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Public Relation Influence of Media

Public Relation has been chosen as my field of study because it is the influential art that involves shaping opinions of a figure or an organization on the media. It is that challenge and ever changing affect of Public Relation that appeals to me and I look forward to the inevitable changes and challenge it presents.

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The recent economic downturn has proved that only the skills of a person are his most valuable asset. The more advanced your skill set the better. Personal Relations is a subject where your personality and people skills are polished and University Of Bridgeport is the best place to polish my Public Relation skills.

I have been studying at Valencia Community College for 4 years and I have about 45 credits. My major was in accounting and unfortunately due to my financial situation; I had to work full time in order to pay for my education and other expenses. But for me that was just another barrier that life presented and I knew I could overcome. I welcomed it and tried to turn it in to an opportunity. My demanding jobs taught me lessons that were not found in books. It gave me a lot of exposure and I came across different people and situations that I had to learn to handle on my own. I also learnt to cultivate my abilities like multi tasking. Many of my experiences also helped me relate to what I learnt in school and I could also incorporate what I learnt in to my daily practices.

Recently my dad had offered help by providing me with a place to stay. The need for formal training cannot be overlooked in the highly demanding work place of today and so I saw this as a great opportunity to pursue my education and I believe I cannot have a better chance at focusing entirely on my studies.

The sound foundation required to become a successful PR can be gained foremost by training and then by experience. This move to Connecticut will also allow me to pursue my degree from University of Bridgeport which has a rich history and a well developed culture for higher learning. Studying at University of Bridgeport will give me the unique opportunity to meet and interact with students and teachers from different backgrounds and countries of the world. Its graduates are proof to its successful programs and have been known to be great at what they do. The astounding internship programs will give me that experience and exposure that I need to succeed. I know that University of Bridgeport will be the stepping stone to my career.

With a full time job and school work, my life got pretty hectic which might be one the reason why I was attracted towards Bikram yoga, which includes a series of postures that help body the body relax. I have always had an interest in different languages. Currently I can speak 2 languages and I intend to learn more.

I believe that one can achieve whatever one wants if only hard work and honesty are incorporated and I have always followed this belief of mine. The challenges that I have faced have shaped my personality. I have learned to be resolute and determined in the face of disappointments and I know that given the opportunity, I will succeed in achieving the goals I have set for myself.

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