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Peter Drucker’s Management Lessons

One of the major Drucker’s principles is if something can be measured, it can be managed. However, one may inquire how can time be managed if cannot be precisely measured. This problem inspired the author to keep a spreadsheet to count the number of creative hours each day (Collins, 2016). This method helped him to conduct research, create theoretical principles, and write regardless of necessity to travel and cooperating with executives. The main attribute of people who successfully cope with various problems is that they solve one problem at a time. In order to accomplish this tactic, they have to divide time into three parts. The first part is necessary for personal think time (Collins, 2016). Mornings are more suitable for it. Although it might take only one or two hours, every executive should spend them for this purpose regularly. The second part should not be structured as it is necessary to deal with problems that occur inevitably. The third part should be left for meetings.

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The next piece of advice is about meeting preparation. Therefore, one of the most significant aspects is discipline. In order to hold an effective meeting, it is necessary to clearly determine objectives and prepare follow-ups. Therefore, the meeting might take less time than the preparation for this meeting.

Examples from real life can prove the effectiveness of these principles. At my previous workplace, the supervisor applied such principles when it came to scheduling different projects. The overall time was divided into three parts. Meetings and overcoming unexpected obstacles took most of the time. Meetings were very important as they provide the opportunity to discuss existing problems, which helps to find the most effective solutions.


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