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Teamwork Importance in Health Care Industry


The health care industry is a complex phenomenon that includes numerous professionals. Each of them should perform their duties responsibly and adequately to make the whole system work efficiently for patients. The given requirement also refers to separate medical departments, and various radiology teams are among them. These units provide patients with different scans and x-rays to make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment for many health issues. A few specialists compose a radiology team, and the effectiveness of the whole team depends on the efficacy of its separate members. Thus, I understand that the best radiology teams comprise specialists who have the skills and abilities to work at night, take appropriate scans on their own, and provide radiologists with qualitative diagnostic images.

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To begin with, one should note that radiology teams often should provide patients with urgent services. In some cases, even a minute delay can be dangerous. If it is not a severe problem during day shifts, some challenges arise at night. It relates to the biological peculiarities of human bodies because people tend to sleep at this time of day. Consequently, their brain functions become dull if people are awake for a long time, and it is difficult for them to perform even ordinary tasks in such situations. That is why members of radiology teams should be trained for night shifts. They need to know how to stay professional and perform their functions properly at any time. The information above proves that this skill can result in significant benefits for those patients who need urgent procedures.

Furthermore, even though radiology teams consist of a few specialists who should assist one another, it does not minimize the responsibility of each of them. In other words, these members should be able to take CAT scans and X-rays on their own. In this case, the notion of emergency is again of crucial significance. Some situations can arise when a team member needs to take an urgent scan, and he or she cannot reckon on the assistance of the other team members because of various reasons. Then, the ability to take the procedures above without any outside help contributes to gaining relevant experience, which is necessary for my professional development and that of team members. Thus, the given aspect demonstrates that every specialist of a radiology team should be able to take scans on their own, but it does not mean that this environment is against mutual assistance.

While the information above has described the importance of providing services urgently, it is also significant to draw attention to their quality. One should note that the quality of the results of radiology procedures is detrimental for identifying health problems and prescribing appropriate treatment measures. When diagnostic images are of decent quality, it results in a high probability that a radiologist will manage to solve the given issue correctly. Thus, I understand that I have to fulfill my job effectively because it will influence the health and well-being of others. In addition to that, the constant improvement of relevant skills is necessary for me to gain experience and knowledge to become a more valuable member of the team. Furthermore, it will be beneficial for the whole team because when one of its members manages to improve his or her level of expertise, it can stimulate others to do the same.

I comprehend that teamwork, in general, and that in radiology teams, in particular, is of crucial significance. Firstly, such an environment contributes to both my professional and personal development, which is essential for me to become a fully-fledged member of society. Secondly, teamwork is helpful because it results in higher productivity and better results. It refers to the fact that members of a team stimulate one another to achieve shared goals and cope with the existing issues. Finally, I believe that working in a group is also useful in those cases when severe problems arise. It is sad to say that various medical errors happen, and no member of a radiology team is insured against them. However, I believe that if a team member makes a mistake, the others will try to help him or her overcome the negative consequences of such a situation. Thus, the information above proves that teamwork results in many benefits, both professional and personal.


In conclusion, radiology teams occupy an essential place in the health care industry. They provide their services to determine health issues and identify the most effective ways to treat them. Being a member of such a team is a challenge since it requires having specific skills and abilities. I believe that a professional radiology team member should be trained for night shifts, take appropriate scans and x-rays on his or her own, and provide radiologists with diagnostic images of decent quality. In addition to that, teamwork results in professional and personal benefits for individuals. Thus, it is significant for me to be an essential part of a radiology team.

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