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  1. Domestic Violence with Disabilities
    Domestic violence is a kind of act that happens when a member of the family or ex partner tries to harm the other by dominating them physically or psychologically.
  2. Inquiry in the Field of Education: Critical and Historical Analysis of Inclusion of Students with Disabilities
    The needs of students with disabilities can, therefore, be best attended to by the virtue of placing them in a separate learning environment.
  3. Learning Disabilities: Speech and Language Disorders
    The paper answers the questions about learning disabilities: speech disorder, communication disorder, language disorder and their effects on language development and education.
  4. Needs of Individuals with Disability
    No one chooses to be disabled. This paper aims to understand the current situation of individuals with disability, and the various ways through which their needs are met.
  5. Social Problems of People with Disabilities
    People living with disabilities go through several challenges in life because society is yet to appreciate their presence.
  6. Specific Needs Understanding: Individuals With Disabilities
    This work explain the definition of disability, attitudes towards individuals with specific needs, the social, cultural and individual perception of illness and other.
  7. Disability in the Workplace
    This proposal provides an insight into disability in the workplace with a view of examining various approaches that can be used to improve performance.
  8. Math Anxiety Effect on Children With a Learning Disability
    The paper discusses if young people have math anxiety from elementary school or it develops later as they grow. It gradually analyses all aspects related to this problem among children.
  9. Transition of Adolescents with Severe Disabilities
    This paper assesses the transition-related strength of students with severe disabilities from the perspective of the educators, parents and the youth. It is based on various ratings for students.
  10. Instruction Development for Students with Cognitive Disability
    The article describes several evidence-based practices that have been used over the years in trying to build more effective educational system for students with cognitive disability.
  11. Socialization of People with Disabilities in the Workplace
    The report provides a detailed examination of disability in the workplace with a view of various stratagems that modern organizations can adopt to ensure appreciation of disability inclusion.
  12. Disability Studies in American Counseling: 2003-13
    In their article, Woo et al. aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the content of the American Counseling Association in regard to disability issues.
  13. General Education Curriculum for Children with Disabilities
    The author addresses certain issues that she considers importance in the understanding of the education curriculum in different countries especially among the less privileged members of the society.
  14. Learning Disabilities in Organizations
    This paper describes an organization affected by issues of learning disabilities. It defines its system archetypes and presents an action plan to address the issues.
  15. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
    This essay discusses The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as a social policy that can create social changes and have some impact on different people.
  16. Learning Disabilities and Their Identification
    Learning disabilities can range in severity, but early screenings can help children and their parents understand whether the child has a learning disability or not.
  17. Related Services for Students with Disabilities
    In general, the concept of related services presupposes those approaches that are used to meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  18. US Medical Leave, Discrimination, Disability Acts
    Employment laws are enacted for, they offer protection to employees and employers. Understanding and complying with the laws does offer societal benefits.
  19. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
    The paper discusses the key points addressed by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act that teachers should take into consideration.
  20. Disability in Australia: Income Security and Employment
    The paper discusses how the Australian welfare state has affected people’s living with disability in terms of income security and employment.
  21. Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance Benefits
    The Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance benefits (OASDI) is one of the Social Security programs that every American is entitled to as their social right.
  22. Inclusion and Disability in Education
    The essay explains the purpose of inclusive education, compares inclusion to “mainstreaming?” and distinguishes “medical model” and “social model” of understanding disability.
  23. Participation of Students with Severe Disabilities
    The discrimination and isolation of the students with intellectual disabilities is a great social problem because it has significant impacts on the overall educational performance.
  24. Care for People with Various Disabilities: Learning Plan
    The proper care delivery to people with various kinds of disabilities is one of the priorities for all medical organizations and community services across the country.
  25. Disability Support in Canada
    The present paper will explore The Ontario Disability Support Program and discuss its effect on women and on Canadian society.
  26. Disability and Evidence-Based Healthcare
    This essay examines the types, domains, benefits, shortcomings, and challenges of evidence-based healthcare practices in disability management.
  27. General Curriculum for Students with Severe Disabilities
    This paper discusses access to the general curriculum for students with severe disabilities in terms of the definition of access to general curriculum and the methods.
