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Personal Experience Adopting Kiko From Humane Society

In 2018, my family decided to adopt a pet for our home. We did not know where to get the pet; thus, the best place that we could get the idea was through online platforms. We started scrutinizing different internet-based sites that had pets that needed adoption, and we encountered a number of them though we were not satisfied with some of the pets on those online sites. However, we continued with the search being hopeful that we would finally land on the best we anticipated. Amidst the search, I noticed a lovely kitten in one of the pictures and persuaded my parents to get it for me. Upon closer look at the picture, everyone fell in love with the kitten, and it was decided there and then that we were going to adopt him. My parents made the necessary communications on the exact location where we would find the kitten. It came out that the kitten was being housed at the Humane Society in Hialeah, Florida. The name of the kitten was Kiko, born on June 18, 2018; he was only two months old when we came for his adoption. Fortunately, he was affordable to my family; therefore, we took him home. It is now two and half years since we adopted him, and he has been important to the family. Kiko is a playful, affectionate, and friendly cat that anyone will fall in love with at the first encounter. The cat is crucial for emotional support, mental well-being, and physical fitness.

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Kiko is vital in providing emotional support to me and to the rest of the family. First, the fact that he is playful helps us relieve of psychological tension that we are undergoing. For instance, when I am stressed about school assignments and do not want to speak to anyone at home, Kiko comes and sits on my lap, looking suggestively at me, and rubs the side of his trunk against me. This endearing behavior alone makes me happy. I find myself talking to Kiko right away, feeling relieved about the issue that bothered me. After feeling relieved, I always finish the assignments within the stipulated time-frame. Consequently, when I am alone, Kiko helps me ease the loneliness I would have felt if no one was around. We always play together, and it makes me forget that I am at home by myself. Furthermore, he makes me less anxious, even in the circumstances, I would have otherwise felt more nervous. Therefore, Kiko plays a crucial role in providing emotional support to the family.

Consequently, the cat is instrumental in encouraging physical activity in me and the rest of my family. When we adopted Kiko, he was only a kitten, which meant that he would not engage in any physical activity at home. Fortunately, at his current growth, he is playful, and every evening we go for a walk in the neighborhood or the garden at home. The evening walk helps us burn calories that we would not have burned if we remained in the house. Furthermore, when we go hiking, Kiko is always there to play and run around, engaging in physical activity crucial for our bodies. Thus, Kiko is not just a random pet cat; he is like a gym coach who helps people do physical activity and encourages physical fitness.

Furthermore, Kiko has been important for the mental well-being of my family and me. This because the cat, since its adoption, has always increased my happiness levels. Even when I am in a somber mood, Kiko soothes me with his fine tail. Increased happiness levels are tantamount to living a stress-free life. Consequently, Kiko has enabled me be more sociable with people, which has enabled me to listen to different people’s stories. Sharing my problems with people is crucial because it helps me eliminate the anxiety and stress that come from the problems. Moreover, the affection that Kiko displays has helped my parents in relieving themselves of stress from work. Therefore, the cat has been fundamental to the mental well-being of my family.

There is no single day that my family or I have ever regretted adopting Kiko from the Humane Society. As already mentioned, he has been fundamental to me and my family’s well-being since his adoption. His importance spans from provisional emotional support, such as relieving stress and anxiety and easing loneliness whenever my parents are not around. Consequently, he has been important in helping us participate in physical exercise each evening when we go for a walk. Furthermore, he has been crucial for my family’s mental well-being since he helps my parents relieve stress from work. He has also helped me to be more social. This has enabled me to share my problems with other people and form new friendships. Therefore, Kiko has been a blessing to the family as he has assured us of emotional and physical well-being for the past two and half years.

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