the wording of the chosen topic, comprehend the content of the concepts included in it, and determine the range of issues that should be covered. Besides, it is necessary to define the general idea and structure of the article.

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It is vital to build a clear structure of the article, which, as a rule, includes the title, introduction, body, conclusions, and reference page. The first paragraph should contain a general presentation of the necessary information on the issue, a description of what will be discussed in the body paragraphs. In the introduction, it is required to justify the relevance and novelty of the research. This paper can be considered relevant, as it aims to solve significant problems that have a scientific and practical solution. In the introduction, in addition to applicability and actuality, the cause of choosing this topic is touched upon.

Body Paragraphs

The paper’s body assumes the development of argumentation and analysis, their justification, supported by the available data, other arguments, and views on this issue. It is the central content of the essay is one of the main difficulties. Graphs, charts, and tables can be used as an analytical tool where needed.

The paper’s body is the reasoned disclosure of the problem based on the collected material. Data analysis and argumentation are accurately related to the issues raised in the essay. This part of the text includes the correlation and generalization of other points of view with its presentation and justification. It is necessary to describe the research process in detail, including a step-by-step resolution of the main problem, which contains the article’s selected topic. The central part provides a reasoned presentation of the main provisions put forward by researchers on this topic. The most crucial element of work on an essay is presenting the work results and their explanation.

With regard to the paragraphs’ size, it would be better to make them shorter and more concise as the text’s flow does not seem smooth. Sometimes, it is hard to follow; the small but precise paragraphs would help to understand the content. In this part of the assignment, a strict structure should be adhered to. The sections should follow from the main to the secondary, from more to less important. Evidence must be reliable, convincing, balanced, active, independent, and consistent. Their amount depends on the problem under discussion, the chosen plan, and the logic of the development of thought. It is recommended to use subheadings to highlight the main points of the reasoned presentation, designate its main ideas, and follow the logic in disclosing the problem. One paragraph or subheading reflects one specific question. In this section, use subheadings to structure a reasoned statement.

I recommend dividing the text into three parts. The first is the description of the issue; the next might be how it is possible to direct the shortage of healthcare workers in rural areas. In the end, it is useful to present the outline plan that can be adapted to solve this problem. The use of subheadings concerns the central points that need to be highlighted. Their arrangement may also indicate the presence or absence of consistency in the coverage of the topic. Nevertheless, the paper does not reflect the characteristics of the research material, an explanation of the reason for referring to this material, as well as the degree of study of the topic. It is necessary to characterize the primary evidence, to indicate the features of the approach of one or another researcher to the material and conclude the scientific novelty of your research.


In the final part of the assignment, the summary is made; the results of research or analysis are briefly presented. This part should contain answers to the problems posed in the introduction. Here it is worth emphasizing the practical importance of your work. Any paper should end with the author’s conclusions: which helps to understand what can be achieved using the described idea. The findings should indicate which main results were obtained in the performance of scientific work, and justify their correctness and reliability.

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I recommend including more citations as some of the information needs to be referred to. For addressing this topic, the information should be analyzed from a scientific point of view; consequently, I recommend citing several scholarly articles. For instance, some papers could help to get deeper into this assignment – the articles by Budhathoki et al. (2017), McGrail et al. (2017), and Eidson-Ton et al. (2016). It is essential to cite the source on the reference page correctly. The names of the authors, journal, year of publication, volume, and issue, number, pages should be indicated. The engaged reader should be able to find the referenced literary source. There are times when the source cannot be found at the specified address. Faced with this, the reader loses confidence in both the author and his or her work.


The paper is written in a figurative expression, which distinguishes scientific works. The style is indicated by the use of words in their direct meanings, rejection of emotionally expressive, and stylistically reduced vocabulary. The syntax of scientific speech is characterized by structural completeness, an obvious allied connection, the complexity of structures with complete semantic content, and the widespread use of passive phrases. Cases of informative lack of independence of the central part of a compound sentence, which serves as a stereotypical form of logical connection of parts of the narrative, are indicative. My suggestion is to use more expressions such as “It should be pointed out /emphasized that…”

The underlined consistency goals are subordinated to the introductory words and phrases, indicating the sequence in the development of thought, for example, such expressions as firstly, next, and finally. Due to them, the text’s coherence, logical evolution, and expansion are achieved. These linguistic tools serve to form retrospective comparative assessments in the research process, are used in reasoning and evidence, and are essential in substantiating the reliability of facts. The lack of pronouns and allied words, therefore, moreover, as a result, do not serve the etiological cue of parts of individual structures.

The use of terms is of great importance for meeting the stated requirements. The implementation of scientific terminology is the optimal way to ensure the accuracy of the content’s presentation. The writer uses professional health care terminology appropriately and correctly. There are no errors in grammar, mechanics, punctuation, or APA formatting.


Budhathoki, S. S., Zwanikken, P. A., Pokharel, P. K., & Scherpbier, A. J. (2017). Factors influencing medical students’ motivation to practice in rural areas in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review. BMJ Open, 7(2).

Eidson-Ton, W. S., Rainwater, J., Hilty, D., Henderson, S., Hancock, C., Nation, C. L., & Nesbitt, T. (2016). Training medical students for rural, underserved areas: a rural medical education program in California. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 27(4), 1674-1688.

McGrail, M. R., Wingrove, P. M., Petterson, S. M., & Bazemore, A. W. (2017). Mobility of US rural primary care physicians during 2000–2014. The Annals of Family Medicine, 15(4), 322-328.

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