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Protocol Management During Official Events

A protocol for conducting official events is a set of rules and standards that need to be addressed when organizing the interaction between authorities, official representatives, and the media. The current approach to protocol management is based on following rules typical of a modern protocol in contrast to a classic protocol (Silvers, 2015; Wijers, n.d.).

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Protocol management realized during official events in large institutions includes inviting the right people belonging to a certain network, developing the schedule and structure of meetings, and organizing participants’ communication with representatives of media.

A modern protocol usually includes several important components and related steps to complete by a protocol manager. These components are

  1. the determination of the event purpose and type (for example, networking events, visits, dinners);
  2. inviting, welcoming, and hosting dignitaries;
  3. the organization of activities;
  4. the organization of communication (formal, informal, written, oral);
  5. interaction with mass media representatives and journalists;
  6. the organization of gift-giving and closing ceremonies (Protocol International, 2019; Wagen & White, 2018).

The discussed basic components of the protocol are used in preparing various types of meetings with officials.

In protocol management, much attention should be paid to following the norms of etiquette and cultural awareness. Therefore, the protocol includes the rules regarding seating arrangements for different events, greeting procedures, and determining the precedence of officials (De Froideville & Verheul, 2016; “Special events and protocol,” 2019). Furthermore, communication between officials and journalists is also regulated concerning the previously approved list of invited media and timeline (Davidson, 2018; Florida International University, n.d.).

Large organizations require the protocol to conduct events to guarantee all norms are addressed. Protocol management is rather complex as it is associated with analyzing, organizing, and planning activities involving authorities and other dignitaries according to strict standards. If protocol management is of high quality, it is possible to expect the positive outcomes of the event in terms of addressing formal and cultural norms.


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