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Personal Computer Daily Use and Importance

The computer can be defined as an electronic appliance or device used in just about every field in contemporary society. That is why this generation is known as the IT era, it is impossible to imagine a world without computer technology. A computer maneuvers information in accordance with the list of instructions. Today, Computer has turned out to be extremely vital because it is very accurate, fast, and can complete numerous tasks effortlessly. Otherwise, carrying out those tasks by hand requires lots of time and effort. The computer has become indispensable to the urbanized society.

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Many people need a computer for different reasons; some use it for entertainment while others use it for research, to access information, and to communicate. The benefit of a computer cannot be denied in the business world, at the place of work and even in our personal life. At times, one can feel crippled when they don’t use a computer because it is compulsive. Personally, I need a computer for communication and to access essential information. It helps me to know what everyone else is doing, the network allows me to share documents, view other people’s work, and interchange ideas resourcefully. I use instant messaging devices and e-mails to communicate fast and to store important information for reference.

Additionally, computers continue to benefit my family because they run the washing machines, refrigerators, and other numerous items that make use of the software. They store all vital records concerning work and other daily activities. Families access the computer to help them with their everyday activities such as job vacancies, schoolwork, and booking appointments or flights. It is necessary for all people to acquire basic knowhow and experience concerning computer technology. Otherwise, one cannot get good employment because the computer has inundated nearly all fields of operation in the contemporary world.

Computers have become an important educational resource for my family members, especially my siblings. They acquire more learning materials and vital educational programs, thus exposing them to a wider range of knowledge. They also interact with their classmates and friends through social networking sites and are able to retrieve data easily and quickly. They perform simple research through the internet and so they do not waste a lot of time doing their projects manually. Computers have also enhanced their learning, and their teachers find it easier to assign and collect their assignments electronically. This is an added way for my siblings to show their resourcefulness and inventiveness. It also helps them to come up with problem-solving abilities, writing skills, and design expertise.

Laptops computers are ubiquitous and convenient; they can be taken wherever one is going. They can be used for recreational purposes like listening to music, watching movies, chatting with friends, and browsing. Computer technology is a positive aspect of contemporary society because nowadays, so many things need to be done at the same time. They have made things very easy for the common man. One rarely finds children playing in the parks, internet games have made children stick to computers. Children all over the globe have great enthusiasm for the birth of new computer games. It’s amazing how computers have changed people’s lives. Although there are disadvantages associated with computers, the advantages outweigh the risks. At times we take this device for granted and don’t truly realize its importance in our daily lives until something goes wrong.

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