  28. New Technologies for the Students with Disabilities
    The leaders in the schools uphold the belief that having the regular students and the disabled children learning together helps the disabled children attain confidence in competing.
  29. Transition Planning Process for Students With Disabilities
    The purpose of the article is to show the significance of the self-determination transition planning procedure for intellectually and physically challenged students.
  30. The American Association of Health Disability
    The discussion uses the case of the American Association of Health Disability to understand how such agencies can empower many people from diverse backgrounds.

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  1. Exclusion of Students with Learning Disabilities
    The term ‘exclusion’ is used in different contexts to accentuate possible racial, social, and class exclusion of learning disabilities students.
  2. Curriculum Organization: Perceptions of Disability
    Blindness is a disability that has no equal. ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’ is a popular analogy that is used to capture the importance that eyes play in our lives.
  3. Genetics of Developmental Disabilities
    The aim of the essay is to explore the genetic causes of DDs, especially dyslexia, and the effectiveness of DNA modification in the treatment of these disorders.
  4. People With Disabilities: Health-Care Disparities
    The work with those people who have developmental disabilities is associated with a range of challenges because of certain health disparities, as well as health-care ones.
  5. Effective Strategies for Students With Learning Disabilities
    The strategy for teaching disabled students is more involving and calls for careful planning and offering adequate support.
  6. Disability Services Administrators: Communication Skills
    Professionals working in the field of disabilities development should strive to develop desirable communication skills. This achievement will make it easier for them to provide support.
  7. Human Developmental Disabilities in Students
    This paper highlights different health conditions exhibited by students in the United States of America and various parts of the world.
  8. School Experience for Students with Disabilities
    The emotionally disturbed students in a safe environment tend to learn more and develop other secure relationships that help them stay in school.
  9. Disability Services in Higher Education Facilities
    Assistance personnel, professional care team and accommodation are the support services that should be granted by institutions of higher learning.
  10. People with Disability: Issues, Perception and Laws
    According to the provisions of the Americans with Disability Act, it is illegal for businesses and organizations to practice discrimination based on disabilities.
  11. The Assessment of Children with Reading Disabilities
    The primary aim of this study is to compare the outcomes of using the sensitive fluency measure and the word reading measure in the assessment of reading disability among children.
  12. Self-Determination of Students with Disabilities
    This essay revolves around the concept of self-determination and key players such as special educators or teachers and students with disabilities.
  13. Learning Disabilities and Intervention Methods
    This study discusses the learning disability, its general characteristics, specific manifestations, and useful intervention methods.
  14. Managing Students with Developmental Disabilities
    The term ‘special need’ is used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to refer to persons who require help to deal with disability.
  15. The Concept of Disability Awareness
    Discrimination against disabled individuals is not only a violation of federal and state laws but also is extremely unethical and inconsiderate.
  16. Psychological Testing in the Service of Disability Determination
    In objective personality tests, the term “objective” refers to the method that is being used for scoring the responses of people rather than being applied to responses themselves.
  17. Disability and Information Technology Education
    This paper proposes to study how the disabled can be taught ICT and the benefits of introducing ICT education to the disabled.
  18. Health Liberties of People With Disabilities
    The work considers the ethical dilemma, that focuses on people with disabilities and their liberties associated with their health condition.
  19. Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities: Instructional Technique
    Many children nowadays are born with disabilities, annually, it is necessary to make these children involved in the programs, which can help them learn at least the core skills.
  20. Supporting Students With Disabilities
    Modern development of the educational system allows creating special institutions and educational centers to provide support for students with disabilities.
  21. “The Handicapped” by Bourne as a General Framework for Dealing With Representations of Disability
    The article “The Handicapped” by Bourne may be considered the basis of the research because it offers the original point of view of the person who knows how to be a handicapped man.
  22. Representations of Disability, the Example of “Forrest Gump” Film
    The topic of the present paper is to define the societal roles of handicapped people and to find out how they have been formed due to exclusion and stereotypes of normal people.
  23. Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance
    Credit insurance and credit disability insurance are services provided by several insurance companies. Credit life makes an effort to cover the remaining loan when one dies.
