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Pursuing a Diploma in Psychology

From my teenage years onwards, I have cherished the dream of becoming a social worker. It was not something of a passing fancy or the concept of false ideology that prompted me to favor this career. I do fully understand the dedication and commitment a person embarking on such a profession needs to have. I am also completely aware of the fact this career is not a cakewalk and it will call for a lot of patience, hard work, and professionalism.

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Having been an avid fan of Sigmund Freud, I have read a lot of his books and I found psychology a very interesting subject that offers a wide variety of interpretations and analyses. It is a given fact that just having an interest in a particular subject is not enough to make a person a professional in that field. Coupled with it, one must acquire relevant academic qualifications also to make him a good and effective professional in that job.

I am confident that upgrading my skills and knowledge in psychology will help me in achieving my objective of becoming a social worker. I already have a good background in the subject through my previous education at the undergraduate level, where I have completed Grade 11. Besides, I also enjoy the advantage of having read a vast variety of books on the topic, which made me attain a certain level of knowledge and insight into the subject. This will help in my further studies. Against this backdrop, if I receive admission to the Diploma in Psychology, I will be able to complete this course objectively and with very good grading because of my present understanding of the subject. This academic course will also help me in upgrading my knowledge and skills in the subject.

Most of the people who come to the field of social work are not interested in this area but they choose this option because of the availability of a wide range of career opportunities. On the other hand, I intend to take up this profession due to my natural flair for the career and, therefore, I am sure I will be more sincere and dedicated to the job I take up in this field. As I earlier stated, I have the dream of becoming a social worker; but having a dream and materializing it are entirely different things. Therefore, I need to qualify myself in this field through proper education and develop suitable skills and knowledge to take up social work as a profession. A diploma in psychology will give me all the necessary academic credentials required for the job.

To properly attend to a mentally challenged person, for example, it is not enough just to have compassion. The person who tries to help such a person should also have the technical know-how and an insight into the cause and effect of the particular state of mind of the patient so that he or she can objectively assist the patient. Only through relevant education, it is possible to acquire such skills and knowledge required for the job. I intend to receive these through pursuing a diploma in psychology so that I can become appropriately qualified in the field and take up the job that I have been cherishing as a dream.

The field of social service provides a lot of career opportunities, both in developed and developing countries. The compensation package for professionals in the field is quite good and the job also offers a respectable status in society. Moreover, it is an area where I happen to have a natural aptitude. Thus, pursuing an educational course in psychology will help me find a better job and assure me a bright future. Therefore, because I have a deep yearning to become a social worker, and I already possess relevant background knowledge in the topic, pursuing a diploma in psychology will be very advantageous to me to become an efficient professional in social work.

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