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Progrevissism Era: Analysis of the Article “Progrevissism”

During the progressivism era, an article on “Progrevissism” was written by Magur Clarias, who wrote the article intending to educate people about the problems that had been affecting urbanization, immigration, and industrialization in America during the golden age. Magur Clarias aimed at enlightening the reader about the aims of the progressives in society and what effects it had brought to society (Ferosekhan et al.). Progressives did not want to capsize American Democracy, Entrepreneurship, or their civilizations. The specialists’ main aims were to address the problems that had erupted, to humanize industrial wealth, and to find mutual ground in society. The progressives wanted to make industrialization, immigration, and urbanization affordable for all workers.

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Magur tries to educate us on the importance of experts in the gilded age. They acted as the government’s advisors as they helped pass through various regulations. Magur’s perspective is optimistic, he believed that with the application of scientific knowledge like the aggression of issues affecting the society, there would be a positive progression within a given time. With the inclusion of progressives, there would have been a change in the political, social, and economic sectors. These governmental changes include an improvement on sanitation, labor hours, and election of leaders, education sector, and even health sector

During the liberal era, reformists came up with ideas to solve social problems being experienced by the American countries. These ideas were; the ban of movement, legalization of access to alcohol, development of slums, and implementation of basic things such as conservation of the environment. Progressives also paid attention to matters such as worldwide education, sexuality, and child labor. To prevent child labor, children had to take compulsory education. Workers were also protected from forced overtime labor. There were minimum wage laws and regulations to be followed by the employees. During the golden time, there were also measures put to make sure the living conditions of the immigrants were improved (Hemment &spenskaya). Some of these reforms included the construction of settlement houses for financially unstable people, job vacancies for the unemployed, free medical attention, daycare, and housing for women undergoing domestic violence.

There has been a change in society such as the amendment of the constitution, a graduated national income tax where workers paid their taxes according to their wages. It was also implemented that the citizens vote directly to avoid corruption, and women were given ample time to give moral guides in the society. The mass movement was enabled to improve interaction among people from different backgrounds. To prevent the unexpected collapse of buildings, better construction strategies were put as a social reform on the people’s welfare.

However, some reformers blamed the immigrants for the problems they were experiencing, they saw them be too radical and very different, just because they came from different backgrounds. The Americans said that the immigrants were the cause of them having congestion in their houses, water shortage, and environmental pollution due to the increased population. This made them find different ways of sorting immigrants out of America, banning the immigration of people from other nations for example China and Japan. They did literacy tests on immigrants and if one could not read and write, he or she had no opportunity of entering America. This came along with many temporary restrictions to prevent immigration, which included marking territorial boundaries from other nations, which were not to be crossed by immigrants.

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