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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Racism

  1. Racism as “The Case for Reparations” by Coates
    The article “The Case for Reparations” by Coates investigates the history of racism in the USA and argues for paying reparations as the best way to apologize to African Americans.
  2. Racism and Discrimination towards African-Americans
    Racism and discrimination of the African-Americans in the United States of America have been a major issue that began way back during the colonial and slavery era.
  3. Racism in American Education
    After the slavery abolishment colored Americans were allowed to visit schools, but in most cases these were separate schools.
  4. Racism in America between 1783 and 1836
    This paper will discuss the issue of racism, in the period between 1783 and1836. The focus of the American history narrative needs to be on the country’s implementation, immigrants and other races.
  5. Racism in American Schools
    The paper attempts to review racism in American schools as a social problem. The focus is on the PSQ that has been adopted to deal with this social problem.
  6. Racism and Its Effects on Our Society
    Racism can be defined as a belief that an individual’s traits and abilities are somehow dependent on their racial group and biological characteristics.
  7. Racism Causes and Impacts in America
    This essay will investigate the root causes of racism, the impacts of racism on African-Americans, and the other minority immigrants in America.
  8. Racism in America: Discrimination and Prejudice
    In the US, racism involves discrimination of the people of color by the white people, supported by the institutions that were established in their favors, thereby presenting a legal racism.
  9. Racism in the Music Video: Locked Up and Styles P
    Using the music video Locked Up by Akon featuring Styles P, this paper discusses the significance of race and racial representation in the media.
  10. American Racism in “Men We Reaped” by Jesmyn Ward
    Men We Reaped is Jesmyn Ward’s account of the economic realities of her DeLisle hometown illustrate the poor historical race relations in America.
  11. Racism in the United States Judicial System
    This literature review uses the retributive theory of punishment which explains the reasons behind the large number of imprisoned black American men.
  12. Racism Problem at Institutional and Interactional Levels
    There are two types of racism that may be identified from a sociological point of view: institutional and interactional (or individual).
  13. Racism and Masculinity in the Film “A Soldier’s Story”
    In this paper, we will discuss “A Soldier’s Story,” and see how racial prejudice and the ideas of dominating masculinity lead to a disaster to a number of its characters.
  14. Problems and Cultivation of Racism
    The coherent society is characterized by numerous appeals to eliminate any discrimination and inequality that could affect people and deteriorate the quality of their lives.
  15. Divisiveness and Mismatching in Anti-Racism
    The purpose of this paper is to address the issues of divisiveness and mismatching in strategies against personal and institutional racism.
  16. Racism and Constructing Otherness in the US
    Today more things divide people than in those days. As a result, there is more construction of otherness than pulling together as a community.
  17. African-Americans Racism and Discrimination
    Racism against blacks is mostly usually rooted in the fact that the white people are usually perceived to be superior and the blacks well, relatively inferior.
  18. Dove’s Racism in Promoting New Shower Foam
    In an attempt to sell new shower foam, the beauty company Dove causes offense to African and African American women.
  19. Problem of Racism in the Modern World
    The purpose of this paper is to define three types of racism identified by David Newman and elucidate the way social institutions can end up racist.
  20. Dismantling Institutional Racism: Effects and Possible Solutions
    Institutional racism denotes a kind of racial discrimination demonstrated in the performance of political and social establishments.
  21. Racism Against African Americans as a Social Construct
    The relationship between African Americans and whites in the US demonstrates that racism is perpetuated by individuals through their actions and interactions.
  22. Racism in Nivea’s “White Is Purity” Ad Campaign
    In its recent international marketing campaign, Nivea used an advertisement to promote an antiperspirant. The slogan “White is purity” was regarded by the public as rather racist.
  23. Malcolm X and Anne Moody on Racism in the US
    In The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X and Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody, the authors describe life challenges faced in the US in the 20th century.
  24. Racism and Inequality in the United States
    The capitalist ideology and gender inequality has promoted the subject of economic, political and social discrimination in the American context.
  25. American Racism in Coates’ The Case for Reparations
    “The Case for Reparations” by Coates investigates the history of racism in America to show how it has influenced and continues to affect the black population of the country.
  26. Workplace Racism in Public Service Organization
    The selected organization for this case operates within the public service sector. The firm has been performing dismally within the past two years.
