84 Sexual Harassment Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Sexual Harassment

  1. Bullying and Sexual Harassment at Work Place
    According to Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention, workplace bullying occurs when an individual direct irrational actions repeatedly towards their fellow worker.
  2. Workplace Harassment
    Workplace harassment can be on many bases—gender, racial and sexual, which are all equally important and should never be permitted to happen.
  3. Discrimination, Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment
    Acts of discrimination can be sporadic or systematic and cause psychological, material or physical harm to the victims.
  4. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Nurse Example
    Sexual harassment in the workplace constitutes an act of discrimination on the basis of sexual decisions of an employee.
  5. Performance Appraisal, Harassment, Job Analysis
    This paper attempts to present and define three of the concepts from the human Resource Management: performance appraisal, sexual harassment in the workplace, and job analysis.
  6. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sexual Harassment Class Action
    The landmark deal in RCMP sexual-harassment class action addressed the problem of sex-related harassment within the rows of Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  7. Workplace Sexual Harassment and Legal Boundaries
    This is a case of a corporate sales supervisor who wants a sales associate, to have sex with him so that he can sign his expenses bill for reimbursement.
  8. Sexual Harassment in the Nursing Workplace
    This paper explains the impact of sexual harassment at nurses’ workplace and outlines possible actions that could be taken to mitigate it.
  9. Discriminatory Harassment Code and Legal Cases
    This paper highlights the UWM Post v. Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin case, which is related to discrimination and discriminatory harassment code.
  10. Rethinking Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination
    The paper focuses on the theory of egoism and when to apply the theory in the work environment to avoid sexual discrimination.
  11. Understanding Sexual Harassment Law in Action
    Behavior that involve the intentional crossing of accepted ethical boundaries should be considered immoral and thus influence subsequent ascription of responsibility.
  12. Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Military
    The marines are extremely negatively disposed towards the presence of female soldiers in their combat formations.
  13. Sexual Harassment Education for Managers
    Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, the conduct of a sexual nature, or solicitation of sexual favors that are inappropriate, intimidating.
  14. Sexual Abuse and Harassment as a Deviant Behavior
    Sexual abuse and harassment remain prevalent in contemporary society and have a significant influence on the lives of many people.
  15. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Complaint Procedure
    Sexual harassment refers to a form of discrimination that is directed towards a person because of his or her sex i.e. being a male or female.
  16. Harassment Types in Business
    Harassment in business can result in a reduction in the productivity of the employees culminating in poor performance of the fir.
  17. Sexual Harassment Like Discrimination Form
    Sexual harassment is considered to be a sex discrimination form violating employees’ freedom through unwelcome sexual advances and favors requests.

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  1. Legal Issues Analysis: Sexual Harassment
    The issue of sexual harassment has of late become thorny in society. Workplaces have been dogged by claims of sexual harassment to female employees.
  2. Sexual Harassment in Workplace Consequences
    For the research, the effects of sexual harassment on organizations and individuals are discussed, due to its ability to have a profound impact on the working environment.
  3. Sexual Harassment Predicament and Analytical Solutions
    Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination that involves sexual advances that are unwelcome and sexual favors requests. Sexual harassment in school. Solutions to sexual harassment.
  4. Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace
    Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace are important modern problems. They lead to health deterioration and also influence an individual’s habits and attitudes.
  5. Sexual Harassment Problem Analysis
    In this paper, an example of the type of discrimination will be discussed, as well as the role of an HR manager in situations with sexual harassment will be reviewed.
  6. Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
    The ethical decision model is among the most used ethical strategies that aids in creating the most efficient solutions to any ethical issues.
  7. Defining Workplace Harassment and Its Harmful Effects
    The paper specifies that workplace harassment can take many forms but is always discriminatory and harmful, impacting employees’ physical and mental health.
  8. HR Management: Potential Abuser, Workplace Harassment
    The paper analyzes an article by Williams on the fight against oppression at work. Despite a significant number of measures taken to prevent such behavior.
  9. Sexual Harassment Response and Prevention Program
    Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program is a perfect and successful solution that can help eliminate sexual violence in the U.S. ranks.
  10. Discrimination and Harassment in Hiring a Veteran
    This paper will examine cases of discrimination and harassment in hiring a veteran, as well as the illegal dismissal of an employee to study the issue of labor relations.
  11. Sexual Harassment in the Army: Causes and Solutions
    Due to the rigid structure and the established hierarchy in the US Army, the instances of sexual harassment and assault are silenced to secure the public image of the military.
  12. Workplace Harassment in Canada
    The paper aims to answer questions about the level of harassment in Canadian workplaces, how it manifests itself, and what measures to combat it exist.
  13. Workplace Harassment Summarizing of Culpable Behavior
    The employee Giovanna has been harassing another worker Carole during the job process. The actions made by Giovanna are taking a significant toll on Carole mental health.
  14. Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
    This paper examines the issues faced by an employee at Abercrombie & Fitch, evaluates the case in terms of the law, and assesses the potential actions of the HR director.
  15. Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military: Addressing the Issue
    This essay will address sexual assaults in the U.S. military, examine possible causes, and acknowledge possible solutions.
  16. Harassment and Employment Related Laws
    According to the Protection from Harassment Act of 1997, workers can sue their employees if they fall victims of harassment in the workplace.
  17. Sexual Harassment Study Without Probability Sampling
    Madan & Nalla’s study “Sexual harassment in public spaces” was focused on the female respondents, thus, chose to gather more women than men in the sampling.

