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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing refers to the sovereign duty of managing persons with different health problems in society. Caring takes into consideration a diverse group of persons within the society who require attention for their well-being. Therefore, it encompasses caring for sick individuals and those who require any attention related to health. Nursing also entails advocating for good health standards and the management of health within the confines of medical care.

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Therefore, the most fundamental function of a nurse is to take care of those persons with health incapacitations and help them regain good health statuses (Grice & Greenan, 2008). The nurses employ mechanisms such as diagnosis and treatment in executing their mandates. Thus, the nurses have a critical role in ensuring that people in society attain the desirable health status.

According to (Meleis, 2011), the nursing profession has its standards of ensuring competency in the delivery of services. Therefore, the profession assumes several key factors. For instance, the nursing profession assumes that the education and practice that one receives should ensure the attainment of the desirable level of proficiency. In addition, the nurses have to work towards achieving the set fundamental aptitudes in different working levels. To achieve the given standards, the nursing philosophy has a belief that there are relationships a nurse should consider for effective performance. The relationships include good nurse-patient relationships, being on good terms with the self and other nurses in the profession (Meleis, 2011).

The nursing profession has various working domains suitable for ensuring the effective delivery of services. The most critical domains include taking into consideration the relevant professional values and upholding the relevant communication skills. The critical role of the nurses in ensuring the exhibition of professional values is working towards safeguarding and caring about public health. The nurses have the responsibility of ensuring effective accountability for human safety. Thus, this shows their input towards respecting the human right to life and maintenance of a certain degree of dignity. In addition, the nurses have the chance of warranting effective communication in the profession. They also have the mandate to ensure that there are effective strategies for interpersonal development (Kim, 2000).

Kim (2000) observes that the various nursing domains have connections that enhance the establishment of harmonious working relationships. The connections ensure a definite standard of performance for all nurses irrespective of where they undertake their nursing training. Such connections ensure that there is a performance gauge for the nurses that can guide them towards effective care at all nursing levels. For instance, all the domains have a standard level of competence in both the field and the complete nursing profession. The connections are mandatory for the collaborative execution of nursing duties. In addition, all the nursing domains work amicably towards the achievement of a common critical role, which is guaranteeing public safety (Kim, 2000).

To have a futuristic vision in the nursing profession, one has to work according to the visionary provisions of the nursing career. Nursing entails working according to the confines of the nursing philosophy. Therefore, as a nurse, one has to ensure a committed personality while caring for sick persons. In addition, the nurses have to pioneer the well-being of their patients and those under their care (Barker, 1992). Therefore, in light of the nursing visionary provisions, the vision for future nursing is guaranteeing professional developments that cater to all societal needs. The vision will work towards having a society that freely celebrates nurses because they are an integral part of ensuring human safety.

Meleis (2011) argues that the nursing profession is prone to several challenges. Therefore, as a nurse, one is vulnerable to numerous difficulties such as the ability to meet the demands of the patients. The nurses have to dedicate all their time to offering their services to the public. Therefore, in most instances, it becomes difficult to balance one’s life and at the same time ensure effective service delivery to the patients.

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Thus, the nurses cannot understand how best to meet the demands of their patients. Therefore, the lack of understanding poses a big challenge in their career life. In addition, the nurses’ experiences in trying to meet the expectations of their patients can be very discouraging. In some cases, they experience abuse from their administrators and a lack of respect from the patients. Such things greatly hinder the effective performance of the nurses.

Most nurses exhibit exemplary performance in their careers. However, the best performance is reliant on factors such as collaborative inquiry among the nurses, respect. There are numerous chances for achieving professional development of the nurses that come in handy depending on the skills and knowledge level of the nurse. As nursing is one of the major occupations in the globe, it is quite easy to ensure professional development. One can achieve the desire for professional development through career development. The goal of developing a career is important because it can facilitate the upward movement in nursing (Grice & Greenan, 2008).


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