  27. Symbolism and Racism in Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”
    In the book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” symbolism has been used as the vessel by which racism is expressed indirectly, so readers explore the meaning behind such symbols.
  28. Racism in the Contemporary America
    Racism is a preferential behavior and attitude towards a specific race that makes it out to be superior to other races.
  29. Colorblind Racism in “The Help” Film
    The Help, a film based on a novel of the same name, can be employed to exemplify multiple patterns, including colorblindness, although not all of them are criticized in the work.

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  1. Racism and Its Definition Challenge
    As much as there are efforts by everybody and the whole society at large to fight racism, people have forgotten some underlying aspects and traits.
  2. Racism in American Schools: NCLB Problems
    The NCLB act has attempted to create an enabling environment for all the students but has not successfully responded to the issue of racism in American schools.
  3. Racism in the “Devil in a Blue Dress” Film
    The film Devil in a Blue Dress introduces many topics for discussion, including the racial problem in the United States.
  4. Racism: “The White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling
    The main consequence of Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” is that it promotes and spreads the paradigm of White racism and prejudices through a literary approach.
  5. Racism in “Get Out” Movie: Rhetorical Discussion
    The “Get Out” film’s primary medium is the modern illustration of a slave plantation, where the owners are represented as Caucasian people.
  6. Ethnically Ambiguous – America’s Band-Aid for Racism
    I still remember the first time I went to an American diner. My older cousin Briana, my younger cousin Gabriel, and I did not see each other often back then.
  7. America’s Band-Aid for Racism Is the Ethnically Ambiguous
    Ethnic ambiguity and the inherent racism of preferring lighter-skinned faces over ethnically indigenous often goes unnoticed by many people who believe themselves to be non-racist.
  8. Ethnical Ambiguousness as a Band-Aid for Racism
    The concept of ethnical ambiguousness came about the moment the US became a multinational country. As it stands, there are many Americans with black, Asian, Hispanic, and other origins.
  9. A Plan to Reduce Racism in Medicine
    The theme of racism, which is increasingly emerging in the healthcare sector, is disastrous in terms of medical and nursing ethics and is fraught with severe patient outcomes.
  10. Racism Effects in “Warriors Don’t Cry” by Melba Beals
    In Warriors Don’t Cry, Melba Beals outlines how in the new era black people are still deprived of their basic rights and are considered inferior to whites.
  11. Color-Blind Racism as a New Face of Racism in Contemporary Society
    This paper aims to describe color-blind racism, its’ four mainframes, each proposing different ideological arguments and reports the ideology of racism
  12. Racism Against Afro-Americans in Wilson’s “Fences” Play
    Fences is a play by August Wilson, an American playwright, a Pulitzer’s laureate, who wrote about the life of African Americans in different periods of the 20th century.
  13. Institutionalised Racism – Myth or Reality?
    Crime, power, and discrimination have been interlinked and will continue to remain so, though the intensity of such interdependence is bound to change with the times.
  14. Racism in Minnesota: Archival Research Paper
    Racism in Minnesota was historically very widespread, slavery and racial discrimination were present in 19 century and persisted for a large part of the 20th century.
  15. Racism in Minnesota in Relation to the Klu Klux Klan
    This paper will present an overview of racism in the State of Minnesota with a particular interest in the Klu Klux Klan.
  16. Scott Fitzgerald: Racism in “The Great Gatsby”
    Tom Buchanan’s racism reflects the ideas and situation in the country in the 1920s when the fight for white supremacy could still be observed.
  17. Racism and Social Reform Movements in the United States
    The end of the civil war proclaimed freedom for the black people. However, the path to the total desegregation and equal rights for the black population was a thorny path with its end still long ahead.
  18. Portrayal of Racism in Forster’s ‘a Passage to India’
    The following paper discusses portrayal of racism in ‘passage to India’ by bringing the relationship between the concept of racism and the contents of the novel.
  19. The Notion of Colorblind Racism
    it should be stated that the matters of racism, or as it is also called “color blind racism”, are often regarded as the strong tendency in treating the immigrants from Latin America countries.
  20. Specific Racism Against Chinese Americans
    In this paper discuss various elements of racism in the US. It shows how racism affects the life of Chinese Americans, and the origin of racism in the US.
  21. Racism in “Native Son” by Richard Wright
    Racism does not vanish when Whites are able to convince themselves that they are no longer villains, consciously promoting negative attitude about minorities.