  24. Students With Learning Disabilities: Educational Strategy
    The purpose of the research is to define the factors which indicate students with learning disabilities have academic skills deficits in mathematics.
  25. Inclusive Education for Students With Disabilities
    In the modern world education is one of the basic needs of a child. All children whether mentally or physically challenged have the right to education.
  26. Including Students With Severe Disabilities
    The author evaluates the benefits of school-wide positive behavior support (SWPBS), as it addresses the involvement of students with severe disabilities.
  27. Social-Behavioral Skills of Elementary Students with Physical Disabilities
    Results of the research demonstrated that although the students with physical disabilities performed the results below the grade, they provided a good level of skills.
  28. Characteristics of Students With Disabilities
    A disabled individual is anyone who has a mental or physical impairment that has a long-term and substantial adverse effect on that individual’s potential or ability to undertake normal day-to-day activities
  29. Accessibility of Sports Facilities for People with Disabilities
    People with reduced mobility suffer from access to sports facilities. The lack of deep mobility hinders the social integration of people with disabilities.
  30. Issue Relevant to Learners With High Incidence Disabilities
    The aim of this study is to provide insight into the issue(s) relevant to learners with high-incidence disabilities.

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  1. Inclusive Educational Classrooms for Students With Learning Disabilities
    The study aims to determine if a solution strategy improves the progress of junior high students with learning disabilities participating in inclusive educational classrooms.
  2. Intellectual Disability Problem Analysis
    This report presents a detailed analysis of ID, the progress made so far regarding the disease, and some of the best initiatives to support more people with the condition.
  3. Ability, Disability, and Erasure
    Ableism can be individual, observed in the discrimination of disabled in medicine, education, and collective, illustrated by the support specific policies regarding such people.
  4. Description of Learning Disabilities and Learning Strategies
    Learning strategies are immeasurably effective as they help to present information for eligible students in the most suitable way.
  5. Principles for Students With Learning Disabilities
    This study will review information about the existing reading intervention strategies based on the universal design of learning principles for individuals with learning disabilities.
  6. Disability and Society, the Theory of Marginality, the Minority Group Model
    Apart from the fact that marginalization amineralizationionise is directly linked and deprives disabled people of their rights, they also have the same solution.
  7. Disability: Alien That Solves Every Problems
    As a rule, the development of disability is not related to the personal desire of the individual, so the emergence of incapacity is an unfair and unjustified natural phenomenon.
  8. “Acculturation and Attitudes Towards Disability for Arab Americans” by Zidan and Chan
    The article “Acculturation and Attitudes towards Disability for Arab Americans” focuses on managing the needs of Arab citizens in the American context.
  9. Disabilities Education Amendment Acts
    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendment and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act are highly significant parts of the USA legislation.
  10. Special Education and Learning Disabilities
    The problem of learning disabilities and education is more complicated than it seems and can be better understood by studying historical changes and interpersonal relationships.
  11. Obesity in People with Intellectual Disabilities’: The Article Review
    Mashall, McConkey, and Moore, in the ‘Obesity in People with Intellectual Disabilities’ article, seek to assess obese and overweight individuals.
  12. Challenging Behavior of Persons With Intellectual Disabilities
    Persons with intellectual disabilities find it difficult to learn and manage the skills of everyday living. Intellectual disability can be classified as severe or profound.
  13. Living With Disability: Medical and Social Models Application
    The paper discusses possible negative and positive impacts that are likely to arise from the utilisation of each model in terms of a person living with a disability and their care.
  14. Individuals With Emotional Disabilities
    Emotional disabilities vary and influence the quality of human life. This condition is characterized by differences in emotional responses to events, people, or actions.
  15. The Role of Psychology in Othering of Disability
    This article will define and theorize the concept of “discernment” and also question the role of psychology in social interaction of people with disabilities.
  16. Learning Disabilities of American Children
    Speech and language are the components of communication, and although these two concepts are somewhat different, they usually overlap.
  17. Disability in the Elderly and Instrumental Activity of Daily Living
    Acute illness conditions or deteriorating situations amongst the aged can lead to an enhanced worsening of their functional abilities.
