Pressure Ulcers Study and Defense of Solution

The healthcare issue discussed in the final paper is pressure ulcers. Since this medical condition is dangerous and expensive to handle in its late stages, innovative strategies of treatment and early diagnosis are needed. Investigation of ethical and cultural inquiries on pressure ulcers, as well as an analysis of the finances related to new methods of treatment suggested, allows forming a new outlook on the problem.

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The solutions proposed in the paper combine specific medicinal practices, implications for further research, and an introduction of the institutionalized consideration group. As noted by Lam et al. (2018), some of the procedures include the obligatory repositioning of patients, usage of weight lessening beds, and careful examination of wounds by healthcare professionals in early stages. Also, researchers recommend conducting more detailed studies on disease transmission to address the discovered causes promptly (Lam et al., 2018). Such a holistic approach to treating pressure ulcers may prevent the rapid development of the disease, helping to avoid painful side effects of the treatment and costly investments.

Most of the resources used, with an exception of several entries, were primary and provided a solid basis for this scholarly paper. However, the three most useful references include works of Beldon (2014), Lam et al. (2018), and Lin, Pang, and Chen (2013). More specifically, the article by Lam et al. (2018) contained essential information about new medicinal practices in treating pressure ulcers. Meanwhile, the writings of Beldon (2014) and Lin et al. (2013) contributed to the discussion of ethical and cultural perspectives on the issue. Practical examples, multiple academic references, and detailed argumentation substantiate the relevance of these sources.

Both perspectives of inquiry provide points for consideration of different significance about the solution proposed. On the one hand, the most revealing part of the ethical perspective includes the discussion of two moral hypotheses: deontology and utilitarianism. As per Beldon (2014), since the least risk of treating pressure sores is associated with early diagnosis, a health care professional needs to inform the patient about possible symptoms to look for immediately. Furthermore, according to the standards of consideration morals, all the interests of the hospitalized individual need to be taken into account (Beldon, 2014).

On the other hand, the least revealing part of the cultural perspective is connected with different gender roles in the family. Lin et al. (2013) wrote that relationships between immediate family members and spouses might affect the readiness of the patient to accept the suggested treatment. Since most of the solutions mentioned in the paper exclude the need for surgery or usage of specialized equipment, there is little risk that those suffering from pressure ulcers would refuse the offered practices.

During the peer-review process, one of the essential notions learned refers to the ethical perspective on the inquiry. As it was pointed out, the efficacy of the treatment suggested in the paper vastly depends on the work ethics and empathy of nurses. Even with a high level of awareness and skills about the medical condition, health care professionals unwilling to educate patients about their symptoms will not achieve the desired results.

The question asked during the discussion board is connected to the education of nurses regarding pressure injuries. As explained by Porter-Armstrong, Moore, Bradbury, and McDonough (2018), to ensure nurses have a high level of knowledge and skills for treating pressure ulcers, constant training, monitoring, and evident guidelines need be provided. Educational programs may include extracts from videos, observational checklists, questionnaires, group discussions on facts about pressure sores, risk factors, and preventative strategies (Porter-Armstrong et al., 2018). Since nurses handle the daily care of patients with this condition, the appropriate level of their knowledge is imperative for their recovery.

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