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“Profit over People” by Noam Chomsky

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Chomsky, Noam. Profit Over People: Neo-liberalism and Global Order. New York: Seven Stories Press, 1999. Print.

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Author’s Credentials

Professor Noam Chomsky is the author of the book “Profit over People”. Chomsky is a scholar who has written many books and journal articles in current affairs, politics, governance issues, and history. Many historians and scholars describe him Chomsky as the “Father of Modern Linguistics”. He is currently one of the world’s leading intellectual figures. According to many people, the professor is a leading political activist. He also analyses different foreign policies. These credentials make him a libertarian socialist.

Introduction to the Book

The book “Profit Over People: Neo-liberalism and Global Order” criticizes the issues associated with neo-liberalism. According to the author, neo-liberalism continues to establish new pro-corporate systems that enrich different firms. This development has also hindered the emergence of better public arenas.

The book goes further to identify new policies that have failed to support the needs of different poor countries. Some international organizations such as the WTO formulate unfair policies and laws that affect the economic position of every underdeveloped society. This paper offers a powerful critique of Chomsky’s book.

Critiquing the Book “People Over Power

This book begins by analyzing the issue of “Neo-liberalism and the Global Order”. The author believes that most of the principles and practices embraced by different financial institutions have remained impractical. Such principles have only resulted in new problems and obstacles.

For instance, many individuals use these international institutions to serve their personal interests. This practice has affected the economic positions of different societies and individuals. A few giant corporations are currently dictating the global economy. They formulate new opinions and decisions that promote their gains.

This fact explains why the capitalist system of the world is not effective. These international institutions also distribute power unequally. The author encourages such organizations to analyze every issue affecting the world. The practice will be essential towards formulating better economic policies. It is agreeable that the world of Classified Business (CB) has focused on power and profit.

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The chapter “Consent without Consent” explains how the world has formulated new thoughts that empower the rich. The rich have failed to promote the power of democracy. The author uses numerous examples from David Hume to support his opinions. According to Hume, a small number of people govern many individuals in the society.

Such rulers dictate the fate and happiness of the greatest majority. This development led to the French Revolution that sought to bring power to the people. The United States has established new institutions that fail to support the changing expectations of its people. Many atrocities and crimes take place in different parts of the world. Some landowners, military officers, and leaders commit many atrocities. According to the author, many societies have been unable to secure the best “consent” from their governments.

The author explains how some powerful nations dictate the affairs of poor countries. The United States removes many leaders from power. The U.S. identifies new leaders who can cooperate with Washington. The U.S. also expects such leaders to stick to the policies and principles of Washington.

Chomsky gives the example of Haiti to describe how this development affects the economy of many countries. The decision to revolutionize Haiti’s democracy resulted in a new order. This development made it impossible for many people to achieve their economic goals. This move also affected the country’s economy.

Most of the doctrines popularized by different international organizations have affected the living conditions of many citizens across the globe. For instance, many people in the developing world are experiencing numerous challenges such as lack of proper healthcare and drinking water. The number of people living in pathetic conditions has been on the rise.

Many people are dying because of diseases. Many governments are unable to support the changing expectations of their people. Neo-liberalism is therefore a negative paradigm that affects the lives of many individuals across the globe. This paradigm has empowered a small number of individuals in the global society. Such beneficiaries are currently maximizing their profits. However, such gains have been taking place at the expense of the poor.


The author uses numerous examples and ideas to support his arguments. Many people in different countries are facing the consequences of neo-liberalism. According to the book, a small number of people control the economy of the world. Many citizens have given up their liberties and powers. This fact explains why the world must embrace the power of true democracy. The approach will promote the level of equality.

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The practice will also support the needs of many individuals in the world. The global economy is presently focusing on profits. This situation has affected the lives of the poor. More people should read this book in order to understand the challenges affecting our world today. I will also read more articles and opinions in order to understand this issue much better.

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