  22. Racism in Breast Cancer Treatment
    Cancer treatment is the least studied field that arises numerous ambiguities and requires a more sophisticated approach in studying.
  23. Fredrickson’s Racism: A Short History
    This book covers the many aspects of racism, the history behind the phenomenon, and how the world now views racism, whether it takes it seriously.
  24. Homophobia and Racism and Other Issues
    This article is well written and makes a number of excellent points with regards to homosexuality, however the article actually requests that people make a distinction between homophobia and racism.
  25. The Impact of Racism on Globalization
    Racism is a great impediment to globalization, the bad blood between the said people of color and those of no color has dealt a big blow to development.
  26. Racism in Campus of the Montclair State University Effect
    Depending on the student’s high school and neighborhood segregation, the level of diverse thinking and acknowledgment is seriously determined by these factors.
  27. Modern Racism Concepts and Types
    While people may not be actually racially abusing others, race is influencing how they treat and perceive members of society.
  28. Negro Kids: Racism in American Schools
    Communication is important in solving this social problem in American society because it will cause people to reexamine race relations.
  29. Rasism in the USA: Personal Experience
    The fight against ethnicity and racism still has a long way to go and not unless everyone develops a new mentality, the world will remain a venue filled with racism.

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  1. South Africa’s Handling of Racism and Ethnic Relations: How They Compare With Those of the USA
    The discriminative moves sparked racial tensions in both countries, both governments were obliged to formulate the strategies that advocated for rights to all citizens.
  2. Racism and Ethnicity in the US
    Race and ethnicity in the United States are not based on any spelled out criteria and consequently, various people may label a certain group of people variously.
  3. American Psychological Association and Racism
    The chipping in of the APA on matters concerning racism, xenophobia and racial bigotry led to the abolition of unfair treatments to the blacks in early 2001.
  4. Racism Within the Public Health Framework
    In terms of the following paper, racism will be analyzed in the public health framework to outline major recommendations towards the issue resolution.
  5. Persistent Racism in the United States
    The racial issue has always occupied a central place in American history, and a modern melting pot cannot exist without conflict.
  6. Does System Racism Exist in the USA?
    Centuries of racism and discrimination have made this chasm even wider for black families, cut off from the opportunities and resources available to whites.
  7. How is Systemic Racism Becoming a News Spectacle?
    This paper describes “How is Systemic Racism Becoming a News Spectacle?”, writing about its introduction, body completeness, and development, conclusions, and documentation.
  8. Racism: “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah
    This article focuses on “Born a Crime”, the autobiography of the comedian Trevor Noah, in which he reflects on his childhood under the racist laws of apartheid.
  9. Ethnocentrism and Racism in Child Development
    The case of a 14-year-old biracial girl will be analyzed to investigate the effects of ethnocentrism and racism in child development, especially during the adolescent period.
  10. Racism: Black Lives Matter Central Idea
    Black Lives Matter’s central idea is to point out the unfair treatment of this ethnicity in the United States. The BLM movement highlights the implicit biases.
  11. Racism Is the Problem of Society
    This paper provides evidence that racism is the problem of society, and it affects every person in the world. Racism is an issue that correlates with inequality in society.
  12. Racism May Be Natural in Modern Society
    Racism as an acknowledgment of genetic and cultural diversity in the modern world is quite a feature of society.
  13. Racism and Kingdom Ethics. Main Aspects
    Addressing racism in the church requires critical attention. There is a need for the church to be a role model to the entire society on the ways of combating racism.
  14. Overcoming Racism in Environmental Decision Making
    Building a city for humans to live requires the construction of many industrial sites, living next to which is unsafe, thus ethnic minorities would be the ones predominately living there.
  15. The Problem of Racism and Its Possible Origins
    The article written by Tim Parrish discusses the problem of racism, its possible origins, and steps that could be taken to lessen the issue.
  16. Institutional Racism Against Native Americans: The Killers of the Flower Moon
    David Grann published The Killers of the Flower Moon about the murders in Oklahoma in the 1920s and contributed to the creation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  17. The Color Line: Racism in Dubois’ and Zinn’s Works
    Many blacks still live in adverse conditions and have no development opportunities. Neither a good education, nor a well-paid job, nor adequate housing are available to them.
  18. Discrimination and Racism in Cobb County
    I want to tackle the problem of institutional racism in my community of Cobb County, Georgia. I decided to focus on the subject of racial relations.
