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R. Kiyosaki’s Contribution to Cashflow Technologies Inc.

As the CEO of the Cashflow Technologies Company, Robert Kiyosaki implemented strategic task orientation leadership skills on organization task management level to encompass actual and expected outcome of sustainable performance. Through designing personal task management model levels, his task orientation module remained active in developing dependence of interest attached to an activity, creating proactive relationships, and monitoring their interaction with physical and psychological health within the Cashflow Technologies Company.

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In fact, he scored high in characteristics such as trustworthiness, empathy, friendliness, dependability, determination, sensitiveness, and diligence. As a result, Robert Kiyosaki was able to improve on excessive independence and intra-interpersonal communication since the two have become active influencers of the level of task orientation within the Cashflow Technologies Company.

Specifically, relationship-oriented leadership identifies a range of problematic situations an individual faces in an organization environment, and generates multiple alternative solutions to those problems. Through laying a series of procedures that are necessary to achieve desired results rather than postponing response strategies, Robert Kiyosaki was successful in using team work diagnostic tools at the company to improve on its organization culture.

In fact, self initiatives in participatory leadership strategy at the organization enabled Robert Kiyosaki to play a significant role in setting up the leadership environment for situational occurrence management from external factors. As a result, the organization has remained competent in teamwork and consistent in the culture of collective responsibility. Therefore, the improvement prioritization was critical in ensuring that the current weaknesses are addressed, but also improve on the general organizational score in other parameters since the attributes are dependent in leadership practice.

Robert Kiyosaki has been successful in time management and reducing unpleasant distracters at the organization. He has been successful in self reward creation. This style of leadership engages in active process of learning through promotion, facilitation, and rewarding collective learning results in the practical arena (Rath & Conchie 2008). He was motivator with adequate skills in situational leadership management.

The strategy requires systematic and periodic review of the parameters of professionalism, organization, respect, optimal performance, and discipline. As a result, the company has internalized in practicing a proactive balance in self situational leadership management and proactive employee engagement in all levels of organization management. Currently, the company still uses the 360 degree feedback system introduced by Robert Kiyosaki to monitor productive behavior as a positive parameter for increasing leadership productivity among the employees.

Situational leadership engages in active process of learning through promotion, facilitation, and rewarding collective learning results in the practical arena. The three building blocks of situational leadership include learning intra personal performance, supportive learning environment, concrete learning processes, and practice leadership that reinforces performance (Kouzes & Posner 2012).

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In order to improve on organizational self confidence and assurance, Robert Kiyosaki used total leadership management assessment to monitor the desire to achieve in challenging situation and meet the expectations that the Cashflow Technologies Company periodically implemented. This assessment is helpful especially for leaders who intend to know how they influence people and how to communicate effectively in a society.

In addition, leadership skills are normally influenced by situational and personal experiences. Since challenging experiences normally compel a person to examine his or her attitude, Robert Kiyosaki enrolled all the employees to confidence building seminars for a period up to six months and used the class environment to improve on self assurance and general performance of the Cashflow Technologies Company.

Leadership improvement was promoted by Robert Kiyosaki during his reign as the CEO to explicitly review the link between task and role as enshrined in the tenet of authority. To inspire loyalty and effort, Robert Kiyosaki practiced good communication in order to seek opportunities to communicate with team members. At the same time, he attempted to increase the volume and frequency of communication (Rath & Conchie 2008).

Having in mind that 90% of communication is not about what is said but how it is said; Robert Kiyosaki was able to communicate with passion, humility, and enthusiasm in line with the group aspirations. These improvements were significant towards bettering the self-confidence and self-assured elements in the Cashflow Technologies Company’s management structure. As a result, the current strategic plan at the Cashflow Technologies Company has been proactive in addressing the leadership challenges that Robert Kiyosaki handled through his explicit improvement plan.

Productive leadership behavior stresses the need for an active cooperation between personality and the roles assigned in the planning and execution of the set targets for the assigned roles within the parameters of organizational culture. Robert Kiyosaki was able to inspire improved organizational performance at the Cashflow Technologies Company, within the parameters of positive culture, improved output, and healthy working environment. The practice enabled Robert Kiyosaki to develop personal competencies such as being a role model, developing self-confidence, and setting good examples through conforming to shared values of the dynamic organization.

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