Racism in the Contemporary America | Free Essay Example

Racism in the Contemporary America

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In what ways does racism affect diversity

Racism is a preferential behavior and attitude towards a specific race that makes it out to be superior to other races. Usually some form of violation, physical or mental is practiced towards a certain race. Historically, a dominant group or majority of population would unfairly treat a minority or visibly different race. Racism has been predominant for several hundred years and only recently, the social acknowledgement of the problem has led to changes in the way people treat others.

Racism becomes problematic for diversity, as it segregates a group of people and does not allow for equal and fair conditions. In a place where racism is existent, diversity will be problematic because people will feel pressure from the society or organizations and will not be able to advance socially or lead a healthy lifestyle.

Racial groups interact in contemporary America

Even though there have been a lot of changes in the laws and regulations in American society, some form of racism still exists. The public has become largely aware of the problem and discriminatory laws and behaviors have been greatly decreased but the issue still exists on a personal level. Governmental policies are drafted in such a way that any open and unlawful discrimination or racism is not allowed.

This makes for a society where people are more used to diversity, as many people are able to live in one country being of different race and background. Mostly, the interactions have become positive, as people are acknowledged for who they are and not how they look. The human rights and freedoms movements have changed the society, so people are accepting of the differences between people and nations. Most recently, people of different races have begun to mix, so it very common for people from two different backgrounds to marry and no one will be against such union.

Social inequities based on race

The majority of social laws are made such that any stereotypical and racist behavior is not accepted in the modern society. There has been almost a total exclusion of any discrimination but sometimes, laws are hard to change and some policies are left outdated. Since unequal treatment has been instilled in human history, it takes time to change the mindset of many people. The fact that some parts of the world or nations are somewhat secluded, continue to exhibit attitudes and behaviors that are not fair towards other people. In some cases, the immigration policies can be considered somewhat limiting towards people who arrive from other countries and the change of setting and new environment create problems for adaption of the new comers.

The causes of racial prejudice and discrimination in today’s society

The greatest amount of racial prejudice in today’s society comes from stereotypical views and opinions that have been a part of society for some time. The inability to change the mindset or old fashioned thinking perpetuates the cycle. In some instances, the media and mass information puts a negative spin on the way the facts are presented and people are forced to develop opinions that are unfavorable towards a specific race.

Also, people consider themselves vulnerable to any unwanted acts and fear creates even more reasons to segregate a certain group of people from the rest. Lack of education or understanding is another reason why people are unaware of the characteristics of others and by having negative experience with one individual will apply that stereotype towards the whole group or race.