  19. Institutional Racism Existing in the United States
    People of all skin colors are infuriated by the murders of African Americans by the racist police officers, their violence, and abuse of innocent people who did nothing wrong.
  20. Causes of Racism and Racial Discrimination
    Racism refers to the institution of prejudice against other people based on a particular racial or ethnic group membership. Racial bias causes low self-esteem.
  21. Institutional Racism Mitigation in Criminal Justice, Education, and Health Systems
    From the 1990s, the concept of institutional racism gained a new meaning, new to the challenges and gaps that many people from minority groups were recording.
  22. Research Methods in Psychology. Methods against Racism
    Actions and expressions are the two elements of being anti-racist. If one wants to shun racism, they must serve as an example by dealing with the mischief when it occurs.
  23. Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice
    One should not tolerate that a certain percentage of city residents live in much worse environmental conditions than all others – it is necessary to modernize the industry.
  24. The Trauma of Enduring Racism and Ethnic Hatred: They Called Us Enemy
    This essay aims to discuss the effects of racism and ethnic hatred, as illustrated in the story They Called Us Enemy by George Takei.
  25. Racism Against Health Care Workers
    In today’s world, the damaging problem of the racial disparities keeps affecting the workers of the health care systems, as well as its patients.
  26. Racism, Crime and Justice and Growing-Up Bad
    Disproportionate discrimination of the black and Asian youths by justice and law enforcement agencies in Britain is a product of a multiplicity of factors.
  27. Racism and Impact of Racial Discrimination
    Racial discrimination occurs in different forms such as interpersonal level as well as in institutions and organizations through procedures, policies, and practices.
  28. Internal Racism in the Movie Amreeka
    Refusal to an individual to work, based solely on nationality, is an example of how xenophobia meets its modern manifestation.
  29. Carl Hart’s Talk on Racism, Poverty, and Drugs
    In his TED Talk, Carl Hart, a professor of neuroscience at Columbia University who studies drug addiction, exposes a relationship between racism, poverty, and drugs.

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  1. Racism & Privilege Within the Social Work Setting
    Racism and privilege are not the same, but their relationship cannot be ignored. Racism gave birth to privilege by translating beliefs into actions.
  2. The Problems of Racism in Modern Society
    Racism is one of the oldest problems known to society. This paper focuses on the analysis of ideas about segregation based on data from two sources.
  3. Systemic Racism and the American Justice System
    Taking into account reliable data and recent events in the United States of America, it is evident that racial discrimination is deeply ingrained in the justice system.
  4. Is Racism a Natural Condition of Human Society?
    The discussion around the new wave of the “Black Lives Matter” movement in the United States, for instance, proves that it stays the burning issue of most communities even today.
  5. Policing Racism as a Solvable Problem: A TED Talk
    Goff’s TED talk video “How We Can Make Racism a Solvable Problem and Improve Policing” triggers feelings of sympathy, surprise, and disgust.
  6. The Phenomenon of Racism
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the texts of Anzaldúa, Fayad, Smith and Roppolo, who have addressed the topic of racism.
  7. Racism in the 21st Century Problem Analysis
    The existence of racism in modern education and healthcare systems undermines efforts to eliminate it in other areas.
  8. Systemic Racism and Its Impact on Development
    In more or less veiled forms, racism, including everyday racism, has spread quite widely in some regions and social strata and manifests itself in a variety of forms.
  9. Racism: Ku Klux Klan Case Study
    The Ku Klux Klan is considered as one of most racist and anti-Semantic group in the US, it employs all forms of techniques to achieve its interests.
  10. Racism and Social Injustice in Warriors Don’t Cry
    The book under consideration illustrates some of the strategies African Americans used to address racism in the United States in the first part of the twentieth century
  11. Racism in the United States of America
    Racism is a serious problem that has affected American society for many centuries. It can be perpetrated in an overt (direct) or covert (indirect) manner.
  12. Eric Williams: Slavery Was Not Born Out of Racism
    In “Capitalism and Slavery,” Williams writes: “Slavery was not born out of racism: rather, racism was the consequence of slavery”.
  13. Racism, Racial Profiling and Bias in the War on Drugs
    Racial profiling occurs when law enforcement bases their criminal investigations on race, ethnicity, or religion, which in the process undermines human rights and freedom.
