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“Pieta” Painting by Sandro Botticelli


Art is a part of people’s life. People used to admire different pieces of art. Sculpture, paintings, architecture, music are all types of art which have different aims, main of which are entertainment and history review. All pieces of art give the viewers the understanding of the historical processes which were during the period of the creation. Paintings may also tell a lot about the artist’s inner world, his/her personality and field of interest. Artists usually put their soul in the piece they work on.

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The image of Christ is a figure, which is seen in the works of lots of artists. This image is unforgettable and very impressive. Sandro Botticelli’s paintings mostly “expressed his sadness over the uneasiness of life of fifteenth-century Florence: (Seasoltz -154). The images of Christ and Mary in Sandro Botticelli’s pictures are “subordinated to the painter’s desire for perspective” (Seasoltz -154).

Main Body

Pieta by Sandro Botticelli and its influence

Pieta by Sandro Botticelli is a very emotional painting. This is a visible representation of Virgo Mary’s mourning about dead Christ. The painting is very expressive, the feeling that you are present there. Looking on it is impossible to tear off the gaze, the feeling of presence in that room near the Christ’s body is amazing and unrepeatable.

Sandro Botticelli has a lot of paintings on different themes, and the religious theme did not pass him. His Pieta paintings are impossible to miss, considering the history of art. It is impossible to say that all his works have the same style, vice versa, different themes of his works show his different styles. The choice of style also depended on the aim of the painting and Sandro Botticelli’s mood (Cameron et al 2007).

Painting’s characteristics

Pieta painting of Sandro Botticelli is influenced greatly by Savonarola. He presented the Mary’s grief about her son’s terrible death, which overwhelmed her (Verdon and Rossi 2005). The theme of grief on the picture is seen not only through the face impression, but also through lots of details. People’s figures, the manner they stand and touch Christ’s body, the surrounding objects are painted so greatly, with such emphases of the tragedy, so it seems that there is no any picture, that we just see the mirror reflection and that it is possible to look back and to see the same situation.

Looking on the Pieta by Sandro Botticelli it is impossible to omit the surrounding atmosphere of the painting. The walls on the background are dark and with lots of splits, which may demonstrate the end of life. People’s eyes are closed. This may be great respect to Christ, to a notable person in the history, at the same time it may be the sign for other people to think over carefully their actions and behavior through the life. The heads of people are bored, they want to cling to Christ’s body for the last time. The colors are rich but not bright. The domination of red color may symbolize Christ’s blood.


In conclusion, Pieta by Sandro Botticelli is a very emotional and expressive work. The image of Mary and Christ is the immortal topic, which people usually remember greatly, so it is impossible to omit this painting, and to forget the emotions which it arouses in people. People’s grief is seen in every detail: people’s face impressions, their position, the background.

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