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Infiniti Company’s Marketing Communication Mix

The success of Infiniti’s marketing communication mix

Marketing communication mixes that have been applied by Infiniti remains critical in attaining the required objectives. Moreover, the creative and innovative communication marketing mix is significant in attaining the desired outcomes particularly when the firm is operating in a highly competitive market (Burnett & Moriarty, 1998). In this case, the main objective of Infiniti is to build a global brand and deliver on the brand promise to the target clientele, which requires the right marketing communication mix. The level in which brand awareness has been attained globally measures the success of the marketing communication mix the firm has applied.

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Elements of marketing communication mix the firm has successfully applied

Infiniti has emphasized its communication mix in order to increase brand awareness particularly in countries where the firm targets. In fact, the application of various promotional mix strategies has enabled the firm to successfully attain the major objectives (Keller & Kotler, 2012). Most importantly, the success of each element of the communication mix remains critical not only to achieve the marketing goals but also to increase the competitive advantage. The communication mix strategies the firm has applied include advertising among others.


The firm has successfully applied above-the-line promotion mix strategies to reach wider audiences. One of the above-the-line promotion mixes is advertising. In fact, various advertising tactics applied by the firm are aimed at providing information regarding Infiniti’s new range of luxury cars to esteemed customers. Various forms of advertising used by the firm include print, online, TV and radio as well as roadside billboards. Besides increasing brand awareness, advertising also acts as a communication channel through which the firm provides information to the esteemed customers.

Print adverts are conducted in newspapers as well as in the firm and industry magazines. For information purposes, the print adverts have been supplemented with TV and radio shows that play similar roles but with enhanced performance. TV and radio adverts are used as a complement to other forms of advertising particularly online. Reaching the target world audience is the success of advertising procedures the firm applies. Billboards are normally placed at strategic places such as airports and in major cities to inform the audience about the presence of the firm’s brand.

The informative advertising the firm applied has successfully increased brand awareness, particularly in targeted new markets. In addition, persuasive advertising has also enabled potential buyers to make purchases. In fact, the online and TV persuasive advertising has emphasized the product’s strengths including design and enhanced performance enabling many potential buyers like the brand and make purchases.

Promotional campaigns and direct selling

Infiniti has successfully managed promotional campaigns to create maximum exposure and brand recognition among the targeted clientele. In fact, the use of classic posters prior to any Formula 1 Grand Prix has enabled the firm to popularise the brands in such events. In addition, the application of informative posters in terms of design and enhanced performance has contributed to the increased competitive advantage.

Besides, the firm has utilized direct selling tactics in the events. Direct selling methods remains to be important in understanding the immediate needs of the customers and enable regular changes to product design according to the specifications of the client. Moreover, direct selling is conducted online as well as in other communication mix avenues.

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Public relations

Infiniti has successfully utilized public and media relations tactics to ensure continued good relations with the public. In fact, public relations are aimed at creating reciprocated positive associations with the public. In addition, the media relations are aimed at generating free coverage particularly in print media, which has successfully popularised the brand.


In fact, the main marketing communication mix strategies of the firm are formed around a partnership with the Red Bull and sponsorship of Formula 1. The brand synergy strategy has enabled the firm to successfully achieve greater potential in brand awareness as well as increased market share. In other words, the firm’s partnership with Red Bull in sponsoring Formula 1 as well as being associated with sports winning personalities has increased its awareness in the global market.


The use of winning sports personalities to champion its brands has enabled the firm to increase brand awareness. The firm has successfully used the sports winning personalities as world ambassadors besides endorsing its brands. In fact, Infiniti FX50 has been merchandised around the globe due to its close association with Vettel. Besides, the Infiniti FX Vettel editions’ increased purchases are due to the belief that the brand was designed by Vettel. The advantage of merchandising is that it provides clients with a variety of cars to choose from.

Personal selling

Besides increased customer services that are of high quality within the state-of-the-art showrooms, Infiniti brands have also spread through the word of mouth. In fact, Infiniti holds various personal selling campaigns aimed at encouraging its sales representatives and dealers across the globe. The communication mix strategy has enabled the firm to attain an increased market share in countries the firm has expanded.

Social media

Social media has been integral in the promotional activities of the firm. The use of social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter has increased the brand awareness of the firm. In fact, the Infiniti inspired performers video clips featuring Sabastian Vettel swapping driving skills with Mark Webber went viral in social media particularly on YouTube. The promotional activity created a huge global exposure to Infiniti brands.

The success of Infiniti communication mix

Each of the communication mix applied by the firm has greatly contributed positively to the attainment of the main marketing objectives. In fact, the firm has put in place various means through which the communication mix strategies are assessed particularly on the level of brand awareness. Among the communication mix strategies, TV adverts become one of the most successful in terms of increased brand awareness. Most researches indicate that communication mix strategies have on average contributed to over thirty percent of the firm’s global market share as well as over seventy percent increase in brand awareness. Besides, the communication mix strategies have significantly increased the firm’s competitive advantage.