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  1. Law Against Sexual Harassment in Qatar
  2. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Its Impact in the Work Environment
  3. Hotel Industry and Issues of Sexual Harassment
  4. Occupational Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy
  5. American Corporate Sphere and Sexual Harassment
  6. Perception: Defining Sexual Harassment in Colleges
  7. Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Preventative Program
  8. Bullying and Sexual Harassment in Schools
  9. Elementary School Students and Sexual Harassment
  10. Gender Bias and Sexual Harassment in Schools
  11. Sexual Harassment and Anti Feminist Backlash on the Internet
  12. Conceptualizing, Defining and Measuring Sexual Harassment: An Exploratory Study in Tanzania
  13. How Does Sexual Harassment Implicate the Organisational Culture Within Organisations
  14. Basic Training: Sexual Harassment and Other Gender Issues
  15. Argument Against Sexual Harassment Policies
  16. Sexual Harassment Among Canadian Women, Black and White
  17. Rape and Sexual Harassment: The Intersectional Experiences of Racism and Sexism for Minorities
  18. Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in Australia
  19. Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment Issue
  20. Analysis of the Sexual Harassment and Civil Rights Act 1964
  21. Australia Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
  22. Relationship Between Rights and Justice in Sexual Harassment Cases
  23. Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  24. Hostile Workplace Conditions Under Ambiguous Sexual Harassment Policies
  25. Sexual Harassment and Men’s Empathic Accuracy in Sexual Harassment

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  1. What Constitutes Workplace Sexual Harassment?
  2. What Is Known about Sexual Harassment in the United States Government?
  3. Does Sexual Harassment Effect Its Victims?
  4. What Are the Problems of Sexual Harassment in the Hotel Business?
  5. How Can Companies Reduce Levels of Sexual Harassment and Abuse in the Workplace?
  6. What Is Included in the Army Sexual Harassment Prevention/Assault Response Program (SHARP)?
  7. What Is the Solution to the Global Sexual Harassment Problem?
  8. How Does Sexual Harassment Implicate the Organisational Culture within Organisations?
  9. What Is the Fight against Sexual Harassment Online?
  10. What Is the Attitude of Society Towards Sexual Harassment?
  11. How Culture Can Breed Sexual Harassment in the Academy?
  12. What Are the Emotional, Physical, and Verbal Effects of Sexual Harassment?
  13. When Facing Sexual Harassment at Workplaces, What Options?
  14. Did Sexual Harassment of Women in the Military Exist Even in the 90s?
  15. What Factor Influences Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Malaysia?
  16. How to Avoid Bullying and Sexual Harassment in Schools?
  17. Why Shouldn’t Laws on Sexual Harassment Be Repeal?
  18. What Are the Mental Effects of Sexual Harassment?
  19. What Is the Awareness of Sexual Harassment on the California Campuses?
  20. What Do We Know about Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in Australia?
  21. What Constitutes Sexual Harassment and How Does Sexual Harassment Differ from Gender Discrimination?
  22. Does Sexual Harassment Still Exist in the Military for Women?
  23. What Are the Known Incidents of Sexual Harassment in the Political and Corporate World?
  24. Why Are Sexual Harassment Cases Getting More Complex?
  25. Does the Military Continue to Have Sexual Harassment and Discrimination?
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