Promotion of Tolerance at the Workplace

One of the most significant benefits of the friendly organizational environment and the positive relationships with colleagues is that they foster employee motivation and allow multiculturally diverse individuals to fulfill their potentials in the work context. In turn, the lack of tolerance culture in the company creates barriers to diversification and inhibits productivity. For these reasons, it is possible to suggest for the company to implement the following activities and practices:

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  • Integration of new behavioral norms and values: Enculturated forms of attitudinal exclusion foster the unwillingness to interact openly with individuals from different backgrounds. Therefore, leadership should aim to modify the dominant social perceptions and to register the appreciation of differences and diversity in new organizational policies.
  • Employee communication and training: Teaching multicultural employees to respect diversity and be more compassionate and responsive is one of the core activities in the promotion of tolerance. It is important to inform employees clearly how they are expected to interact with other members of the team and develop a greater awareness of the issues associated with social differences, inequality, and inclusion in them.

Open and mutual communication is essential in promoting tolerance, and leadership plays a major role in this process. By demonstrating that the organization takes the responsibility of protecting the interests of all diverse employees seriously, aims to eradicate the instances of intolerance, and encourages cooperation through respectful interactions, not only will the company enhance teamwork but also will obtain multiple long-term benefits. When people with different beliefs, opinions, and values collaborate, they can generate more innovative ideas and solve problems more efficiently. Therefore, workplace tolerance and consequent diversification may significantly improve organizational competitiveness and result in gaining superior profits.

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