Alternative marketing communication mix strategies

Infiniti has utilized promotional methods including advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing to enable the potential and existing customers to be informed about existing product brands. In other words, the promotional mixes have been widely applied by the firm to increase brand awareness. However, the business should utilize the most appropriate communication mix that would optimize the sales’ goals (Keller & Kotler, 2012).

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Even though Infiniti has utilized various marketing communication mix strategies, in particular, the firm should emphasize on personal selling since customers need direct touch with the sales personnel for further clarification in case there is a misconception on certain specifications. Personal selling would be the most appropriate particularly on the fashion showrooms and the stores’ floors. However, personal selling should be combined with intensive innovative advertising to attract and inform potential clientele about the newly introduced cars both in mass and digital media (Jobber, 2012).

Personal selling remains critical particularly in customers’ relations management (Burnett & Moriarty, 1998). As such, Infiniti should emphasize direct personal selling techniques in order to directly deal with clientele. Infiniti luxurious cars are best sold through personal selling particularly by highly informed sales representatives. Besides, online direct selling through the firm’s website is also an effective means through which the clients can be reached.

Further, the Infiniti should utilize corporate social responsibility to appeal to many people as a method of maintaining its public relations (Solomon, 2012). The success of Infiniti on public relations will improve goodwill and attract public attention. Public relations can be achieved through the application of both old and new media. Traditional media including print, television, and radio should be greatly applied to create, improve and maintain good relations with the public particularly the firm’s stakeholders. Public relations should also target a larger audience and emphasize the firm’s strengths to improve the brand reputation.

Further, Infiniti should put more emphasis on direct marketing particularly online sales promotion. In fact, Infiniti should emphasize online marketing particularly through the application of its website as well as the websites of other firms within the industry. Besides online direct marketing, Infiniti should use direct mails particularly to inform known clients about the newly developed models of luxurious cars. Direct marketing methods remains to be the strongest means through which persuasive and informative advertising can be achieved (Cole, 2013).

SWOT analysis of the alternative marketing communication mix strategies


Personal selling and direct marketing increase straight contact with clients. Direct interaction with the customers would also enable the firm to develop cars that suit their needs. Moreover, the direct marketing of cars will enable Infiniti to have expanded market share (Jobber, 2012). Furthermore, direct marketing methods and personal selling win consumer confidence, which is translated into increased sales. In other words, the communication mix strategies enable increased consumer purchases since clients are directly informed on the purchasing procedures (Keller & Kotler, 2012).

Public relations are the greatest strengths the firm can use to build its brand. Good relations with the public as well as the firm’s stakeholders is important in attracting and maintaining the clients (Burnett & Moriarty, 1998). Corporate social responsibility as part of public relations is also important in creating positive perception the public have on the firm.


The major weaknesses of the communication mix strategies particularly public relations are being prone to negative commentary. Negative commentaries always damage the reputation the firm has hugely invested to build (Keller & Kotler, 2012). In addition, the effect of the communication mixes on consumer demand remains difficult to measure. Moreover, the optional communications mixes are often costly. As such, financial and technical capabilities to implement the optional strategies may be deficient. Though cheaper options of communication mix strategies such as direct mailing and online direct marketing can be applied, the strategies require technical skills, which is essentially expensive. In fact, optional strategies require technical skills, which in most cases are lacking (Cole, 2013).


There are increased opportunities particularly in online direct marketing, which can currently be utilized to reach the increasing number of clients. Besides, direct online marketing has been continuously expanding with an increased number of potential buyers becoming online through social media (Keller & Kotler, 2012). Further, online direct marketing opportunities can be used to inform potential buyers about the products (Jobber, 2012).

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Moreover, online direct marketing can easily be used to persuade potential clients to make a purchase. In fact, the alternative communication mix strategies should emphasize on online direct marketing and selling in order to take advantage of new opportunities available online. Essentially, the communication mix strategies create opportunities that can be translated into increases sales.


The major threat facing the communication mix strategies is that they can easily be directed to the wrong audience (Burnett & Moriarty, 1998). In most cases, competitors can use marketing communication mix strategies particularly online to provide wrong information about the firm’s products. In other words, websites can be hacked by competing firms to provide misleading information concerning the products. Besides, clients may also be dissatisfied with the information provided by the communication mix strategies (Jobber, 2012). Dissatisfaction may lead to decreased sales. Moreover, there is an increased probability that the communication mix strategies may be ineffective. Ineffectiveness means that the desired outcomes may not be achieved. As such, there are increased chances that the communication mix strategies may fail to meet the marketing objectives.


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