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Presentation of SNHU Pet Supply Company

Introduction: Team Management

The organization requires a strong team management to prosper. The four areas that requires improvement include:

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  • Leadership and management
  • Followership
  • Decision- making models
  • Emotional intelligence

Leadership and Management

  • Rewarding the employees as a motivational factor
  • Enhancing the skills of the employees
  • Creating an innovative environment
  • Establishing a strong communication network
  • Promoting a democratic leadership style (Cherry, 2021)
  • Promoting a strong employee relations


  • Creating a democratic environment
  • Promoting a collaborative environment
  • Obeying the organizational rules and policy
  • Maintaining a firm decision
  • Creating a result-oriented platform
  • Employing problem solving techniques in all aspects

Emotional Intelligence

  • Good empathy and social skills
  • High levels of self-awareness (Soomo Learning, 2020)
  • Adequate self-regulation (Hadwin et al., 2018)
  • Conducting self-assesment

Communication and Collaboration Across Functions

  1. Result oriented culture hindered the employees from innovative activities.
  2. Reliance on the formal communication methods such as emails delayed the spread of the information.
  3. The use of different communication tools within the company creates inconsistency of the information.
  4. Appointing veteran employees to superior positions led to appointment of insensitive and inflexible leaders.
  5. Strict adherence to the company’s standard procedures created authoritative leadership.

Organizational Mission, Vision, and Goals

The purpose SNHU mission statement is it:

  • provide quality pet products to the customer
  • expand customer base
  • enhance customer satisfaction

The purpose of the culture statement culture is to maximize profits. The purpose of SNHU’s goal is to reach everyone’s home. The organizational mission, culture and goal illustrates that the organization should focus on producing quality products and improve customer relation.


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