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Leadership and Personal Philosophy of Management


In order to become a leader in the modern world, it is not enough to be well educated and good at organizing people and processes. Finding the right team lead or senior manager for recruiters and HR managers is challenging. Companies need not just a competent person, but someone who can inspire, motivate, support, and guide the team (Bersin & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2019). This paper is focused on my understanding and views of leadership.

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Why I Like Leaders and Being a Leader

In every team, there is a person who, like no one else, knows how to take responsibility, to captivate his friends and colleagues and organize them for a good cause, to lead. This is how a leader should be: being a leader means giving your best. In this sense, leadership skills are partly due to talent. I like being a leader, and sometimes I feel like I have to be the one who sets the vision and inspires the team. Strong leaders also attract me: I like to communicate with them and learn.

It is fascinating how a leader captivates people, affects their consciousness. However, this is a profound misconception that arises since many may assume that a leader is a person who sees only their innocence and defends it without listening to the opinions of others. I disagree with such an opinion because the end does not always justify the means. The one who has decided to lead any business has to listen to others, find a compromise, think whether their point of view is adequate, and convince others with concrete facts and actions.

A good leader always has a well-coordinated team in that they believe. Whether these are colleagues or classmates who give their advice, a leader will listen to them. From the lowest level to the leading specialist, everyone on the team receives appropriate support and care. Moreover, if a leader finds someone more capable than them to perform this role, they will give up their command chair. Thus, a good leader’s characteristics reflect my own leadership values: responsibility, ambitiousness, attentiveness, and consciousness.

About Responsibility

My personal opinion, which was not formed immediately, but through experience, suggests that leadership is, first of all, responsibility in a broad sense. In any social and professional group, the leader must first of all be able to bear responsibility for the result, as well as for certain actions of individual members of the group. Moreover, if a group achieves success, then as a leader, I always try to position this success as a general one. That is, each member of the group must feel somehow involved in the result. If there are failures, then it is I who take responsibility for them. Of course, a clear understanding of the balance of results and the ability to master them are not the only criteria for a leader’s success. At the same time, I consider it very important, and I notice how such positioning distinguishes successful leaders in practice.

Responsibility also manifests itself in relation to tasks and deadlines. For me, this is a critical moment because a leader, among other things, must set an example for others. Therefore, if you want your decisions to be respected, it is essential to create the proper discipline in terms of timing, perseverance, and motivation. As a rule, if you are a leader in a team and establish a pattern of behavior, there is no misunderstanding on the part of colleagues and employees.

Priorities and Expectations

As a leader, I always try to prioritize team relationships and the motivation of team members. You can achieve brilliant results if you put strong pressure on your colleagues and act from the position of a dictator. However, such success is almost always one-time because the climate within the team and the trust of subordinates are difficult to restore. Sometimes it iss better to move the deadline or make it a little worse than completely discouraging people from working.

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In this sense, you should always expect from me an emphasis on relationships in the team and attentiveness to each member. I believe that the leader’s task is precisely to hear everyone, even if it seems that this is not necessary. It is vital for me that people feel inspired and motivated to achieve the desired result. At the same time, I respect the clarity of thoughts and always strive to build capacious and practical communication. Therefore, I look forward to receiving feedback from the team on the case and in a meaningful way. I do not like to work in a rush, so I encourage to the maximum the timely completion of assignments and self-starter spirit.


A leader should be able to correctly convey information to subordinates, set an example, and control the implementation of assigned tasks. As a leader, I always strive to find the right tools to motivate staff. Their subordinates’ correct influence and inspiration will allow a leader to reach the desired goal. For this, a leader must constantly pursue self-development and self-control. A true leader possesses such qualities as: purposefulness, confidence, sanity, restraint, determination, and creativity.


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