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Quebec Separatism: Canadian Study

Main Arguments

In the article “Canada’s Separatism Fatigue”, Rex Murphy explains how “the history of Quebec separatism has induced an ever-expanding distaste and weariness in Canada” (Murphy par. 5). Canada as a whole has become weary and understood how to accommodate this issue of separatism. This move has the potential to destabilize the country. The most outstanding fact is that the country has lost its energy and sympathy for this issue. The author indicates that many Canadians used to believe that separatism was a wave driven by cultural defects in the country. However, it is quite clear that the issue of “Quebec separatism is only a tiresome one-way street” (Murphy par. 6).

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The article “Canadians Outside of Quebec Fed-up With Sovereignty Talk” shows how even the Quebecers are unhappy with the sovereignty talks. According to the article, studies have indicated that many Quebecers wanted real issues such as jobs, education, and healthcare delivery to be addressed. The public opinion held by the other Canadians regarding Quebec’s demands has hardened (Radia par. 5). However, the author goes further to explain how issues of identity and sovereignty in Quebec might not end any time soon.

Why the Authors Feel this Way

The authors have similar thoughts regarding the issue of Quebec separatism. They have analyzed past events and considered the future of Canada as a sovereign nation. The Quebec government might have disastrous economic implications on the country (Jacobs 83). Rex Murphy argues that the subject is no longer interesting. Andy Radia also believes that important issues should be addressed to support the welfare of every citizen.

A Quebecois Nationalist’s Response

A Quebecois nationalist will present similar opinions regarding the issue of separation. The nationalist would argue that the government should discuss fundamental issues such as job creation and economic stability. Such an individual would “vote ‘NO’ in any sovereignty referendum” (Radia par. 6). The ultimate goal is to support the welfare of every Canadian citizen. Although the issue of identity might be important, it is necessary to focus on specific issues that do not hurt the people (Hebert and Lapierre 73). This fact explains why many people in the country are no longer happy with the subject.


The issue of identity is relevant to every human being. However, the lessons gained in class explain why sovereignty should focus on the major issues affecting the people. The best thing to do is to give up on the Quebec agenda (Behiels and Hayday 21). This move will make it easier for the nation to achieve its objectives. While the Quebeckers might maintain their identities, it will be necessary to develop one nationality characterized by diversity (Taucar 58). The people will be allowed to support their religious beliefs, traditions, and cultural practices. History also shows that it is the right time for Canadians to focus on the most important issues affecting them.

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