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Postpartum Teaching Plan Assignment

The discharge with a newborn leads women and their families to significant changes in their daily lives, and it is crucial to teach them the basics to maintain well-being. Firstly, the mother must be educated about possible body reactions, such as bowel and urine difficulties, swelling, and mood switches. Secondly, a woman has to be provided with a list of activities to perform like walking and Kegel exercises and avoid stairs climbing or heavy weights lifting. Thirdly, it is necessary to discuss breastfeeding, its technics, and warning signs. Lastly, the whole family must be educated about the infant’s daily schedule, reactions, and activities. It is also essential to provide recommendations towards nutrition, the psychological aspect of having a newborn at home, and when to call a doctor.

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Most healthcare facilities provide protocols based on periods of checkups and general concerns that might appear after discharge. For example, Californian agencies suggest a woman watch her mood, conditions, and body changes, yet not make any specific decisions before the first visit postpartum visit in 21 days after giving birth (California Department of Health Care Services, 2020). My community relies on these healthcare government’s suggestions, yet the plan based on a mother’s past medical history with clarified actions to perform in case of an emergency could be better. Moreover, the infant’s health is more crucial for the mother, thus the latter might ignore the severe reactions of her body if she does not know how to deal with them.

The timing of discharge influences the approaches a woman and a family need to perform. A healthy mother and her newborn should receive care in a healthcare facility for at least 24 hours (World Health Organization, 2018). If they are to be discharged the next day, it is crucial to outline the conditions considered usual for a baby and a mother to decrease a family’s worries. Moreover, home visits for health professionals can be arranged within the next few days after early discharge.


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