  18. Disability Courses and Control Measures Patients Can Apply to Manage Them
    Stable disabilities are characterized by permanent and constant symptoms, while episodic physical challenges’ signs occur regularly.
  19. Living with Disability in Contemporary Society
    This paper will set out to discuss the possible barriers that prevent social inclusion for people with disabilities in the community.
  20. Individual’s Response to Disability
    The formation of acceptance of disability is influenced by many factors, including psychological and social. Factors influence the formation of a negative or positive response.
  21. Women and People with Disabilities in the Workplace
    Both women and disabled people are often disenfranchised by their workplace, having no ability to exercise influence over the practices applicable to them.
  22. Factors in the Lives of People Experiencing Disability
    The essay seeks to explore the interaction between health conditions, environmental, and personal factors in the lives of people experiencing disability.
  23. Xylitol-Containing Chewing Gum for Caries Prevention in Studies with Disabilities: A Randomized Trial. Scientific Method
    The study compared treatment with xylitol chewing gum and oral health education within the intervention group with only oral education within the control group.
  24. Residential Carers’ Burnout in the Intellectual Disability Services
    An annotated bibliography of seven articles to demonstrate the transdisciplinary nature of methodology to alleviate residential carers’ burnout in the intellectual disability services.
  25. Americans With Disabilities Act for Small Business
    The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is a good act that has allowed disabled people to be respected, as they are accorded their rights as other members of the community.
  26. Disability Discrimination in the Workplace
    This essay expounds on the job design nature applied by criminal justice agencies. It also explains how the agencies use ADA to accommodate disabled persons.
  27. Disability and Health Educational Interventions
    It is challenging to discuss a broad educational intervention for the population discussed due to the variety of issues that are present.
  28. The Asperger’s Syndrome: Managing Children with Disability
    To adapt classroom settings to the needs of a student with Asperger’s Syndrome, a teacher should protect the child from bullying from the rest of the students.
  29. Crime against Persons With Disabilities
    In conclusion, it is evident that disabled populations remain extremely vulnerable to mental, physical, and sexual abuse, as well as violence.
  30. Public Transportation: An Investigation of Barriers For People With Disabilities
    Public transportation is often called mass transit or urban transport, including town buses, light railways, passenger trains, trolleybuses, underground transit, and ships.
  31. Evaluation of Clients with Intellectual Disabilities
    One of the evaluation challenges is associated with measuring the outcomes of micro-level interventions in elderly clients with dementia and deteriorating intellectual abilities.

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  1. Can Civilian Disability Pensions Overcome the Poverty Issue?
  2. What Conditions Are Considered a Disability?
  3. Does Disability Insurance Receipt Discourage Work?
  4. What Are the Top Ten Physical Disabilities?
  5. Does Disability Pay More Than Social Security?
  6. Does Disability Status Modify the Association Between Psychosocial Job Quality and Mental Health?
  7. Is Anxiety Considered a Disability?
  8. Does Parental Disability Matter to Child Education?
  9. What Is the Most Common Disability in the World?
  10. At What Age Does Disability Turn to Social Security?
  11. How Do You Prove Mental Disability?
  12. How Can States Help Workers Keep Their Jobs After Injury, Illness, or Disability?
  13. Is Disability Support a Good Job?
  14. How Do You Get Hired When You Have a Disability?
  15. Why Are People With Disability Not Employable?
  16. How Many Disability Beneficiaries Forgo Cash Benefits Because of Work?
  17. What Drives Inflows Into Disability?
  18. What Are the 5 Barriers for Persons With Disability?
  19. What Happens When the Definition of Disability Changes?
  20. What Are the Roles of a Disability Worker?
  21. What Are the Qualities That a Disability Support Worker Needs to Be Effective?
  22. Who Qualifies for Disability in the US?
  23. Is There Disability Benefits in America?
  24. How Much Can You Work on Disability?
  25. Is It Easier to Get Disability in the Certain States?
  26. What Is Considered to Be a Permanent Disability?
  27. What Are the Four Major Types of Disabilities?
  28. What Is the Hardest State to Get Disability In?
  29. How Do You Survive While Waiting for Disability Approval?
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