Presidential Power and the U.S. Constitutional Framers

The Constitution of the United States was designed with the ideas of liberty and democracy in mind. Even though a number of principles underlying the framework of social justice have changed since then, the essential concept of democracy as the necessity to provide every citizen with basic rights and freedoms remains in its place. However, the range of presidential powers has been expanding despite the initial intentions of Constitutional framers. The specified change can be explained by the fact that the Constitution was created at the time when the impact of the British Empire on America was still vast and all-embracive. Without the external forces that may jeopardize the safety and well-being of American citizens, the range of powers to which the U.S. president is entitled may be expanded.

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The identified assumption aligns with the principles of the stewardship theory, which implies that, without the external control, managers will be able to handle responsibilities independently and exert influence within an organization. Expanding the identified concept to fit the context of a country, one will need to contrast it to the Whig theory, which implies limiting presidential powers in favor of the Congress to meet the needs of all its residents. Therefore, the changes in the range of presidential power are not only necessary but also inevitable. Without the context in which America existed at the time of the conflict with the British Empire, the necessity to expand the range of powers to which a president is entitled is crucial.

However, the provision of a greater range of opportunities for the president and the cabinet also implies restrictions for the Congress. As a result, the opportunity for the members of the Congress to express the concerns of U.S. citizens may also be limited, which contrasts the essential provisions of the Constitution of the United States. To manage the identified inconsistency, one will have to provide both parties with the agency and the power to make important decisions. Promoting enhanced cooperation and communication between the Congress and the cabinet should be seen as another step toward preventing possible negative outcomes from occurring. For instance, the lawmaking function of the Congress, which is the ability to create laws, can be regarded as an important responsibility that it needs to meet in order to act on behalf of American citizens.

Therefore, the current shift from the principles that the Constitutional framers set and the trends that can be observed in the modern political environment are inevitable. While containing certain controversies, they help maintain the integrity of the state powers and represent the needs of the American population properly. Thus, these changes must be supported, while being coordinated with other alterations in the U.S. government to ensure the balance of powers.

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