  14. Environmental Justice Framework and Racism
    The environmental justice framework and environmental racism are related since there is a need to involve all people and treat them equally when enforcing environmental policies.
  15. Personal Connections to Racism: A Very Short Introduction
    The reading made me more aware of two examples of such representation: the Futurama animation series and the Native American mascot controversy.
  16. Ethical Considerations on Affirmative Action: Racism
    The high level of relevance of race issues in the United States has continuously imposed equality considerations on multiple levels of human interactions.
  17. Fighting Racism Behavior Towards the Latino Community
    The public health system is one of the most prominent representatives of racial inequality, which affects the state of body and mind of Americans of color.
  18. Social Psychology: Race, Racism, and Discrimination
    Understanding race, racism, and discrimination are equally important since the whole matter of race and racism revolves around the human ethnic background.
  19. Comparative Analysis of Three Books about Racism
    The books presented in the paper reflect on race and racism from different perspectives, but they may share some sentiments.
  20. Settler Society and Structural Racism
    The paper discusses white privilege. It is described by Johnson in detail as the process by which he used to acquire wealth.
  21. Racial Injustice, Racial Discrimination, and Racism
    Racial injustice is a serious issue in today’s society. It has negative effects on a multitude of people’s personal and social development.
  22. Examining Racism in American 21st Century Society
    Although racism is no longer outrightly practiced as it used to be two hundred years ago, it has evolved and manifested in different forms.
  23. Racial Disparities in Healthcare Through the Lens of Systemic Racism
    Racism and inequality in healthcare are serious and complex issues of today’s society that must be widely addressed for them to be acknowledged and finally changed.
  24. Cultural Racism in the Current Day
    The cultural-psychological perspective suggests that intervention is better aimed at large real-world, societal cues of racism.
  25. From Slavery to Racism: Historical Background
    Racism did not spur slavery or encourage it; instead, it was used to justify a phenomenon that would exist nonetheless due to the economic situation in the world at the time.
  26. Environmental Racism: Analyzing the Phenomenon
    The evolution of the industry, the rise of the consumer society, and the unwise use of resources placed people in a disaster because of the deterioration of the environment.
  27. Analysis of Environmental Racism in America
    Despite the decades-long struggle against racism, its effects are still tragically visible in present-day American society.
  28. Racism: A Party Down at the Square
    Ellison’s narrative, A party down at the square, depicts public lynching at Southern point. It gives the reasons we must all stand for equality and eradicate racism.
  29. The Climate of Social Justice, Racism, COVID-19, and Other Issues
    The paper argues ideas of music, culture and society are contended to be inseparably connected, which can be clarified through the space of ethnomusicology.

❓ Research Questions About Racism

  1. What Extent Can Racism Be Prevented in Society?
  2. How Educational Institutions Perpetuate Racism?
  3. How Does Racism and Prejudice Affect America?
  4. Does Affirmative Action Solve Racism?
  5. Does Racism Exist Still?
  6. Has Racism Gotten Better in the Modern World?
  7. How Different Young Australians Experience Racism?
  8. Have You Experienced Racism in Korea?
  9. What Contribution Has Science Made to the Development of Racism?
  10. How Does Racism Influence Genocide?
  11. Did You Know That Racism No Longer Exists?
  12. How Does Racism Really Play?
  13. Does Huck Finn Represent Racism?
  14. How Does Racism Affect the Way of a Caste Like System?
  15. Does Brexit Trigger Racism?
  16. Do Racism and Discrimination Still Exist Today?
  17. What Causes Racism Persists?
  18. How Does John Steinbeck Portray Racism in “Of Mice and Men”?
  19. Did Hurricane Katrina Expose Racism in America?
  20. Did Secession and Racism Be So Intimately Connect?
  21. What Contribution Has Psychoanalytic Theory Made to Our Political Understanding of Racism?
  22. How Cultural Elements and History Have Created and Are Changing Racism in Brazil?
  23. How Does Racism Affect Society?
  24. Has Racism Today Changed Since the 1950s?
  25. How Fake News Use Satire as a Medium to Address Issues on Racism?
  26. Did Slavery Cause Racism?
  27. Are Indian Mascots Racism?
  28. Did Racism Precede Slavery?
  29. How Might Christians Put Their Beliefs About Racism Into Action?
  30. How Are American-Bron Chinese Faced With Racism in America?
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