Photography Exhibition “Charles Harbutt, Departures and Arrivals”

The exhibition “Charles Harbutt, Departures and Arrivals” tries to reexamine and celebrate the photographic work of this great photojournalist. Harbutt is a successful photojournalist who managed to combine both commerce and art. The exhibition goes further to celebrate the relationship between “the printed page” and photography. On top of that, the exhibition examines how Harbutt has managed to embrace the concept of creativity. The photojournalist has done this by presenting most of his works in books. The exhibition also seeks to explore how the artists came up with powerful, insightful, and dramatic images of the 20th century. By so doing, the exhibition encourages the audience to appreciate photography and relate it to modern printing. The exhibition helps people embrace the idea of creativity. This is acknowledgeable because creativity is the basis of art and photography. The exhibition celebrates the artist because he was able to present an original vision to his readers and audience.

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It is agreeable that the exhibition was successful. To begin with, the audience and visitors had the opportunity to examine the photographs and compare them with modern works of art. The exhibition explored how the artist chronicled and documented most of the events through photography. By so doing, the audience observed how photography could be used to record useful information and scenes for many years. The exhibition encouraged more people to use photography because it is a powerful method of capturing, conserving, and passing across the information. As well, the planners of the exhibition encouraged the visitors to appreciate human civilization. The exhibition also explains how the “era of printing” has helped people replicate different works of art. This ensured such works were accessible to many people across the world. This is the reason why the mission of the work was successful.

The other important consideration is the socio-cultural and political effects of the work. Human beings have always shared their ideas for very many generations. People should share ideas and concepts to succeed in life. This exhibition explored some of the “memorable” political situations and experiences as witnessed by Charles Harbutt in South America. The audience can borrow a lot from the photographs. For example, the audience can learn many things, such as the best qualities of Fidel Castro’s leadership from the exhibition. This is also a unique cultural practice because it can bring different people together. This situation helps people to share their ideas, cultural practices, and social views. These works by Charles are politically meaningful because they encourage people to be responsible and hardworking. At the same time, the work explains why we should not copy some of the “malpractices” from the past. This plays a significant role in promoting the best behaviors and practices in society.

In conclusion, this exhibition presents some of the “finest” works and photographs by Charles Harbutt. The gallery space is visible because it encourages people to embrace photography and use it to educate others. This exhibition is a “powerful practice” that can make every society successful. I would support the exhibition because it encourages more people to use art as a hobby or a career. This is the best approach to a successful life. However, the gallery should have “displayed” more works and “observations” by the artist. Such exhibitions should also be encouraged because they will always have both socio-cultural and political implications.

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