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Qualitative Research Question

Conducting qualitative research requires observing some essential conditions that are the key to successful work and obtaining credible results. One of these principles is methodological coherence which, as Mayan (2009) argues, makes it possible to “ensure congruence between your epistemological and ontological viewpoint” (p. 13). However, this principle is not the only technique that may be applied when planning research and developing a target problem. The topic for analysis is the acculturation of former Latin American military personnel serving in the United States in the civilian world. As a theoretical framework that may contribute to describing the experience of the given social group, a phenomenological approach can be utilized rationally. According to Daniels (2017), in terms of acculturation, this method involves a comprehensive evaluation of the opinions of individuals with a specific background and transiting to an unfamiliar cultural environment. Based on this evaluative principle, the research question for the upcoming study may be as follows: what is the lived experience of first-gen Latinos in transition from the military to civilian life?

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The research built on the basis of this issue implies a complete rejection of biases or personal judgments regarding the stated topic. Since a qualitative study is planned, an interview is the best method for collecting primary data. The accuracy of this information may be high because, as Daniels (2017) remarks, the phenomenological approach involves a small sample (five or a few more participants). In addition, the experience of the former military will be analyzed based on a specific topic, in this case, acculturation in civilian life, which will allow the research participants to formulate their positions as accurately as possible. Therefore, the phenomenological method is a valuable technique to ensure a coherent and credible research process.


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