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Pre-School Setting: Making a Safe Environment


Health environment in preschool is very important for their children. Parents care not only about the safety of their children, but also about health emotional conditions in the pre-schools. The safety of their children will be placed on the hands of the school, the administration and the teaching staff. It is therefore important that they make sure their children are in good hands.

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The Policies Required to Provide a Healthy Pre-school Environment

The law requires the employers to ensure and maintain reasonable and practical health, safety and welfare practices at work to all employees in as much as prevent risks to health and wellbeing. This includes provision of information, training, and supervision so that the above conditions are met. A written statement is also required of employers for the enforcement of the said act as a policy notifying all employees each time that a revision takes place (Health and Safety 2006)

Every school adopts its own safety policy to prevent accidents as well as ensure safety and healthy play, learning and working conditions, in other words provides safety environment. Health and safety policies are usually included by governing and regulating bodies in the health and safety, education and even enterprise sectors so that every organisation prior to opening a business entity or institution and even preschools are required to comply with minimal health and safety measures.

Every pre-school organization has its own rules in reference to health and health care. First of all every organization should care about.

  • securing the health, safety and welfare of persons at work;
  • protecting persons other than persons at work against risks to health or safety arising out of or in connection with the activities of persons at work;
  • controlling the keeping and use of explosive or highly flammable or otherwise dangerous substances, and generally preventing the unlawful acquisition, possession and use of such substances;
  • controlling the emission into the atmosphere of noxious or offensive substances from premises of any class…” (quoted from London : HMSO 1974 by Health and Safety 2006).

Children should be sure to play only safe toys as the contact is very close. Many preschools today use educational toys that entice children as well as parents so that it is imperative that in using, keeping, and throwing these toys, safety is still applied. (Southard 1976)

Dealing with children, supervisors should care not only about children’s body but also about their emotional condition. Living in healthy environment means that child is emotionally stable. Children are very emotional and it is very easy to injure their feelings, so friendly treatment is very important in this age. Pre-school organizations are the places where children spend most of their day and the relations there are very important.

Using Risk Assesment to Ensure the Safety of Pre-school Children and Adults

To create safe environment, school administration should care about providing risk assessment. School administration should find all sources of dangers which can influence child, analyse them and provide all conditions in order to protect children in the case of accident.

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In addition to educating and instilling cooperation amongst staff, even visitors, members of the general public and persons involved in preschools are required to keep up with the safety practices that include:

  • Use of clothing and equipment that ensure personal protection
  • Use of safety equipment in correct and safe manner
  • Report any posed hazard or defects of facilities or learning materials and environment
  • Ensure a safe and organised room (Rainbow School, 2009).

Risk assessment is very important, as in some cases measures which were provided before the accident may save people’s life. Pre-school administration should educate children, staff and personnel as well as parents and visitors how to behave during emergency, such as fire, or earthquake. Prevention, however, is a key role of everyone involved in the process. This include ensuring that combustible materials are kept away from public spaces and areas accessible by the children and visitors, keeping hallways and exits open, especially fire exits. (Rainbow School, 2009)

The administration and staff are also required to memorise emergency procedures and call emergency services. If an injury occurred, the child should not be left alone. Child should be kept stable and comfortable. Those who are accredited to provide first aide may do so following strict procedures (Rainbow School, 2009).

A fully detailed first aid procedure is also required. This include ensuring that the person giving first aid washes his or her hand prior to executing treatment; cover skin cuts or sore areas with medical plaster; wash hands after the treatment and dispose any waste material; wash hands after every other treatment; wear disposable gloves when necessary especially when dealing with body fluids; follow prop disposal practice, and disinfect area of any spill (Rainbow School, 2009).

All these instructions should be followed in the case of accident, as this is the part of risk assessment. People should know what their task is and what measures should be provided in this or that situation. The better risks were analysed before the accident, the faster reaction will be and the faster help will be organized. Parents should be sure that their children are safe and that they are playing in good emotionally organised group.

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Southard, Samuel and Jay Arena. “A Comprehensive Protocol for Evaluating the Safety of Toys for Preschool Children,” Clin Pediatr (Phila) 1976; 15; 1107.

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