Personal Nursing Philosophy and Its Development

The Unfolding of My Personal Nursing Philosophy

Throughout my nursing experience, I found that the artistic element of nursing is subtle in its expression. It can be seen in the way nurses interact with patients, the dedication they put into even the smallest tasks, and the execution of routine treatments. If these actions were not performed artfully, they could lead to negative outcomes for patients. My nursing philosophy states that patient’s health is the top priority, and I strive to maintain this belief. The scientific aspect of nursing unfolded my philosophy in a similar fashion. I became more aware of the importance of best practices and evidence-based solutions which improve patient outcomes.

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Ideas That Challenged My Perceptions

While I have not encountered an idea that directly challenged my perceptions of nursing, I always found situations in which the patient refuses treatment due to personal beliefs challenging. As a nurse, I feel like I have an obligation to use the knowledge available to me as a healing tool. However, I have to respect the will of any patient when it comes to their body. Of course, such situations should be within the ethical boundaries of nursing (Griffith & Tengnah, 2017).

Ideas That Caused Personal Conflict

Initially, I believed that nurses have to be always ready to help others at a moment’s notice, which led me to have an unhealthy attitude to work. I thought that there is no limit to empathy or emotional input on the part of the nurse; however, after learning about the concept of burnout, I had to change my philosophy (Fuente et al., 2015). I am still ready to assist anyone during an emergency situation, but now I am much more careful about overwork.

Illustrative Actions

During my practice, I have assisted numerous people who were in a state of severe distress, injury, or infection. My work as a nurse during these cases illustrated the main principle of my personal nursing philosophy. No matter the difficulty, I see the application of my professional abilities to be essential for patient’s wellbeing. I have also assisted people outside of the hospital environment during one accidental fall case and a case of fainting during a hot day. I made sure to provide help and educate these people about any follow-up actions they would need to take.

Meta-Paradigm of Nursing

The first concept is of a person, and I see it as an obligation to assist every patient that requires treatment. I believe that the concept of health may differ from person to person who needs to be considered. The concept of nursing is the process of treating patients to the point where they are self-sufficient through the application of medical knowledge. Lastly, the concept of environment refers to the elements that affect the patient both internally and externally. They may include such factors as genetics, culture, ecology, and a multitude of others.

Changes in My Philosophy

Overall, my philosophy did not change radically, but access to the information presented during this course allowed me to reconsider some of its elements. I had to become more aware of the emotional toll that this profession may have on a person. My respect for the patient’s personal beliefs strengthened. Lastly, I learned the true nature of the artistic and scientific elements of the nursing profession. I will make sure to incorporate them into my philosophy and work according to it.


Fuente, G. A. C.-D. la, Vargas, C., Luis, C. S., García, I., Cañadas, G. R., & Fuente, E. I. D. la. (2015). Risk factors and prevalence of burnout syndrome in the nursing profession. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 52(1), 240–249.

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Griffith, R., & Tengnah, C. (2017). Law and professional issues in nursing (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Learning Matters.

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