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QuickMeal Co.’s Service Quality and Communication


In order to function efficiently in the environment of the global economy, an organization must conform to the existing quality standards and make sure that the services and goods produced to meet the stated expectations. Since navigating in the process of quality management is rather difficult due to the obvious need to address a range of aspects of the entrepreneurship’ functioning, it is imperative to create an elaborate assessment system that will encompass every single process (Mock, Sparks, & Kadampully, 2013). A recent experience with the food delivery company has shown that even when succeeding at most of the aspects of its operations, an organization will ultimately fail to satisfy the customer unless a proper tool for services improvement is introduced.

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The problems with the QuickMeal Co. started at the very first stage of services provision, i.e., the process of filing an order. Holding the client for fifteen minutes during a conversation has shown that the firm has serious issues with the communication system. Therefore, the responsiveness of the service left much to be desired (Schroeder, Goldstein, & Rungtusanatham, 2013).

The responsibility thereof was significantly impaired as well. Particularly, while ordering a meal with a very specific set of ingredients, I realized that some of them were missing, and some were replaced with others. Similarly, the reliability of the company could not be deemed as high as the products were delivered later than expected.

Finally, the lack of empathy started shining through as I tried to argue that the products and services received were of the quality lower than stated. Although an impressive amount of evidence was produced to prove a point, the firm, nevertheless, disregarded my complaint and refused to compensate for the spoiled meals with either a complimentary dinner or money.

At this point, the communication issue emerged again, taking an impressively greater scale. The members of the company confronted my complaint and used a rather aggressive strategy to avoid paying the refund for the ruined meal. In the process of communication, the representatives of the organization failed to reach an agreement with me. Although the above instance cannot be deemed as a display of their incompetence, it certainly showed that the quality management tools adopted by the firm were virtually useless (Garten, 2015).

The experience with the stated food company left me rather disappointed; however, it has also been a very important lesson. While it is necessary to look at good firms to know what the services should be like, it is also essential to learn once in a while what they must not be under any circumstances. The lack of a proper quality management strategy in the entrepreneurship pointed to the fact that customer satisfaction is a part and parcel of being successful.


After communicating with the representatives of the company in question, I came to the conclusion that entrepreneurship needs to develop a detailed classification of its processes so that the quality management strategy could be executed at each of them. Otherwise, even when managing to comply with the current quality standards at some of them, the firm will be eventually labeled as untrustworthy. To avoid the above issues, a company will have to design a sustainable strategy that will help it use its resources to the maximum and create the leadership approach that will motivate the staff to excel in their performance.

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