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Physical Disability in the United States

Many people with a physical disability might experience discrimination in everyday life or at work. According to Bonaccio et al. (2020), many social organizations in the USA are trying to defend the equality of people with disabilities. However, this group of people still shows a low level of employment. Finding a job is not an easy task, even for people who do not have physiological barriers. Furthermore, disabled people experience more stress when they become rejected because of their health issues. It is important to provide such people with psychological help and be always ready to support them during difficult times.

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Ruth’s case is one of the typical situations which can happen with every disabled person. During a difficult period, she needs moral support and works with a professional psychologist. Hiring people with disabilities is one of the spready used practice in the United States (Kim and Williams, 2012). I would guide her to increase self-love and accept her unique issue as people with mental breakdowns usually have low self-esteem. Moreover, I would help her find professional specialists who will provide Ruth with crucial knowledge of finding jobs for disabled people. Work searching is always a difficult task, and disabled people need extra support. Such people as Ruth usually suffer from loneliness and lack of friends, and they need to communicate with people who have similar physiological or mental problems to decrease the number of depressive thoughts. I would help Ruth to find social groups which have constant meetings and can become the main support. Weekly meetings in public make it clear to society that people with disabilities can also exist, and those who suffer from health issues can become helpful parts of humanity.

Disabled people usually need help only in critical situations as they are always trying to be mentally strong. Specialists aiming to help such people should begin their sessions with motivational speeches and avoid negative discussions about health problems. Lindsay et al. (2018) stated that well-organized organizations usually need a diverse workforce as combinations of different cultures increase internal communication between employees and customers, making companies more competitive. People with various disabilities constantly receive company benefits like specialized equipment, comfortable bathrooms, extra holiday time. Individuals who became disabled or were born with health problems value life more, and they always become demanded specialists because of the high responsibility level. Directors often appreciate disabled people, and reliability is usually higher for those people with physiological issues (Lindsay et al., 2018). Consequently, disabled individuals should try new opportunities and believe that health issues cannot be barriers on the way to achieve success.

According to the scenario, Ruth has been looking for a job for a long time, and because of her disability, she received many rejections. This situation is not a reason to despair, and contacting specialists is the right decision. A job search should be deliberate and structured, and disabled people should pay more attention to these factors. Before applying for an open vacancy, Ruth should carefully read all requirements. Companies that employ people with physiological problems are required to mention this fact in the job description (Flynn, 2016). Consequently, by sending resumes to companies who are happy to work with disabled people, the chances of getting a job increase.

To conclude everything that has been stated so far, difficult life situations can drive people into a dead end and depression. However, it is important to contact specialists in the early stages who will help to fix current problems. Even disabled people can succeed in life and work at the desired occupation. Nevertheless, the way might be complicated and external help might become crucial. By following all important steps, people with physiological issues will not be discriminated against and will be able to become important parts of society.


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