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Proving the Necessity of Change


As we have already stated, there are numerous issues related to risks nurses might face at their workplace (these include unsafe injection equipment, workplace violence, physical contact with patients, hazardous chemicals, and the possibility of influenza occurrence). Specialists might be injured when delivering care or working with patients in different settings. For this reason, our policy issue revolves around the necessity to decrease the number of threats nurses might face and create a safe environment that could help them to enhance performance. At the moment, some progress could be observed especially regarding traumas caused by sharp objects (Beus, Mccord, & Zohar, 2016). Additionally, nurses might feel improved security at their workplace (Lievens & Vlerick, 2013). However, there is still much to be done. For this reason, a legislative visit becomes fundamental to improving the situation in the sphere. Its plan includes the presentation of relevant statistics about the issue, provision of credible pieces of evidence to prove the necessity of change, and discussion of possible interventions regarding the situation.

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Key Communication Strategies

Therefore, several communication strategies could be used to present the main idea and gather support from a legislator. First, only information from credible sources could be used to demonstrate some points and convince a person that significant changes are needed. Second, the use of a PowerPoint presentation could be considered appropriate as it helps to demonstrate statistical data more understandably and achieve enhanced comprehension of the issue (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). Third, the results of the research conducted to collect relevant data should also be discussed during the presentation. The combination of these approaches will help to emphasize a significant scale of the problem and attract the legislators attention to the debated issue.

Empirical Evidence

The efficiency of the suggested approach to communication is evidenced by numerous investigations. The use of facts and credible pieces of evidence contributes to the increased validity of the main arguments suggested by an orator (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). Researchers also admit that listeners understand new information better if it is supported by visual aids (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). Under these conditions, the combination of the evidence-based approach along with a PowerPoint presentation should be considered one of the most efficient ways to convince a legislator and make him/her believe in the outstanding importance of the discussed issue.

Importance of a Successful Visit

Nevertheless, the positive impact of the discussed visit on nursing could hardly be overestimated. For instance, Arabi, Rafii, Cheraghi, and Ghiyasvandian (2014) conduct research and state that nurses ability to impact policies that regulate the functioning of the healthcare sector remains potent and they could influence decisions and affairs related to numerous health issues. In this regard, the suggested presentation should be considered an efficient method to attain significant changes in healthcare or to attract legislators attention to the most problematic issues that exist nowadays and deteriorate final results.


Altogether, the discussed visit to the legislator should be considered an important event organized with the central aim to attain a reconsideration of problematic areas. Numerous researchers admit the need for the alteration of the approach to security (Phillips, Conaway, Parker, Perry, & Jagger, 2013) However, the success of its process depends on the visit and appropriate choice of the communication strategy and a nurse’s ability to support his/her arguments with valid pieces of evidence. That is why the use of credible statistics and PowerPoint could help to achieve enhanced comprehension of the issue and convince a legislator that the radical alteration of the approach to nurses security at their workplaces is needed.


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