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Police Sexual Harassment Suit


Sexual harassment entails any form of physical or verbal bullying that is sexual in nature. It may include offensive comments about an individual’s sex, unwelcoming sexual advances or even demand for sexual favors. Under the Civil Rights Department, all employees are readily protected against sexual harassment. As such, sexual harassment in workplaces is against the Law of any particular nation and is never condoned. The Department of Civil Rights is mandated to take appropriate legal measures whenever it proves the credibility of sexual harassment allegations. According to the sexual harassment policy, sexual harassment victims can either be men or women in a working relationship. Even so, there are various reasons why the ex-Round Lake Height’s policeman, Hossein Isbitan, filed a Lawsuit against his boss despite other problem-solving measures at his workplace.

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Cause of the suit

There are various motivating factors behind the filing of the sexual harassment suit against Chief John Roehlk by his junior officer, Isbitan. To begin with, Isbitan was particularly irritated by the fact that his boss had unlawfully fired him after he turned down his sexual requests. As discussed by McCoppin, Isbitan was sacked in August on the grounds that he was suddenly not ‘fitting’ into the department. Ironically, it was the same chief who initially praised Isbitan, while forcefully seducing him. Since Isbitan had a considerate passion for law enforcement work and could not find a similar job after his dismissal, he had no choice but to seek justice through the Federal Court.

Isbitan decided to file a lawsuit against Chief John Roehlk, as the sergeant in his department failed to resolve his sexual harassment complaint. As stated by McCoppin, Isbitan complained about sexual harassment to the sergeant on several occasions. Unfortunately, the sergeant failed to address the issue. It seemed that he could not bravely confront the chief with Isbitan’s allegations. Consequently, Isbitan was left with no other alternative other than filing a lawsuit against the Chief. In the suit, the Chief forcefully wanted to have a romantic relationship with his subordinate police officer, Isbitan. One of the chief’s unwelcoming behavior, which proved that he forcibly wanted to engage in a romantic relationship with Isbitan, included the fact that he persistently sent him unwanted gifts.

Additionally, the chief repeatedly invited Isbitan to slumber at his home on several nights. Besides, on Valentine’s Day, the Chief is said to have left chocolate candy in Isbitan’s car. Worst of all, the chief is claimed to have sent a text message to Isbitan emphasizing the fact that he could not stop seeking his hand into a romantic relationship. Despite all the physical evidence and allegations against the Chief, he denied all the accusations. As a result, Isbitan was forced to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against his boss.


In the sexual harassment lawsuit, Chief John Roehlk is charged guilty and categorically faces the court’s sentence. John is guilty of sexual harassment due to the supporting evidence upheld by the victimized police officer. For instance, the St Patrick’s Day card, valentine candies, and the intimidating seductive message will be some of the physical evidence upon which, the Federal Court will base its judgment. According to Boland, giving unwanted gifts to a workmate and persistently asking them to socialize during off-duty hours entirely entails sexual harassment (186). Given that the Chief’s conduct towards his junior officer matches the outlined sexual harassment habits, the court is bound to find Chief John Roehlk guilty.

Preventive measures

According to Boland (86), under the sexual harassment policy, the Civil Rights Department is readily mandated to investigate and take corrective actions against all sexual harassment allegations among employees. As such, to prevent the filed suit, the sexual harassment charges could have been brought to the Civil Rights Department for investigation before being taken to the court. In this case, Isbitan could have made his complaint to the Civil Rights Department for investigation instead of filing a lawsuit.

Alternatively, the sexual harassment accusation could be resolved through mediation. In this case, a trained mediator could have facilitated a peaceful communication between Chief John Roehlk and Isbitan. Notably, the sergeant could have taken the initiative of a mediator and resolved the issue before a lawsuit was initiated.

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Clearly, there are various reasons why the ex-Round Lake Height’s police, Hossein Isbitan, filed a lawsuit against his boss despite other problem-solving measures at his workplace. The different physical evidence, including unwelcome gifts and romantic messages are what will make the cops’ Chief guilty of sexual harassment. Isbitan filed the suit because of his unlawful retrenchment and failure on the part of the sergeant to help mediate between him and the police chief.

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