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Choice of Career: Health Information Management

It is impossible to underestimate the role of a healthcare practitioner in the process of establishing the quality standards of provided medical services. However, it is not limited to caregiving and implies a range of other tasks that are equally important for a positive outcome. The present-day world dictates conditions to specialists, and its primary orientation is technological development as well as its practical implementation within healthcare facilities. Hence, my choice of career in health information management not only corresponds to such tendencies but also reflects personal preferences and ambitions.

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Being a healthcare worker with an associate degree in general science already, I have had a chance to learn about all the aspects of regular hospital operations in practice. Therefore, it is not a wonder to me that the most fast-growing field is health information management intended to improve the use of electronic health records (EHRs) for proper processing of patients’ data (“Health Information Management”). This task represents an increasing importance of technology in healthcare and determines my desire to pursue a career in this field.

Indeed, my personal experience proves that the use of digital health information in hospitals is not yet fully established. Their attempts to switch to this method of processing medical data are complicated by various factors. The most essential of them are the reluctance of staff to adopt new technologies and the lack of coherence of such information. As a result, employees tend to focus more on providing care while neglecting the specific needs of the present-day healthcare industry. This situation adds to my desire to influence the management of health information by becoming a qualified specialist in the area.

The work of a health information manager also provides numerous opportunities for career advancement, and this is appealing to me as well. Over time, HIM managers can be promoted to HIM directors, whose duties are more challenging and who, therefore, have more of a possibility to make improvements. They work on organizational goals and are in charge of HIM teams, thereby establishing the quality of a facility’s care as well as maintaining their sustainable development (“Health Information Management”). Such a prospect implies a good opportunity for promotion to one of the highest-ranking positions.

However, from my perspective, career advancement cannot bring satisfaction without a consideration for an overall contribution to the improvement of the health information system. In this case, it means that my choice is defined by both benefits for professional development and the facility where I work. Since health information management professionals’ duties relate to planning, organizing, and coordinating day-to-day activities regarding medical documentation, they fully correspond to my ambitions to make a positive impact (“Health Information Management”). Their performance will contribute to the compliance of medical data to ethical standards and applicable laws and, in turn, will increase my satisfaction with the job and promote my planning skills.

To sum up, my choice to pursue a career in the healthcare field is defined by the opportunities that health information management provides for both facilities and their workers. As a person who needs to make a contribution to the common good while achieving professional goals and striving for a promotion, I consider this sphere to be the most suitable for me. Such a dynamic and fast-growing field is the best option for realizing my ambition in benefitting the healthcare system, as I will derive satisfaction from my contribution and input.

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