Professor Freeman About Ethics and Profits

In the interview under consideration, Professor Freeman evaluates the idea of ethics and profits and the necessity to unite these two concepts all the time. The interviewer, Ali Moore, asks the most crucial questions in the business world: whether ethics and profits have to make together, whether it is possible to improve the current state of affairs, and whether Pr. Freeman can suggest something for this period. In his turn, Pr. Freeman admits that current business is unfortunately far from such issues as money, people’s satisfaction, and ethics. To achieve better results in this sphere, it becomes important to understand the essence and the purposes of business and think over the issues which can make a business successful. Banks have to create values for their customers and shareholders to involve people in business activities. One of the most important ideas offered by Pr. Freeman (2009) is that modern business is “at low point of public trust all over the world,” and much has to be done to change something for the better.

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He comes to the next conclusion in his discussion. First, considerable changes are required in public policy: companies and banks, in particular, have to make money and try to make it right. They need to be eager to change their actions because only burning desire may lead to positive changes. Another finding is connected to the sphere of education and students’ abilities to learn the main ethical basics of the business sphere. When students try to realize that they are responsible for their actions in business, they can comprehend how it is possible to improve the situation.

In my opinion, the interview under consideration has its positive and negative sides. On the other hand, Pr. Freeman tries to evaluate the situation from different perspectives and make as many suggestions as possible to achieve better results. He underlines the importance of the idea that profits and ethics have to go together all the time. However, on the other hand, the suggestions of this person seem to be very general. He introduces the idea and slightly describes what may be done. But still, there are no clear explanations of how it is possible to succeed in the chosen activity and help people improve business. To make this interview more informative and effective, Ali Moore had to pose more concrete questions and make Professor answer them, and give more or less clear examples.

I find our current state of business affairs too weak. People do not find it important to improve banking systems and take care of their clients all the time. Business can hardly be connected to some ethical and moral issues because each person is eager to care about personal benefits, incomes, and money. There is no common sense of living. The egoistic side dominates inside of every person and prevents achieving common success.

Considering all the positive and negative sides of the interview, I can say that it may serve as a good scholarly work due to several reasons. First, Pr. Freeman helps to comprehend that many things in business depend on how people take actions and care about each other. Second, this source promotes the evaluation of current situations in the world of business and helps to comprehend what goes wrong. Finally, this interview makes its listeners think over each professor’s word and analyze what can be done more for the chosen sphere.


Freeman, E. Interviewed by: Moore, A. Lateline Business. (2009). “Professor Freeman Discusses Ethics and Profits” [Interview transcript]. Web.

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